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Found 134 results

  1. After last nights rain I've come home today to find 1 pair of apisto cacs have laid eggs and same with 2 pairs of f2 German rams I'm witnessing it now with 1 pair of the rams 😁
  2. So I stumbled on these new air pumps that are hard wired for 240 but also contain somewhere to put batteries in so they switch over instantly during a power out and run for 10hrs on battery... I am very tempted to get one to give it a go.... BRAND NEW MARINE FRESH FISH AQUARIUM 9W 60HZ AC DC AIR PUMP MJ8200ADC | eBay
  3. Howdi Just a question regarding air pumps. I just bought a 2tier 4ft stand with 2 - 2 X 15 X 15 divided tanks. I will be running 2 air stones into each tank(One for sponge filter) , and was wondering how big of an air pump do I need for these? Would a 400 lph be enough ? Cheers
  4. I am trying to tack down an air pump that runs on both AC and DC so that it can be charged and used as a mobile pump or backup during power failure. have only found one model so far from an online store (Cosmo Lifetech AC/DC Pump).
  5. Can I use a 12 volt air compressor to supply air to my tank ? Will it effect the water ?
  6. so i know that surface agitation is the best way to oxygenate the water, but is it also necessary to run any kind of air stone? i currently have one in each back corner of the tank, i turned them off for a bit of maintanance, it looks pretty good without the air stones on! much less tiny bubbles in the tank makin it clearer. i have huge surface agitation, a otto pfn 2000 pointed up at the surface.
  7. has anyone ever used the piston type air pumps? if so what are they like? - noisey ect cheers
  8. so this ain't really that technical.. but i'm just curious if anyone has anyways about making it so that your clear air bubble hoses that are in the water attract less algae/gunk etc.?? mine seem to get dirty really quick and than they look like shit, especially cause i got my tank set up as see through from both sides so they don't blend into a background.. anyone experimented with different ways to run it or to cover it in some sort of compound/chemical that will stop algae sticking but same time won't leak and kill fish?? cheers for any help!
  9. im looking for a air pump for my brother and his mrs for there new fish room going to be running 10 x 4 ft tanks 2 air filters in each tank 10 x 3ft tanks with 1 air filter in each Air Pumps - Hailea Air Pump - V-60 Air Hailea Pump - Guppy’s Aquarium Products Online - V-20 Air Hailea Pump please tell me what you think
  10. I am upgrading to a 6 x 18 x 20 tank (as half of you likely know now as I have been banging on about equipment for this new tank for weeks now - LOL) - but now I am looking at maybe replacing my Bubblio Air Pump with an Eheim model. It is only going to run an airstone wand about 60cm long - so I was wondering if either the 100 Model or 200 Model might be OK? I rang one of the sponsors here (Redlands) and they dont stock the Eheim air pumps - but said that the diaphram in them are so complicated that when they need replacing it is often better to just buy a new pump - but with that said, they run for ages without issues. They are now stocking Halier Pumps but have not tested them to give any opinions yet on those (google search shows them as made in china?). Anyone know if these are a good brand? Ejheim better? Should I get an Eheim 100 or 200 version? And I notice the 200 version has the option for 2 outlets - so can you turn one outlet off it you dont want to use it?
  11. Hi i have a 3ft tank and i want a air curtain at the back , I want it about half the tank so 1.5 foot how man liters per hour would do this?
  12. I have two 3 ft tanks iam looking at putting a air stone in each. When i had a air pump ages ago it was loud and moved around alot. Iam looking for advice on what unit and where to get a air pump thats quite and can run 2 lines off. How many lts an hour would i nned to do 2 tanks with one of the curtain air stone in each.
