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Found 97 results

  1. Hi Guys, Just wanted to share an image of my first BBS hatchery. Now just wait for 40 hrs for BBS! Any feedback appreciated. Thanks Hanho for the eggs! Cheers, Shane
  2. My fenestratum and coatzacoalcos did the business. I’ve moved the eggs into a small tank, they’ve hatched a few weeks ago and there are now 15 around the 6mm mark. Tank is about 30 litres, has a light, bubbler, small stone substrate, and heater set at 28 degrees. No filter. I’ve been feeding them a pre-packaged food recommended by Exotic Fish (will have to check name tonight) plus some very fine guppy food. The tank is growing lots of brown algae including some tendril type stuff as it gets the sun through garage door window. I haven’t done any water changes as I’m afraid of sucking them out. Any tips on what I’m missing/doing wrong or what I should do next greatly appreciated. I plan to transfer of few of these to my main American tank if they get to a reasonable size. Any thoughts on what to do with the rest of them? PS - I've only been keeping fish 6months so be gentle
  3. I bought two female mollies yesterday and the pregnant one had fry about 3 hours ago even though she didn't look ready. At the time I counted 11. I have a very basic tank with no breeding gear. I have a few plants for them to hide in but not much else. Any tips on how to have as many fry live would be appreciated.
  4. Found a nice little area with a 4-5cm tiny jack. Don't ask me where cause I'm not gonna tell you haha. Just wondering how people get their hands on the small ones that you can't hook. Any Traps? Nets? I dunno. Help would be greatly appreciated as I've always wanted a Jack to grow up Cheers P.s. I'm not 100% sure if this is the right place to put this question so please don't be mean if it isn't haha
  5. Thought this was a pretty cool pic of my babies in a fry saver.See if you can count how many Cheers leigh
  6. so, tonight I came home and i was looking at one of my tanks with baby bn in it, and to my shock i see a normal fish fry swimming up the top of the tank as happy as can be. I'm like WTF!!!! how did that get there, all i have in my tanks in bn (80%) a pair of american cichlids pair of kribs and had a pair of Apisto's where the male died these are all in septate tanks and all the tanks are linked to the sump. 1 conclusion that i can come to is that one day when i was cleaning out the strainers for the bulk heads a egg went down the pipe and made it all the way to the sump where it got past all of the filtering and has been hanging out near the sump pump, then today it go sucked up into the pump and ended up in the tank. if it makes it past being a fry i will call it Lucky or a better name someone suggests
  7. Hi everyone. my pepps have only recently started breeding. I have trumpet snails in their tank. i got some clown loaches a little while to get rid of some pond snails in another tank. pond snails are all gone. is it safe for my baby pepps if i put the clown loaches in there? and, will introducing them to that tank stop my pepps breeding? thanks
  8. I'm waiting on my bbs eggs to hatch and haven't done it before. Apparently I should rinse the bbs first under tap water in a bbs net or coffee filter? But I don't have either of these things and was wondering if a stocking would work? Thanks
  9. Humans Caused Historic Great Barrier Reef Collapse | LiveScience
  10. I am trying to find an alternative to beanie baby boxes; ideally something a bit larger and a bit cheaper. The only idea I have been able to come up with some far is to get some 6 inch acrylic cubes made up, but the costing on those (after freight and all) is still a tad higher than I would like. Has anyone got any smart and/or creative ideas for alternatives?
  11. Hard to get in pics but you get the idea :-)
  12. Heyy, how do u breed baby brine shrimp????? Cheers
  13. Hi everyone, I've got a tank of bluegrass n there's one baby one that just doesn't look right. It's more shiny n silvery n it's now 2 months old n still not much colour but looks like a girl. Just wanted to know if that is a sign it's a red grass. Never had any red grass before. I have just put it in a separate tank now. Just in case
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  15. Hey everyone i picked this little beauty up today.. Can't believe i finally got 1 its about 14cm long i hope use like.. And sorry for only 1 pic could only the 1 good 1 will try get some more... Cheers Shaun
  16. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  17. Hey everyone, ok well my devil eggs have hatched, have about 300 by gestimation, question is....do I move the male out as I currently have them seperated via a divider, but some of the fry are on the male side, it doesn't seem to bother him but the female is pretty keen to keep the group together. your thoughts please. Cheers Geoff
  18. I seem to be asking so many questions on here and making so many threads but everyone is so helpful and quick to respond. I have separated my corydora eggs from their parents tank and they begun hatching within minutes of me putting them into a fry container, I gave them some really fine powder as food (mix of pellets etc that have been blended in the magic bullet ) but just wondering if this is OK or should I go out and buy some stuff especially made just for baby fry? Also.... I've got them in a half filled 4 litre ice-cream container with an airstone, do I replace some of the water daily or every few days and do I keep adding metho.blue or is the one drop I put in today enough?....also lol do I lower the water right down or is half of a 4 litre container or? I sound like a total newbie but haven't tried hatching cory eggs like this before Thanks guys
  19. Hey guys, Been a while since i've checked in, for those of you who may remember, I had a little tropical hex, well I got to upgrade, to a 4 foot. Tank mates include:- 3 x Angelfish. 4 x Kuhli Loaches. 3 x Clown Loaches. 3 x German Blue Rams. 8 x Panda Corys. 1 x Peppered Cory. 3 x Albino Corys. 5 x Peppermint BN. 5 x L104 Clown Plecos. Soon to include:- A couple more Angelfish & possibly a small school of something with gorgeous colours, any suggestions are appreciated. I have to include a huge thank-you to my other half, Keegan(Keegan013 on the Forum) for absolutely everything to do with this hobby (Majority of the time hehehe) He practically did it all.. My Hex has been turned into a home for Gary(the fighter) He is a very happy chappy with more than enough room now. Photos:- Full shot.. Half shot.. Corys.. Peppermint BN.. Thanks for viewing guys, any comments appreciated.
  20. Now that I have been hit with the baby season I have 3.5(yep thats 3 and a half) batches of eggs(group 0.5 is just over a week old,group 1 is hatching as we speak and groups 2 & 3 should be hatching in the next 72 hrs)...i was thinking of running a thread for each batch of the babies (as all 3 batches have different parents) and see what you guys think of the different genetics,colours etc that come out of each batch....I'll also show the parents so people can see where its all coming from...cheers So might as well put the first batch on here.... Batch 0.5: This is a very small batch of babies with only 70 appx eggs...(as mother died during spawn) so is limited by numbers but has very good babies(kept close to half after 1st cull) and even a dorsal finned throwback(rare!)in the batch so interesting to see how these guys turn out...
  21. woohooo we got our first baby humpheads, found them today, we did notice the pair have been hiding in their pot and today they had their little family out for a swim, will try for pics tomorrow if they are out, and no clayton, jules said you can't have these for feeders,
  22. Wondering what ppl think to have as tank mates for a baby GG it is 15cm and would like to know of fish that can stay with him even when hes grown cheers guys
  23. whats the best way too make sure that 3-4cm burundi frontosas grow as quickly as possible. there are 4 of them and they are currently in a 20L tank. they are too small to put in my big tank.... any ideas????
  24. hey guys, I have about 30 bristlenose fry that have just emptied their egg sacks and im not sure what to feed them, they are in a fry box so i dont want to put anything in thats gonna make the water cloudy or anything, any ideas? zuchinni or algae wafers? thanks!
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