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Found 36 results

  1. Please don't laugh BUT.... when one of my five angels decides to spawn with its mate.....well all five join in :/ is this normal??! I have only one true pair but the remaining three angels attempt to fertalise and lay on the same leaf as my proven pair. Its funny to watch but is it normal, mostly they get eaten be it in egg stage or wiggler stage. Tank is a 4x18x18 with 5 angels 6 corys one albino rtb shark few rummynoses and a bn pair. Tank has been set up for three years and minus recently with some fish I sold as the oscars didn't agree, has not changed much at all. Thoughts??
  2. I thought I might share some photos of my two angel fish spawning. It might help other newbies to see what happens and how to tell the sexes apart. I was lucky enough to buy only 2 angels (they were babies not much bigger than 5c pieces) and they paired up. They have raised fry 4 times now. But being in a community tank the fry have only lasted a day free swimming. This is FEMALE: This is MALE: Eggs: Fertilization;
  3. On the weekend I treated myself to a new AF and now I am wondering what sort it is? I asked the LFS (one of our sponsors) and he said not a pure breed but maybe mixed with a koi. I wondered though, are the red cheeks normal? Or a problem? I wondered if it is crossed with blushing ones? Anyone know at all? The fish is healthy in all respects and is currently in my quarantine tank - eating and doing all things normal - but then I got all parnoid worrying it might have some red gill disease - LOL. (I do tend to be a worry wart, but dont want to introduce a problem into my tank of course) But if this is normal for this type of fish, then all is hunky-dorey !!!
  4. Hey guys. Thought i'd make a photo thread for everyone, and show potential buyers what they are getting .
  5. I have a platinum female and albino koi male pair that i have recently put together.... I have never crossed the two before and was wondering what variety of fry i should expect. pics to come Thanks to all the genetics people out there!! thanks matt
  6. My question is abt breeding slate for angelfish breeding - What should I use, where can i find it, what abt using sandstone slate from bunnings, will it be suitable? Thanks
  7. Hi, ok I have a breeding pair of angels, well at least I think they are??? They have laid eggs twice now but both times about half had turned white & they all got eaten The first time was in a community tank & was their first time so I'm not to worried about that but the second time I put them in a 2ft tank by themselves, eggs were laid & within 2 days they were all gone I am sure it is a male & female as now they are :kiss: "lip locking" :kiss: and I have watched the spawning process but I would like to now what is going wrong?? Is it because they are still a bit young & new to it or should I be looking at trying to hatch the eggs myself? They are both around 8cm from mouth to tail... I am unsure of the ages??? Any advice would great & very soon if possible my female looks quite fat again & the cleaning process has begun! Thanks
  8. hey guys, Just wondering how many angelfish i can have in my 70 L tank? cheers
  9. Okay, so I had some Angelfish in a community tank with Pakistani Loaches. Over the last couple of days, and without me noticing, the largest loach took up the offensive against the smallest Angelfish. He's taken apart his dorsal fin and removed most of his tail fin. I've promptly passed the loaches away to a friend, and now the Angels are really the only thing left in the tank, so there's nothing else to stress him out. The fish has no problems swimming about and still has a healthy appetite, so I think he'll pull through if left to his own devices; My questions are, will his fins regrow (I can post a picture of the damage if it matters), is there anything I can do to aid his recovery, and if they wont regrow then what should I do with him? Cheers
  10. Hey everyone, Just wondering whats a good tank set up for angelfish cheers.....
  11. My angelfish is only small, bought him from an aquarium store not too long ago, maybe 2 weeks ago. I bought a pair at the time. One of them was lying on the bottom of the tank I just noticed as I walked past earlier. All the other fish (2 x flame dwarf gourami, 30 x neon tetras, 4 x asstd bn) seem quite fine and happy. My water is all fine, I had it tested at a local aquarium a few days ago. Slightly high reading of nitrates but nothing dangerous, and I was given directions on using an X amount of prime to prevent any burning towards my fish. I gave him a nudge and he is swimming around again now but I am worried he might not last much longer. My fish don't have white spot or anything like that, they all have lovely colours. I am feeding once every 2 days and in small amounts while my filter keeps up. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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