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Found 225 results

  1. My Tank: When they were bubs (3-4 months ago..?): Bit older: Now (the keeper):
  2. Last nightat 8PM i purchased 4 blue rams from SSDISCUS. I came home from work today at 5:30 to discover this. ( if you look closely you can see the egg shoot protruding from her body). On one of the leaves there are tiny dark red/brown eggs. Its a testiment to the health and quality of shauns stock IMO. Great guy. Anywho, this amazed me. I dont expect the eggs to last, as there are loaches in the tank. But still pretty cool! Thought id share. PS sorry for the Iphone pictures, its all i have right now PPS i included a photo of his amazing discus as well. Just because i can
  3. I have been toying with the thought of adding a blue marron cray fish to my tank. I know it can survive with my water perameters but not sure about their level of aggression. Is there anyone out there with actual experience who can gi e some advice please
  4. Hi, I need help sexing my blue acaras. I have 2 Blue Acaras both look different. One is Darker and has Deeper Markings on its face, it also IMO has slightly shorter fins then the lighter one. Does this mean they could be M and F? Here are some pics Darker one/ shorter fins lighter one/longer fins
  5. My New blue diamond pair i received today photo's don't show true beauty
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  7. Started feeding white crane the blue stuff to some snails 2 weeks ago and now they are as blue as a lucustris.... In my sig. Going to pump red into some and see if they go red. Pics yep i took pics will upload as soon as the kids finish on the laptop.
  8. hey all, i bought a breeding pair a little over a week ago. After watching them dance for a few days i discovered they have laid eggs on the side of a leaf of a palm tree ornament! This is the first time i have ever bred any fish i was just wondering if anyone has experiance with blue acaras and had any tips to ensure the survival of the fry? Should the parents be seperated away from the fry after a certain amount of time? Any help appreciated :)
  9. First , Hello All I have browsed a few forums and subscribed to a few but never posted until now. I have a 3ft planted tank with 5x Gourami, 1x Angel, 2x Ottos, 1xCAE, 2xSEA 1x Blue Ram. I'm running an Ehim 2135 Ehim heater and diy co2. All seems to be doing fine. However this post is not about my 3ft its my 600x330x330 home made tank, I running an internal powerhead with a FoamFilter attached and heater. I read about these little stunners called Blue Rams, I went a looking and seen Ble and gold and neon Rams. the Blue Rams took my eye. So i decided ( after a lot of reading ) to try keeping/Breeding them. In My 2ft tank i had 4xColumbian Tetra and a few barbs in so I relocated them and scaped it a little with a few hiding places and tester the water { 6.7PH - 34C - GH 80 mg/l - KH 30 mg/l } . Im new to testing and reading test results but all seems close to what I need. I read a lot of Different views about water changes. Normally i do 30% weekly and seems to be keeping other tanks nice, Rams like good water quality so more water changes ? I popped out and purchaced 2x Blue Rams Im pretty sure that one is female but the other will not show me his fin properly so I cant be 100% sure, time will tell. I uploaded a few picks, Please tell me what you think. Female > http://img191.imageshack.us/i/ramfemale.jpg/ Full tank shot > http://img11.imageshack.us/i/img0313ck.jpg/ Tank on stand > http://img651.imageshack.us/i/tankonstand.jpg/ I will update my first thread when there is more to see or hear, when the rams settle I will get some better shots. If anyone thinks i could be doing something better, or just from experience a different way then please feel free to comment > As i said i new to Rams, if they wont breed it will not be the end of the world but it would be nice .. thankyou in advance for comments and advice
  10. hey every on i was just wondering if ther is a easy way to start a colony of aficans as i am trying to start two colonys of different fish and i am looking for a 5ft fish tank with stand light and hood near the ipswich region Thanks heaps
  11. Hey I bought 6 blue saph angels at the auction last night and over today I have lost two of them, did a 50% water change before putting them in, and acclimated them over 45 minutes, ph, nitrites, nitrates all stable. Lost two angels but the two discus I got are fine as are the cardinals, whips and pepps? They are a little cramped right now but I'm supercharging a tank cycle right now in another tank I set up last night with sponges, an internal from another tank and the half a tank of water i took out of the ones I put them into. Double dosed the fresh water with prime last night and I also dosed them with melafix around lunch time today. Really don't want to lose any more of these beautiful fish. I've also thrown in my battery air pump to help oxygenate the water since they have been gasping at the surface Any and all help is appreciated, Cheers, Chester
  12. hey guys!!! ive just picked up a colony of blue dolphins, and i need to know if they will be ok with 6 bar fronnies? i want them all in the same tank, BUT if they arent compatible, then im not going to do it dolphins range from 6-15cms fronnies range from 5-10cms all replies appreciated!!! thanks heaps!!! simon
  13. how much are splits that produce blue fry worth
  14. Hi All, Wonder what the main use's for meth blue are and the reqd dosage for the application. Been tumbling eggs with moderate/good success, have known that adding meth blue will reduce egg fungus and have a higher held rate but i have just never used the stuff. Cheers Luke
  15. Hi I have a batch of kigoma eggs and am wondering where to buy some methylene blue or a just as effective alternative? Any help would be much appreciated.
  16. hi all how do you tell the difference between a male and female blue dolfin and a male and female red devil
  17. I have a three foot brackish tank with a bunch of Bumblebee gobies, a few Indian Glassfish and a bristlenose. I need to rehouse two Blue Rams. Would they be okay added to this tank?
  18. Was down LFS today and viewed 1 beautiful Electric Blue (White in colour like packed ice) The owner said it is a natural varient of electric blue and I have forgotten the exact name. Just wondered if anyone has seen these around? Pic is the closes I could find on the net.
  19. Hey anyone know where to get these or anyone breed them on the Gold Coast very interested .?.?
  20. i wanted something different and decided to give this ago. went basic for now will add more plants soon as they dont seem to be distroying them just moving around alot. I am also gunna add more guppies as they have survived 2 weeks now so i dont think they are gunna get eaten. here is some pics sorry bout the quality
  21. Can get hold of a colony of f1 blue dolphins. Are this a better buy to start with and are the fry worth anymore than normal ones in the pet shop?
  22. how can u tell the sex of the blue dolphins?
  23. HI, My 2 Blue Acaras are swimming at top of tank with there nose out of the water. Anyone know why? They did it once before but stopped after about an hour.
  24. Hey all, Today I walked into the fish room to see my blue ram pair with a cloud of fry around them, I then saw the mother picking them off one by one So I got the fry into thier own tank in about 3.5 seconds lol I put them in a tank with the same water and a sponge filter. They were all a bit shocked at first, sitting on the bottom but they are starting to liven up. Anyway these are by far the smallest fry I have ever tried to raise, I need some help with, well everything. I tried feeding frozen spirulina brine shrimp and crushed nls grow. They havent had a good go at it yet but I'm hoping they will. I'm just after any tips and advice on raising fry so small. Cheers
  25. Happy days I have my first batch of eggs from my ikolas. They are still in mummy's mouth at the moment. These are bmxicans old stock. Photos are on frontosa.com.au. Will post photos in next month or 2 when I have time. Fingers crossed I get a baby factory happening.
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