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Found 75 results

  1. so this morining i wake up to my girlfriend saying babe all the mdoka white lips are dead.i said WHAT!!!!and went out there and yep 6 out of seven are as still as a rock,all becuase i didnt plug the sump pump back in yesterday ima ****ing ****head,so ive decided to sell off what i have left and try find a new hobby,ive lost plenty of fish before but nothing like this as they were my pride and joy since 3cm(some were pushing 15cm till today).im gutted is the only way to put it.so if anyone has a colony of mdokas alrready you are welcome to have the last one (about 12cm)as he would love some friends again,he is looking very sad
  2. Ive watched a few people trying to sell fish tanks with no success most of the time... are all fishtanks after usage immediately worth nothing ?? are fishtanks an awful investment ? my cousin has had a nice 2 tier 2x5ft system up for sale for cheap for a long time and no interest..or interest from people who screw ya around.. I dont think ill pretend I can ever sell my future setups after seeing the effort of so many go to waste with 0 results..
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  6. I recently purchased this tank second hand, however I have noticed that 1 side of the tank's silicone looks like it's dried or splitting away from the glass. Does this look serious enough to get repaired? It goes half way down the side. I've seen Mike's repair thread with the pictures and I'm tempted to try that myself, but I'm worried I could make the whole tank worse as its only on one of the joins. If I was to get this repaired, how much would it cost? It's 3 foot long. Any help would be appreciated and I'm in Park Ridge, not too far from Browns Plains. Edit: Sorry for the bad quality picture and I can't seem to rotate the picture
  7. Ok so I have a mate who builds tanks and he may be able to get me toughened glass at a realy great price now question is is it safe to use for tanks? this tank will be big 10x4x2.5 it will be built by a guy who has built many a big tank and no's what hes doing braced wel etc etc he even said he would want to put wide alloy corners on all 4 corners for extra protection, but said to do some research into toughened first I have read it can explode if hit hard:shock: sounds worrying lol what are your thoughts guys? mods can close thread that idea is over with! lol Thanks
  8. I have a couple of common BN fry with these dark spots on their faces. The photo shows what i'm talking about. I have 2 that i can see from that batch of fry with these spots. This is the first batch from these parents. Everything is testing ok, and all the other fry are fine. As you can see this 1 in the photo is a little bit of a lighter brown to the other smaller ones around him. They are from a later batch, but others from the same batch are still a nice dark colour. Umm, What is it? Is it bad? Will it effect the others? Thanks for the help..
  9. Hey all Just a quick warning about some deformed festae getting around , Bought a young pair about 4 months back only to find when I got them home & had a better look the girls head was bent so she looked left lol didn't think much of it until I checked a group out that I have been growing out they would of been around the same age as The other girl from the pair & out of the 3 girls another one with a bent head same as before was told the group I bought was a mix & I tend to believe that as the others are all fine. Saw another the same the other day aswell so I'm thinking there's a batch doing the rounds that isn't that crash hot ! Just have a good look before handing over any $$$ the fish I'm talking about were all around 10-14cm Note - not pointing the finger at anyone just thought I would pass on what I have seen Cheers Trev
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  11. my luck today hasnt been the best started when i knocked off work jumped in the car tried to stsrt it and nothing happened = one stuffed starter motor so i had to train it home 2 hours later i just had a look to check on my baby bristlenose cats and found over 150 of them dead as i forgot to take out the zucini that i fed them last night im just waiting on the third thing to pop up now
  12. Having the worse night tonight, had my Barra (I suspect him) has knocked off the protective cage for the sucking end of my FX5, and poor Pigsy (my PNT) has got a bit curious and got sucked up, I saw this happen and dived up stopped the pump and got him out, but he has bit of a split beak, with some blood around his neck and his little eyes are all swolen up, he was still really moving about but not looking too good, I rushed him over to the 24h vet and got x-rays but the xray couldn't really show much so now he staying over night with painkillers and antibiotics, have to call back at 6am. My biggest concern is burst lung or ruptured internal organs, Poor little guy, note to others to tighten the **** out of these pipes to avoid a $450 vet bill and gravely crook turtle...
