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Found 96 results

  1. I am going to order some rhs and was wondering what you all think for this sized setup? I was thinking 40x40 2mm wall? Steve
  2. Gday Everyone, Im soon setting up a 4 by 2 by 2 Tank and will be keeping just one large american in there.. Would an internal filter 1400 LPH and air stones be enough filtration.. Cheers for any feedback in advance.. Thanks Steve
  3. Looking to get some tanks custom built, and don't really wanto to go through any of the petstores. Looking for suggestions for reliable builders or the best place/way to get these built. Looking for 4 x 4fts, 2 ft wide and 18-20 tall (with lids). Two of the tanks would be divided in 4, creating four 2x1 tanks Two of the tanks would be divided in 2, creating two 2x2 tanks. Thanks! Just collecting info at the moment, so I can price out what I'm planning. Also need someone who can make me two sumps, each to run 2 of those 4fts at a time.
  4. on camera phone and only added the gravel that day so its all cleared up now. cheers mick
  5. Thougt I'd put a couple pics up of some of my Tanks 1st One is My 6x2x2 Frontosa tank with 13 Burundi ranging from 6cm-14cm and a couple of random Peacocks (Pity about the dirty Glass) 2nd one is My 4ft Saratoga Tank Last one is my 4x2x2 With a colony of Chewere (2M,9F) and a Colony of 6 Electric Yellows. Let me know what you all think
  6. hay all looking for a 3tier 4 ft stand desigen and also how hard would it be to build it my self???
  7. Tried 2 load on here, but file was 2 large, lol... and i dont know how 2 fix it so meh, just clickie clickie. http://s293.photobucket.com/albums/mm69 ... g&newest=1
  8. Ok so I've had these shots for a couple weeks and its about time i put them up before i start the next tank. Japes kindly took these shots for me as a birthday present, hope you enjoy them as much as i do. Apistogramma Gephyra Male Nannostomus beckfordi Thayeria boehlkei Corydoras Duplicareus The next shots are of my pride and joy fish Geophagus sp. "Araguaia Orange Head" The Group And Finally a full tank shot Cheers Goat
  9. Re-scaped last night, so still somewhat cloudy Substrate ~ dino dung, laterite and gravel Lighting ~ 4ft Double T8 Plants ~ Swords, Crypts, Anubias & Java fern (all unhappy from their holiday crammed in a 2ft, hopefully they'll recover) Inhabitants ~ Angels, Pep BN, Common BN, Cories & Redtail black shark
  10. Here are some pics of my tanks. In my six I have 1 oscar,1 GT, 1 brasiliensis and 2 silver perch a mate gave me, looks a bit brown coz of the bloody drift wood but its starting to come good. In my 4ft have have 7 flavus, 5 hongi, 2 elongatus chewere and one red forest jewel. The flavus, hongi and the elongatus all breed like rabits, havin trouble keeping up with all the fry:(. theres a pic on my male hongi,can some tell me if he looks normal, never seen the colours like his on a hongi. would love to hear you comments.
  11. Hey, I'm in the process of changing my 4ft oscar tank to a planted tank (without the oscar of course ). The tank size is 4' x 18" x 18" just over 200L with dw, plants and substrate. The fiter is a 1500l/h canister with also a 500l/h internal filter. I had a few ideas. 1. Between 3-5 pairs of dwarf cichlids, like rams and apistos 2. Discus maybe between 2-4 with a pair or 2 of the above dwarfs 3. Angles maybe 2-4 with a pair or 2 of the above dwarfs The above would all include about 4-6 otto catfish and a small school of rasboras or tetras. What do you guys think?? Any comments or other suggestions would e great Cheers Marty
  12. foam rock.JPG[/attachment:3x7lddix]Hi everyone I am new to this forum, and so far have benefit immensely through various topics. Thanks to many people who have put this forum together. Anyway, I would like post a couple photos of my tank with DIY foam background and real river rocks. I am still pretty new to this hobby any suggestion about the design and selection of fish is greatly appreciated Cheers My tank: 48x18x20 Eheim Pro 3e 2076 white sand substrate (previously gravel) river rocks or pebbles (previously foam background) 14 juvenile malawi cichlids (electric yellow, electric blue, others but don't really know their names)
  13. Hi all just wondering if anyone out there has done a 2 teir 4ft cabinet setup, same as just a normal tank cabinet and hood setup but wit 2 4ft tanks high. As I only have space for a 4ft and was thinking of going up but still keep it nice enough for display. My missus doesn't think its a good idea but I figure if someone else has done it and has pics it might change her mind lol. Cheers Shane
  14. Here's some pics of my current favourites! Black Angel (Now Deceased) - Coral Blue Dwarf Gourami (Now Deceased) - Dwarf Cichlid (Now Deceased) - Silver Vailtail Angel (Now Deceased) - Current Tropical Setup - Black Ghost Knife Fish - Blind Cave Tetra - Bristlenose Catfish - Corydoras (Sterbai, Julii, Peppered, Bronze & Albino) - Danio (Albino Longfin Zebra, Giant & Pearl) - Featherfin Catfish (Synodontis Eupterus) - Golden Sucking Catfish - Koi Angelfish - Rainbow Shark & Bristlenose Catfish - Red Tail Black Shark - Reticulated Loach - Sailfin Pleco (Glyptoperichthys Gibbiceps) - Silver Molly - Swordtail - 3Ft African Cichlid Tank - Brichardi & Golden Sucking Catfish - Flameback - Julidochromis Marlieri - Melanochromis Maingano - Pseudotropheus Saulosi - Pseudotropheus Saulosi & Labidochromis sp. "Hongi" Battle! - ID Please? - Please comment and/or query.