  13. Gidday all, got an question if any body can help. I recently bought an Aqua One Pond One O2 plus air pump 8000 ( 70l/min ) Air pump from redlands. Basically its for all the sponge filter setups and any extra airstones i want in my fishroom/garage. Now ill attach some quick pics i took off my phone to try and explain. Please excuse the mess in the photos lol Basically the pump sits in a corner attached to 13mm black poly pipe, straiught up the wall to a 90 degree corner onto the ceiling then runs across the celing to a loop in the middle then continues and curves around the other side then ends with a open/close valve thing i had. Now this was just all trial as i had read somewhere about having to have a loop but wasnt sure where, plus i have the valve on the end to release excess air so theres no back pressure. My problem is at the moment its running 12 medium sponge filters and 2 extra large ( in the ibc raised up as so not too deep) and im having problems with uneven air flow in select sponges etc Ive cleaned them out so its not because of blockages etc , I was hoping someone may have some useful help for me so i can get it working 100% as it was all trial and error pretty much. Any questions please ask Thanks Sean
  14. In regards to the Resun LP-20, which generates 20L/min. How many medium sponge filters can I run from this unit? Filters will be at a depth of 30cm. Thank You
  15. Hi all, Hoping someone might be able to help me out. I am currently fish sitting a friends (fishheadsoup) small frontosa colony whilst a replacement tank is sorted (tank cracked). One of the said frontosa has an issue where as it spends its day floating at the surface with its dorsal fin exposed. At feeding times etc, this poor fish struggles to get to the bottom or even middle of the tank due to it being over buoyant. I have read several articles on this issue and it seems relatively common although I have not seen this in any of my own or others that I have seen around? There are suggestions of evasive measures to fix this by extracting air by syringe and a few other similar suggestions - sounds nasty! Is this issue able to be fixed any other way without the extent of surgery? Is this condition terminal otherwise? Do you know what may cause this? He seems relatively healthy otherwise and the other fish in the tank don't seem to pick on it as a sick fish? Ay suggestions or advice would be appreciated. Cheers, Todd
  16. Hi all Im just in the process of planning the filtration of a couple of tanks with average stocking levels. I would like to go with air driven sponge filters but unsure of the volume of air I need to drive each filter. So I have 2 questions if theres any one that can help. Am I correct in assuming that if I run 200L of air through a sponge filter that I will get equal water displacement drawn through the filter?? So My sponge filter will be filtering at 200L per hour?? Would this be sufficient on a 125L tank?? It doesn’t sound like enough to me as its not even turning over the total tank volume twice in the hour, but from what I can deduce from breeding setups Iv seen using air driven filtration this would be enough. Thanks Matt.
  17. I'm after a quiet air-pump which puts oyt 70-100L/min or thereabouts... Considering piston type pump (hailea?) or an LP60/LP100 - anyway, the pump will be under our house, but as much as possible, I don't want humming etc coming up. which is quieter?
  18. Hey everyone, So im running a 1200 Aquis Aquaone Canister on my 200Lish 4ft, what the go with air pumps, do i need one, if so how big? Thanks, Corbi
  19. I'm going to be running a single air-pump through a 1" manifold system around my fishroom. It will be feeding about 80 sponge filters at the the following depths: ~ 50 @ 45cm deep ~ 10 @ 60cm deep ~ 20 @ 30cm deep There will also be a few extra airstones and brineshrimp hatchers etc. How do I work out what flow rate (l/min) and therefore pump size I need? Thanks, Marc
  20. Hi all was after someone with a aae account, anyone willing to help please pm me. Thank you.
  21. Gidday all, just a quick question if someone can help Just looking into/around at high volume air pumps and i was wondering what is the difference between say an lp60 etc and electromagnetic air pumps and also dc air pumps apart from the obvious phsyical differences. I could just be having a blank but just thought id try my luck and find out lol Thanks Sean
  22. So after the filter episode im thinking of ways how i can better maintain my gear. I have a dual outlet air pump (New) and im going to run a test it will be a very long test. So one diaphram i will keep as is and the other i will condition with rubber grease to prevent drying and cracking. I will just be using a small amount of Castrol rubber grease (red stuff) i have no doubts that it will extend its life but what i want to know is by how much. has anyone tried it? I will run just one large airstone via both outlets via T piece. Update in a long long time lol
  23. So I have Tanks in my bedroom and I recently bought a new air pump with more power. Well, the noise is driving me mad. Tonight it won't let me go to sleep! Thus why i'm posting at 12.30 PM.... Any ideas????? I've tried bubble wrap, hanging it all the ideas on the net... Seems to be the actual pump making noise rather than the vibrations...? Harls
  24. need a air pump 2 do 16 tanks can any one help me out ?
  25. http://www.petfish.net/kb/entry/346/ thought this was quite neat indeed
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