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Found 164 results

  1. What works best for everyone? Bare bottom breeders? Fine substrate sand. Very few rocks or none at all or loads of rock for the fish, what is best for the fish stress wise? Would appreciate your opinions ?
  2. Ok, I thought the time has come to post up pictures of my 2 foot cube aquarium for a critique, I would appreciate opinions from you guys, good or bad as this is my first attempt of keeping Africans, I have kept everything else from marine to goldfish to oscars and everything in between. Anyway, the tank is a 650s aqua one cube with black sand substrate and egg crate underneath, heaps of Texas holey rock for a reef look. It's being filtered with an FX5 canister filled with matrix, marine pure and macropore, also the top is being skimmed via a tunze comline filter filled with wool and macropore. A 150w jäger heater keeps the water at a constant 26 degrees and an aqualina led light replaces the 4 x 18 inch flouro lighting the tank originally came with. There's a fair mixture of cichlids in the tank, probably around 22, plus there's a pleco hiding in there aswell This tank has been running for 6 months like you see it with no problems[ATTACH=CONFIG]38910[/ATTACH] I think that pretty much sums up the tank, so any suggestions or opinions are appreciated Hopefully the photos work Thanks very much
  3. Thinking about doing an African riverene tank, Congo Tetras, Elephant noses, Butterfly fish, what type of cichlid would suit this tank ?
  4. Want to ask your opinion about the use of these salts,is it really a necessity?,what benefits do your fish get out of it as I have gone a while without using them & haven't noticed any difference in my fishes activities.
  5. hey are there any importers around anyone knows of for africans
  6. Hi guys i saw some where that there is a homemade african cichlid buffer. Does anyone know what is in it and how much is needed? Cheers Will
  7. im moving a few tanks around and was wondering if shrimp and african fry can live together for a week or two?
  8. The old list can be found here Info: Rare Fish List, Breeding attention required!! (Please Read!) PLease note that I did not compile this list. I have only tried to update the status of the fishes in the new list. Updated List July 2013 This list does not say what fishes are in Australia in total, but only the rarer fishes. It also does not include species that can be imported. This list can be particularly useful to bring back the very rare-probably lost species back to less common status. But it will take time, patience and motivated breeders. Common to Rare can be found in shops Very rare to Probably lost are the ones that need some work It still needs work as I do not know everything ... So please come forward to chip in if you have some details. Thank you.
  9. hey guys ive recently been doing some trading here and there and decided that im not going marine just yet Click here to enlarge the room i have gets really hot and i dont want to fork out lots for a chiller,skimmer and leds ect.. its just not the right time financially. so what i do have is just about every thing to start up an african tank Click here to enlarge that way its not going to bust the bank to much and they can handle a bit of heat during this summer. so heres a breakdown on what equipment this setup is containing TANK - aquaone aquagrande 120, 4ft 70 gallon curved glass corners CABINET - Custom made by myself FILTRATION - hagen Fluval fx 5 LIGHTING - hagen glo twin t5 reflective unit, 54w powerglo 18,000 k SUBSTRATE - 60kgs micro crushed coral sand + 20kgs seachem pearly shore's HARDSCAPE - 110kgs A-grade Texas Holey Rock - life like Plastic plants
  10. I don't really know much about this aquaponics thing but i seem to keep stumbling across it as i research filtration for my fish room i will be hopefully making soon. I can't find a clear answer on the net but i am wondering if i can use my african cichlid breeding setup with aquaponics? Would the Declorinator, Ph Buffers, Riff Lake Salts and the like ruin the veggies i would like to grow with the aquaponics?
