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Found 96 results

  1. hey there, this is one of my tanks 48x 15 x 18 Mbuna. Just got some new rocks and had a clean up this weekend. Im going for a semi natural looking malawi biotope, obviously the black sand is wrong for it! But i like the effect it gives. Its kinda plain at the moment but once the fish get bigger they should stand out nicely.
  2. hey guys just about to set up a 4x1.8x1.8 sump . i need to put the dividers in but have no idea on wats the best positioning of them , i have all the media all i know is i wamt my tank to stay clean lol . the tank is a 6.2x2.5 and i have double out lets and one in so can some one please help me or draw and pic with some measurments thanks heaps. matt
  3. here is how my 4ft tank has ended up its now home to 2 jaguar cichlids and an eel-tailed catfish and im looking for a pleco haha well heres some pics and i will add more tonight if there out and about full tank male in the log eel tails head haha
  4. This is my 4fter. Set up for apistos. Its a work in progress at the moment but slowly getting there. Going to try find more driftwood and add more leaves. Should be getting my fish next week Also wanting to add lily pipes soon. The green crap is annoying me Thanks zac
  5. hey guys just wondering if the guy sells me an albino and a normal pleco and i get a goldspot off another fella there all around 12cm will that be too many for a 4ft tank when they get bigger by the way it will only be 3 plecos and 2 jags in there so yeah just wondering thanks guys
  6. Ok so you may have seen my post (General aquarium) about my broken tank and belly up fish, so it's now time to start again and get it better than what it was before. I need to have at least a cpl of electric yellows and blue Aceii but think i may be able to pass off electric blues as aceii to my daughter which i would prefer. Now as you proberly have read 100,000 times before, What will go with these? LOL I want lots of colour variation (not 10 different shades of blue) and variety of fish though only those that you would find in the same lake in the wild. I really want to try and find a way to have plants (the real kind) so if there are species that are less harmful to plants that would be helpful. Hope that is enough info to get some great feedback.
  7. Just did it this weekend and all those hoses and cords you see will be hidden just didn't have a saw at home this weekend to cut a whole in the back of the cupboard for them all so that will be better next weekend. Also getting a light tuesday for it. I only have 2 types of plants in there atm and would like alot more so if anyone has any or has any types that would go well could they please let me no. This will be for endlers and undecided on the rest yet. if anyone has some suggestions on anything i am open always willing to learn and take advice/criticism.
  8. Ok so i no i want a couple more of the plants that are at the back or something like that maybe get a red on in there any ideas? Also i want to have grass on the majority of the ground Any suggestions on plants and placement would be much appreciated But this is it as of today
  9. Hey, Well you might remember my 4ft geo tank I recently setup? http://www.qldaf.com/vbb/showthread.php?34306-Marty-s-4ft-Geo-Tank&highlight=marty%27s I went on my honeymoon for 2 weeks and left my brother to look after my tanks. He went and did a water change a week in and all fine. Did everything as per my instructions I left for him, came back a few days later to feed them and found all the fish in my 4ft dead....... Opened my front door to a horrible smell and you can guess what the water was like! So you can guess how upset I was (and still am) when I arrived home to an empty tank... I lost my 7 new geo orange 4 of which had paired up and had free swimming fry when I left, 6 good size pep bn's, a pair of wc a.biteaniatas plus some pencilfish. The annoying thing is my 100+ angel fry and 15 apisto inka 50 fry were all fine, I was expecting for some of them not to make?! So now where from here? I dont know if I will start again or shut it down for good?? I put sooo much time, effort AND Money and to just lose it all like that is very hard. Anyway thanks for reading, hope you all had a great xmas and have an awesome 2011!!! Cheers Marty
  10. is anyone selling a filter & pump for a 4 ft fish tank?