  13. Don't know if anyone rembers the convosation but here is the oscar I bought last year, was told he was a bad quality tiger with a poor head shape. He was very yellow in colour back then....He still looks odd but turned out ok imo, let me know what you guys think :-) Above pics taken today, pics below when i got em :-) http://www.qldaf.com/forums/attachments/photography-video-lounge-23/13792d1319505493-new-baby-oscar-2011-10-25-11-09-33-jpg Hope that worked ok :-)
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  16. Problem:- Mysterious worm found on lid of tank. there is condensation / spray and a bit of protien scum that I clean off weekly and found this guy this week. Ph:- 8+ Ammonia:-nil Nitrate:- nil Nitrite:-nil Gh:-n/a Kh:-n/a Size of tank:-500ltr 6ft Temperature °C:-28 Been running for:-5 months Filtration:-Canister/Sump/Internal Filter/Sponge:- 2800 l p/h with 11w UV canister 20ltr media Fish in tank:- 7x cyp. 20x blues 8x yellows 18x cuckoos 1x braziliensis 5x red capuz 1x johani 1x crimson tide 5x mbana 2x ellioti 2x cribensis and 5x princess all around 5cm or smaller Plants in Tank:- hard green algae or rocks Feeding:- What food and How often:- Aqua Munch once a day, handfull gone in 60 sec Recent Medication Treatments:- just salt no pepper Last water change:-4 days ago Water change every Day/Weekly/Monthly:- weekly, 200ltr (Tristart) treated tap water I've never seen a worm like this before and was wondering if it's safe or harmfull. I found 3 on the lid of my tank squirming around in the over spray / protien scum form the bubbles and spray bar. any feed back appreciated
  17. Just noticed a little purple snail slowly making the rounds on one of my bits of live rock, and I am quite curious as to what he might be. He is quite a cool looking little fella, with a purple shell and what I can see of his body appears to be purple too. Not going to make any rash descisions about getting rid of him, but if he is actually a pest then he will need to go. Can anyone help with an ID?
  18. We scored a really odd size tank 4ft long x 3.5ft high x 1ft wide.. Have set it up outside in a sheltered area where it will get light but not too much direct sun..to grow some plants in. Would gold fish be a good idea? Or would they just eat the plants? I have other fish I could put in, I just haven't had goldys in a year or so and have the itch but am unsure as to weather it would work? I'm assuming it could only be comets? As there will be no chiller involved. Any help would be appreciated! Cheers Mat
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  20. Hi everyone, Just wondering if there is any types of pipes or hoses that are 'bad' for fish.... I understand that copper and steel pipe is bad, but what about these: Pressure pipe DWV pipe S/W pipe Poly MDPE HDPE PVC-O PVC-M ABS Does anyone have information on this? I was just going to make some DIY caves out of some Stormwater pipe I have laying around and I thought I better check. Cheers, Andrew.
  21. I'm am thinking of doing a full mirrored background on my 6 x 18 x 2 foot tank and it will be stocked with my Jags, GT, Toga and hopefully a Juvi Jack. Do you think the fish might get too damaged by seeing themselves in the reflection and trying to attack their reflected image or not. If anyone has tried this please let me know. Cheers, Shanoz
  22. Hey Guys, Got home after work this arvy to find 2 fish (1x Braziliensis, 1x Blue Acara) on the carpet infront of the tank something must have spooked them, but i spose that is what you get when u dont have lids on ur tanks. So i was pretty peeved off and was pretty much in a less than happy mood for a bit. So anyway, about 10 minutes later, i was doing a water change on my little 2 foot apisto tank and i accidently bumped the small pot i have in there. The pot rolled a little bit into the light and guess what i saw........ About 25/30 tiny little Apisto Cacatoide eggs stuck to the pot. Well i went from a bad mood to an instant happy mood. So stoked, they are my very first to lay eggs while ive been into fish. So happy as ive had very little luck with trying to multiply, and its the ones i least expected. I dont expect anything from this but, its a great start and makes you feel pretty good. Anyone else had a similar experience??? ,Luke
  23. Hi guys i put these two together this morning now theres a fair bit of movement in the tank. Firstly he was showing off to her, then she was smashing him then now hes fighting back. is this breeding? or fighting? The male is missing a couple of scales. Male is the smaller one
  24. Hi All, I live at the back of caboolture and dont have a water tank so tap water was the only option. The tank set up perfect and was clear for a few days. We have delt with the clorine and added a good bacteria. Have had fish in for nearly 2 weeks now but the water is starting to smell and has a very slight tinge of green. running a fuval internal filter as well as a 200l/h external. Any ideas on how to clear it up and remove the stink would be great?????????????
  25. I think that Eoi should bad remove from the trader thread it's stewpid we should just have FS , WTB , FT it's FOR SALE or it's NOT.
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