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Found 34 results

  1. Hey all, Another one for the penny pinchers :) I can't take total credit for this one. I got the idea off Felow-Member BigSteve when i was I was buying something off him a while back, and he was showing me his 6ft display, built in to the wall, Beautiful tank, with a massive sump behind it. One of the compartments was chockas with bottle caps, The ones from coke bottles. I thought it was absolute genious. I know there are far better forms of biomedia available out there. But if you live in a house like mine, countless bottles get thrown out. Which is a waist of good FREE bio media. So ive been collecting bottle caps for a while now, BigSteve did warm me and i quote "It takes f%^$in ages to save up enough" he wasn't lying, We go through heaps of bottled drinks at mine and the pile just doesnt seem to grow. But if you are resourcefull you might be able to strike up a deal with your local coffeeshop/cafe and ask them to save all their milk bottle caps for you. Which i have done :) Anyway, better get into it. You can just throw the bottle caps straight into you sump/filter (after a good clean of course, and you gotta pick out the little plastic seals inside the lids/) they will act just like bio balls. My only problem was the amount of waisted space the shape of the caps created. I boiled this lot to clean them, although it changed the colour of my pot which was a bit worrying, im gonna bleach the next lot. So I wanted to compress the same ammount of palstic/surface area into a smaller area. Which in Turn boosts the surface area/volume ratio. So I threw them in the blender. I will suggest using an old blender as this made a hell of a racket and im pretty sure damaged the blender. (it was rooted from a previous cocktail party, margaritas... sigh.) Also, it wouldnt handle a huge ammount in there at once, I ended up doing lots of smaller lots, and then picking out the biggest pieces at the end and giving them one last blast. This is what I was left with, I gave the pieces another boil, just in case the blender hadn't been washed properly. Then into a media bag. I put it back in the same bowl to show the size difference. It shrunk to less than half its original size. By chopping the plastic up it increased the Surface area/Volume ratio in two ways. First by eliminating all the wasted space the caps created and fitting more into less space. But aslo, by chopping the plastic into smaller pieces it has created more surfaces on the same ammount of plastic. Again, I know you can go and buy some matrix, or even just some bioballs. But heres something to think about when you throw your next bottle away. Just think of all that empty space in your sump/filter... Have a good one guys.
  2. Hey All, I built my first sump I used a 2'x1'x15" tank. It has a 1'x1'x1' bioball section with Filter wool on top n in the 2nd section I plan on using Seacem Matrix. The questions I have are: - What type of bio ball/cube (brand name if applicable)? - Would Balls or Cubes be better? Any advice would b appreciated Thanks Tim
  3. G'day everyone I have been told that bio balls arethe way to go but there seems to be a lot of people using gutter guard. Do they both REALLY do the same thing? I took some of both to work and had a look under a microscope. The bio balls were much smoother than the gutter guard. And just for fun I put the gutter guard through the sand blaster and now it is VERY rough. If it is rough it should be better for the bacteria to grow on...I think. Is that right? And I have been looking at these two products.http://www.aquariumproducts.com.au/cata ... 99&catID=9 http://www.aquariumsrus.com.au/filtersp.htm Can anyone please give me there advice on these or other products. And would it just be easier/more effective to put 20L of matrix in there instead? I know I am all over the place :upsidedown: But I would really appreciate any advice on this. Cheers Jono
  4. ok so im new to the fish game as most of u already know. im setting up my sump and have seen that people are running bio balls or guttergaurd. i have been told on more than 1 occasion that these are usless unless they are a wet/dry set up. if constantly submerged they are useless... your thoughts please.
  5. Ok I've been looking at running a sump on my next display tank and have read heaps of info but I have seen conflicting info on the correct way to use them. I have seen some sumps with bio balls submerged and others with the water trickleing through them. Can anyone shed some light? Also if you have any sugestions on the media and arrangment in the sump. So much info to absorb.....No wonder my brain hurts Rob
  6. Simply put, what is your opinion? bioballs? hagan biomax? seachem matrix? eheim ehfisubstrat? or something else you find works a treat?
  7. What Bio Media do you use for External Canister Filters? I've been told ceramic is the best suited, as plastic Bio Balls are more suited to Wet Dry Sump or trickle filters. Or is the simple sponge the best option? If you use other media, please add comments as to what you use and why. (Sorry, for some reason the poll I created wouldn't accept a 4th option for "Other media" ) Or simply add a comment anyway, would love to hear how people set their filters up. cheers, Brad
  8. This filter has cause me greive since day one, if you tilt it ever so lightly ragardless if it has power on or off, water ours out the sides. its the only filter I have that only has two clips, my eheim and aqua sun can be laid on their side with out a leak. have gone trough the usual bull with the seller, but tonight got advice from chatting room to check the seal, it was some what loose, so applied some silactic to its cgrrove and around the seal its self, then applied grease, I was told to use silcone grease, but the only grease I have hear is high quaklity grease from when I had a boat, so covered the seal with that, put back together, and the leak is no where near as bad, may have to look at getting a bulkyer seal for it! Any other suggestions or experience with hailea filter would be appreicated, as the seller said unless the filter was perfectly flat it was normal to leak if tilted Regards Marc
  9. HI,all i brought a bio air opperated sponge filter today for my fry,when ready in 6 days time. should i put it in my 4ft to build up the bacteria. any help appreciated cheer jason
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