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Found 96 results

  1. Just wondering what would be better? I would like a 3ft tank as I already have a 4ft. I was looking at one that's around 250 litres/66 gallons which is in the middle of the 55-75 gallon recommendations I've read for a single Oscar. Would this be suitable or would a 4ft tank that holds a similar amount of water be better? Cheers
  2. I am interested in purchasing a 2nd hand marine setup all ready to move on growing coral and adding fish. Needs to be minimum 4ft with full cabinet. Ideally sump/skimmer/chiller/lighting etc. Will consider live rock and stock also. If anyone knows of any systems under $2,000 that are available please contact me. Must be Gold Coast or Brisbane (ideally south).
  3. Need ideas guy what Americans to chuck in my 4ft tank Want some nice display fish as I convinced mum to have the tank in the living room haha .
  4. Ok I've got a problem I've got a 4ft quad t5 light but I'm setting up a 2ft tank...what do I do ??? Sell it ? Use it ?
  5. i have an idea of how im going to do it but i want to make sure. im not to keen on having the rack collapse and spill hundreds of Litres of water and fish all over the ground.
  6. here is a pic of a 4ft tank that i built 11 years ago, stand is 50mm thick solid granite, jade green in colour. was made as a coffee table but looked far better as a tank stand..... i think i will build another.. cheers mike
  7. so i tried to quit and its been to hard and my stepdad said hell swap me his 4ft for my 3ft. so i just setup my 4x20"w x 24"H filled her up now im wondering what to stock it up with. running on a home made sponge filter 200W heater and lit by a 2ft double light ive never run an african tank so im going to use a 2ft for an african trial in the next few weeks. pretty keen to hear suggestions from you guys and gals for stocking. so please fire away. (no african ill make a thread when i start that tank soon =D ) thanks in advance, ash
  8. within the next couple days this stand will finally be finished, doors stained and fitted yesday and now to sand and stain trimming... then game over..... cheers mike
  9. Ok so the tank is 120cm x 30cm (w) x 35cm (H). Unusual size The substrate is a mix between river sand and bunnings play sand (PAIN IN THE BOTTOM). Hope you life, im really happy witht he right side but not so happy with the left. Also i have extra pieces that are all floating on the top that will be scattered all over the ground, may need to get some more. Also considering putting some rocks in there. Feedback would be awesome This one is all my work, adam has not even seen the tank yet.
  10. I just got a new 4ft, and this one will be going in my room. So I want one fish (not an oscar) that has a bit of a personality. I would love a saratoga but they would get a bit to big wouldnt they? I would love suggestions please.
  11. Where is the cheapest place to buy 4x15x18 or even 4x18x18? Just plain tanks with lids. Do any members have multiples of these they are considering selling? All uniform if possible:) Need 6 in total:) Cheers
  12. hi yesterday i set up a 4 foottank with 10 small normal convicts 2 albino convicts 5 small red forest jewels they all come from steveandjules what u think?? i added pic of fish
  13. heyhey everyone need help with some ideas for a breeding pair of an american cichlid trying to think but i cant so if u can help me it would be much appricated
  14. heyhey everyone i am getting a 4ft by 2 by 1.8 or something close to that and i was wondering wat medium to large cichlid pair could fit into the tank by themselves thanks
  15. hey everyone finally able to post up some pics of my first tank ive already changed it a few times seeing what i like the look of. working on a budget but i like how its coming along any advice would be greatly appreciated. thanks Shane. after this picture was taken my temp gauge fell and shattered another lesson learned added the redtailed in abit early but hes loving life atm
  16. Gday all, I thought I would share the new display tank pics I hope you enjoy, Tank has th following fish Neon Tetras Rummynose Tetras Royal whip tales Sterbi corys L104's L202's L002's L397's L333's L007's (all Ls are juvies excpet for colony of 104's ) Sorry about picture quality
  17. Hey guys, Bought a new 4ftx2ftx2ft setup off a friend last weekend. Set it up, with sump, all media and fully plumbed (4500 ltr/hour pump), and it's running great, but.... Have been racking my brain trying to think of what i want to put in it, So heres the ideas i have come up with so far... I've always wanted to do a native tank, so i was thinking about putting in some rainbows, kinda want to try to keep it as close as i can to my local streams/rivers. 4 to 6 Crimson-spotted rainbows (Melanotaenia duboulayi) 4 to 6 Ornates (Rhadinocentrus ornatus) ...or more of both if they will fit was toying with the idea of a tandanus or 2, but have heard they grow rather large. or possibly a couple of blue yabbies. The other idea i had was to put in a couple of archers but atm i have no hood, and have to do some modifications to the glass lids, or get some new ones cut, to get a better fit. Am open to suggestions, the only stipulation from the wife is some of them need to be "pretty" Tim....
  18. hey guys here is some updated pics of my 4ft american setup thanks for looking tyler
  19. Im very proud of this tank, had him a while and i've now got 12 corydoras trilineatus, and a handful of longfin comman bristle nose. Also got the odd swordies and guppies hanging round. So decided to do it up... Got river pebbles covered with sand as a way to hold my plants rooted, heaps of anubis on driftwood too, finished doing this up yesterday And already my longfins have breed and I have eggs, first time too! Didnt take a pic of the other end of tank as I have fry savers set up... What do you guys think ? Jemma
  20. as i statedd coldwater aggressive fish for a 4ft?
  21. I rescaped it. It needed a good clean and i wanted something a bit different. So no terracotta in here this time
  22. So i have my 1200x350x700 (LWH) about 350L, and at the moment im running an Aquaone aquis 1200. It doesnt seem to be doing as good a job as id like, so im looking to upgrade. Its an American display tank, with a festae (8cm), Brazilensis (13cm) and soon to be a gold sev and EBJD if i can find one, as well as 5 clown loaches (6-7cm), 2 plecos (28cm sailfin, 17cm goldspot...they shit everywhere!!!), and about 7 various bristlenose around the 5-8cm mark (pepps, albino & common). This said, the tank gets pretty messy, so what would be my ideal option of filtration, and please refrain from saying an fx5 cause thats the obvious choice. Cheers, Corbi.
  23. To anyone that has or has had a sunsun; On the top of the hood there's a little panel that comes off and inside there's like a push button that clicks in and out. Does anyone know what this is for?
  24. Hi guys I thought I would share my new low tech LED planted discus tank it's been going for almost 4 months now since mid November last year, after trieing the normal gravel with fert tablets in it for so long I thought I would try the fertilised gravel and it paid off big time! every thing is growing twice as fast as the old 2 foot tanks big difference I'll start the spec's below Tank - 4ft curved bow front tank holds 240 litres Substrate - 27 litres of ADA amazonia II Lighting - 2 x 20 watts of BSLED 4ft T8 LED replaces 120 to 140 watts of T8 lighting Filtration - 2200LPH canister with uv Fish - 3 large discus 3 small discus and 4 cardinal's Maintance - I do water changes every 2 months to keep the discus happy Plants - pygmy chain swords to start with and slowly swaped to blyxia and HC, java fern, crypts (forgot their names), green lotus, hygrophilla polysperma and hornwort Ferts - seachem equilibrium 1/4 teaspoon per week and iron (Fe3) 1ml per day but here enjoy some pictures from the start to now 2 weeks
  25. After the purchase of a few more lava rocks and a trip to the auctions i kinda have the tank how i want it. At this point in time i have a pep, 3 albino b/n, 8 common b/n, 1 goldspot (15cm), 1 sailfin (25cm), 1 Festae, a SG texas and a JD. Running an Aquaone Aquis 1200. Heres what i have so far! Tank overall My americans Sailfin Feedback???
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