  11. So going to slow down on the breeding but want to make a semi display tank out of my 4ft and have my electric yellows and bristlenose but have plants for the fry to hide in and survive Any suggestions and any one I can buy plants off that would be suitable
  12. Just wondering if anyone in Toowoomba knows how to vent sex african cichlids mainly Acei
  13. Hey All! So I've recently decided to convert one of my tropical tanks to an African Cichlid tank and am hoping to get a bid of advice and help I have kept Africans in the past, however it was some time ago now so my knowledge is rusty at best though I've been doing a lot of reading online and on the forums here to get my knowledge up to date. So as a quick rundown of the tank I'm setting up, specs are as follows: Tank Size: 3ft L x 1.7ft W x 2ft H Tank Capacity: 75 Gallons or 280L Substrate: Crushed Coral - Recall from my past experience keeping Cichlids that this is a good choice and helps buffer the PH. Filtration: Aqua One CF-1000 - 1000L/PH Heating: 300W Heater keeping it at 28 degrees at current. Water Parameters - Tested as of today PH: 8.0 - 8.5 Alkalinity: 720PPM - Not sure if this is my test strips playing up but this has come up extremely high... max on the chart in fact - Would appreciate any advice on what this should be for Cichlids and how to get it down? Hardness: 25PPM - On the low end which has been perfect for my Angels, but from what I've read Cichlids to prefer harder water, again any pointers on how to bring this up would be appreciated. Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 0 Quick pic of the tank very basic so far and I still need to find some more rock to chuck in there... Just not too keen on paying the pet stores a small fortune for a few chunks of rock. Now the basics are out of the way, the fish I'm hoping to keep are primarily Electric Yellows and Electric Blues, at least initially. To my knowledge these 2 species can be kept together relatively well, but I've got a few questions I'm not so sure about that I've been reading mixed info on.. 1. Will both colonies breed within the same tank? 2. Will they interbreed? I wouldn't have thought so... but I've read a few things saying otherwise and I do not want to interbreed these fish, I'd like to keep the strains pure. 3. On an average, how many fish could I put within my tank without overstocking? (I do understand there's no 100% exact answer to this) I'd also really appreciate any suggestions anyone has on any other species that might mix in well with one of or both of these (depending on answers to the above). Again I do want to breed them, but not as a 100% serious breeding exercise.. I know the preferred breeding method is to have separate species based tanks. Look forward to hearing some feedback and ideas! Cheers, Dan
  14. Was setting up my std 4fter for some geophagines and assorted tetras, however even though I have added driftwood I can't seem to keep the PH below 7.8. I dont really want to keep chemically lowering the ph and the tapwater is 7.2 so I think the double washed sand I bought from Bunnings may have some calcium carbonate in it. So thinking of replacing the driftwood with some base rock (anyone got some pls?) and putting in some display tangs such as fronties (yes I know how big they get) leleupi, black and gold comps and possibly a small occie colony down the end. Any ideas welcomed?
  15. hey guys i've been on this Forum for a while and made a thread in the General Discussion, so i thought i'd transfer it to here unsure if this link works, its the only way i know how to get my thread here haha. http://www.qldaf.com/forums/general-aquarium-discussion-19/new-here-my-450l-cichlid-tank-79175/
  16. Hi guys, just wondering if any of you know of any breeders around the coffs harbour nsw region?
  17. Does anyone know if these have ever been in the country before or ever been aloud? An insane looking predator. Would love one of these. such a shame you can't own lol
  18. I'm a American keeper and this is a friends who is bulling its tank mates
  19. I am in the process of converting over my 6x2x2 tank to an African setup. Am thinking predominately Peacocks and Haps. The only current inhabitant is a large gold spot Pleco. The current PH is a steady 7.4. Should I be trying to increase this PH or will this be ok? Current substrate is fine gravel so would coral sand help increase this PH?
  20. So yesterday I finished putting various rock caves all along the back wall of my 6ft tank. However to keep it even and allow for me to clean behind the rocks I left a 3/4cm gap between the back glass and my base rocks. My pleco is currently down at the bottom behind the rock works and I am worried he might get stuck? I am going to fill the very bottom with shell grit today so that will keep him below the base rocks but is there any ideas how to keep him out of the back part of my tank?
  21. I have 5 large silver dollars in my tank that I have had for probably 4 years, since slowly raising the water hardness and ph to keep my electric yellows happy 1 has gotten pretty bad (looks like it will die) but the rest seem fine? Are these not suitable tank mates or is it just coincidence? Thanks!
  22. I am currently converting my tank over to a full african setup and need some advice on which fish I should keep and which I need to get rid of. It is a 6ft tank and so far my plans of fish to add are a red zebra colony and some blue dolphins and hongi. Currently in the Tank: 10 Electric Yellows (seem to be going fine) 25cm Pleco Bristlenose Catfish 10cm Black Ghost Knife 10-12cm Red Tailed Black Shark 8cm Cuckoo Catfish 12cm 1 Tropheus Dubiosi 5cm 1 Red Jewel 5cm Would love to rebuild my Tropheus Dubiosi colony that I lost when I got too busy to look after the tank Any and all advice appreciated and if there is something in there you want let me know!
  23. Hey all long time since I been on here. I'm looking at setting a tank up tully fnq, I used to have cichlids when I lived in Brisbane a year and a half ago. But I'm thinking that it might be a bit different up here with the heat and everything. I'm looking at setting up a 3 or 4 foot tank with a canister filter and stock with males only. Any info from people who have had tanks in the tropics or know if anything going to be different from having a tank in bris be great. Cheers wade:dance:
  24. I'm starting a few african display tanks Just wondering what kinda filter system I should Run ? Sump ect ? Just need a few ideas info ect Cheers guys..
  25. Re-scaped my 6 foot tank and added some new friends. Got some lovely F1 Princess Brichardi, tried adding them to an exisiting group but they were rejected, they new have themselves a new home and have already made themselves tough against all the other Big Boys in the Tank............... love their attitude!! (Sorry bout the $h!tty phone pics!)
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