  15. hey guys this is my first malawi tank and i just started it today hope you like it ill post more pics and info later cheers damo
  16. My Fish 4ftx2ftx2ft lots of larva rock an caves lots of filtration there all starting to get there full colours most about 4cm to 8cm... 1x Julidochromis marlieri (?) 1x pseudotropheus demasoni (Male) 1x pseudotropheus flavus (Male) 3x Pseudotropheus sp. "Kingsizei (1m,2f) 3x labidochromis sp mbamba (1m,2f) 3x labidochromis caeruleus (1m,2f) 3x sciaenochromis fryeri (1m,2f) 1x sciaenochromis fryeri White knight (Male) 3x altolamprologus calvus (?) 1x aulonocara masoni (Male) 1x maylandia lombardoi (Male) 4x bristlenose catfish 1x sailfin plecostomus
  17. I moved my maingano to a larger tank. Hoping to add a few electric yellows for colour contrast once the tank settles. There are also BN living in here Only set up a few hours ago, so please excuse cloudiness. 4ft ~ Maingano & BN (4-5 electric yellows to be added once tank settles) The only plant used is Java fern. Substrate is shell grit/sand mix.
  18. heres a pic of my 4 ft i love the pink marble does anyone know where i can get some more
  19. Hi guys, I got a 4ft x 18inch x 20inch tank on the weekend, and intend to set it up with african cichlids of some sort. I have been keeping a nice 2ft community planted tank with eheim 2213 and co2 for the past year with great success but always wanted a big tank for cichlids!! I'm quite excited to finally have the 4 ft tank. Filter is an eheim 2217, and possibly another internal if extra water movement is required. So far i've put 20kg of calcium carbonate and 9kg of eco complete cichlid sand in the tank and have a few mollies in there to help start the bacteria seeding process. pH is 8.0 Looking for advice on selection of the cichlids... i have been trying to research the lakes malawai, tang and victorian but having trouble deciding which lake i should select species from... or possibly mix. Looking at getting approx 6 - 8 fish. I don't want to overstock the tank. Any general advice would be helpful, i've tried googling but nothing much has come up. Also, if anyone knows of a good source for structures/caves/rocks that isn't too expensive let me know. Otherwise i will probably end up getting some of the imported limestone rock from my local fish store (but it's $9/kg, so very expensive!) Thanks in advance!
  20. I noticed last night a few of my cichlids have a few white spots, and were flashing etc. I knew right away it was white spot, i had it a couple years ago when i first set up my 2 foot tank. The two clown loaches are fine so far *touch wood*. I suspect one of the reasons was my Fluval Tronic Heater... it seems terribly inaccurate and i'm wishing I had spent an extra 10 bucks and got the Jager heater! I had the Fluval heater set to 27 degrees since i set up this tank around 5 weeks ago, but the themometer read 24 degrees... i believed the heater but i should have believed the thermometer because i've now tested it with two thermometers and both give the same reading. So the Fluval heater was WAY OFF!!! 3 or 4 degrees off. Anyway... not wanting to stain my entire tank green i've decided to try the salt and temperature treatment. Temp was up to 29 this morning (the fluval claims it's 33 but it's wrong). I've upped it an extra degree to hopefully reach 30 degrees. Also added an extra 25Watt heater to help it along - again this confirmed my suspicions that the Fluval temperature accuracy was way off as i was able to get another temp reading. Added salt last night (non-iodized, plain sea salt with no additives), 12 tablespoons for the 250L tank. I had read widely varying instructions on amount of salt per volume of water so i hope i got it right. When i first added the salt, the fish went a bit crazy for about 5 mins, then they got used to it and have been fine since. They're much more active now at the higher temp too, but seem quite happy and are feeding as normal. Will update here over the coming weeks.
  21. Hi! I am planning a new 48in x 15in (wide) x 18in aquarium. My calculations (using the surface area method) allow for minimum of 45in of fish, which I intend to keep to. This is my current stocking idea: * Red-tailed black shark [5in] (mandatory -- already own) * 10 cardinal tetras [12.5in] * 6 neon praecox rainbowfish [15in] * 2 paired killifish [4in] * 2 angelfish [6in?]??? * bottom-dweller / cory catfish [2.5in]??? I'd like to know what anybody thinks of this idea? Are there too many top-dwellers? Are the fish incompatible? I am fairly set on the shark / cardinal / rainbowfish combination --- is the rest of the stocking acceptable? If so, any ideas on bottom dwellers? Many thanks Michael
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