  11. I decided to change the white 'bunnings' sand over to a black sand. My cichlids were looking a bit washed out colour wise and had become somewhat timid due to the brightness. I've just finished filling it, so no fish as yet til it warms up. So far quite pleased with the darker look
  12. i dont know if anyone saw in my other post so heres a few pics of the tank and the fish
  13. Hey everyone i sadly got rid of my tanks last year and im so happy now because my uncle sold me this 4ft tank with the light and stand for 50 bucks ive set it up like this and today i bought 3 baby angels and a sailfin pleco pleco full tank left side right side
  14. Hey, Just thought I post a few pics of my newly setup 4ft Geo tank. Tank: Standard 200L 4ft 1200 l/h canister 3 x 54w t5 ligth (only running 2 x 10,000k tubes) River sand subtrate Current stock: 10 Golden Pencilfish 1 Pair blue rams 1 Pair WC A.Biteaniata (Yellow) 3 Panda corys Stock still to come: Geophagus sp. "Tapajos Orange Head" (Pick up on the weekend) Blank canvas FTS just after setup Any comments or advice would be great! Thanks for looking
  15. Yes... I accidentally dropped my 4ft dalbarb (Single 122 cm (4ft)) about 1 metre off the floor while I was removing the hood (with the light) from the tank. The switch that turns the light on, popped inside, so just wondering if I can just take the whole thing apart and try to fix it. Or do I have to replace a certain piece that holds the switch with the outer cover of the light? Also the 2 parts where the bulb is connected to came loose after the fall. Any way of getting it back to normal again? Any help would be appreciated, Thanks, Steve
  16. hi every one just my planted tank journal so fare.
  17. Hey, I was thinking of building a 4ft stand with room underneath for a sump. Any ideas would be great, thanks
  18. some more pics
  19. I have meet so many of you now and have slowly been building up my tanks. Thanks to all who helped me get started on my low budget (Disabled Pention) and the freebies I have received from very generous people. Very much appreciated. I thought I better put some photo's up of what I have been up to.
  20. Hi, I'm wanting to set up a 4ft x 1 and 1/2 foot fish tank with african cichlids, just wonder how many fish would i be able to put in here. pm me with your opinions. thanks Lou1991
  21. This is my planted tank so fare please let me know what i can do to improve it.
  22. Just thought id wack on a couple of shots of my tank. Its the beginning of my all male peacock tank with a few others thrown in.. Crappy camera im afraid.. so not the best quality pics. Some new additions from last wkend have created a bit more movement in the tank. So its starting to look better.. but still a long way to go!
  23. Hey guys, really broad question but just after an idea of a estimate? Im wanting to make a 3Teir stand that will hold 3 4x15x18 tanks. I havn't had a look at any plans, but wanting to know if anyone has built one, and how much they had to spend on the materials. Want to see if its possible for me to do now, or if Ill just cope with what I have now. Thanks guys, Chris
  24. Hey Guys, Before I get the canister set-up complete I wanna change my stand over for a Cabinet (to keep my kids out) The local price seems to be $400 for cabinet and hood. With the cabinet having a 650mm internal height. Does anyone have any ideas on these prices? Are they reasonable or abit dear?
  25. A few questions for those knowledgable in the field of catfish (plecos/bristenose). I am starting a 4ft coral african cichlid tank (mainly male peacocks).. I have 3 juvi peps atm and am keen to get more peps & different plecos if I can. Also see if theres any chance of em breeding too. My questions are; Q1/ I have coral grit substrate & coral in tank - I was going to make some caves out of clay for the peps, disguised in coral grit... would that keep them happy or do i need driftwood (just worried about tannins colouring my water and heard some need wood to eat). 3/ I was thinking of getting juvi plecs and grow them out (see what sex end up with) as im on a bit of a budget and I seem to have bloody expensive taste... I figure (say getting 4 peps) I have some chance of getting mixed sex? 4/ What types do you think are available that would go well in my tank. See I want to make it like a reef tank and dont really like the brown ones.. and see all the unusual ones are up there in $$. I see you may have some L066 in future.. what would they be worth for eg? And would they suit? Can you think of any non-brown ones, available in australia & not worth more than gold that would do ok in my setup? I have looked at the L numbers and.. so many numbers, similarities, rarities, $$!.. its a bit overwhelming to someone thats just starting out! 5/ How many do you think i could have in a 4ft stocked with africans? 6/ Can you mix say two different types (males/females of each) in one tank? Would they cross breed? (eg. peps & ...) Any other reccomendations for me and my (seemingly unusual) setup of africans in a coral tank? Thanks for your time in advance..
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