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Found 16 results

  1. Hi guys has anyone drilled a 100 mm hole in glass. I'm thinking of joining two sumps so would like to join with a big hole for lots of flow. Anyone done this ? Any info appreciated. Thanks. Mark
  2. Hi all, I have a 5 x 2 x 2 that I need drilled. I'm looking at trying a bean animal overflow, so that would mean three holes for overflow and one hole for the return. Would also need help with siliconing in an overflow as well. If anyone knows any one that could help with this that would be great! Cheers, Richard
  3. Hi guys, Looking for someone that can drill tanks. Need 4 tanks drilled. Let me know if you can help. Kind regards, Lloyd
  4. Does anyone know how much it costs to get a tank drilled for sump pipes and who does it thanks
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  6. jus wondering if theres anyone on the sunny coast that can drill few 37mm holes in 2 tanks on the sunny coast for me tomorrow sunday??? headin back north round lunch bit of a longshot but thought id ask cheers jeremy
  7. Hey Guys & Gals, Just wondering if anyone could help me here? I am currently building up my newly aquired 6'L x 18"W x 2'H tank and i'm about to purchase myself a Fluval FX5 to filter it. My Question is about the piping and mounting etc etc...... My tank was purchsed second hand and the Seller had aquired this from Aquariums R Us. Where the lids sit on the supports of the tank they come flush to all edges so there is "NO" corner holes to say run piping or air lines or even power cords from any of the corners (BOO HOO). So do you think it will be easier to have the tank Drilled or lids cut to run all of this, or even cut some of the support in the corners, as i would like my pipe work to be as close to the edges of the tank as possible and not over hang in there by an inch or two as the lid supports cause this problem....... I'll post somepics tonight when i can to help my jibber jabber above!! So if you have any tips, ideas or solutions, your help will be greatly appreciated!!!! Thanks, Shanoz
  8. Finally decided to sump my remaining tiered setup so I'll be needing a diamond drill bit and some plumbing gear in the next few weeks. I have done a search re drilling etc and couldn't find the exact info I needed. Here are my main queries, I would appreciate answers to any or all of them: 1. What size bulkhead would be recommended for a nine 2x15x15 tank setup (3 tier) in 6mm glass? 2. What size hole needs to be drilled for the above sized bulkhead (what size drill bit should I buy)? 3. What size sump pump would be adequate for the above setup (to house BN) which would be around 2 meters high? 4. Does anyone know a good plumbing supplier close to Geebung/Virginia that could supply bulkheads, strainers, connectors and pipework (all in PVC)? Once again, all help and thoughts welcomed. Will probably add more questions as they arise.
  9. Is anyone able to or know someone who can drill some holes in some tanks for me? I need I think it is 7 holes drilled in some 2ft and 1 1/2 ft tanks. I tried myself in some scrap lids and broke all of them so not really keen on smashing my tanks. Otherwise if anyone has some cheap 2ft tanks that are drilled in an end I would be interested. Happy to pay cash/ beer to someone willing to do it, Have tried PMing a few people on here in my area that came up when I searched this but their inboxes are full. Thanks Pete.
  10. I'm setting up a multitank rack (2 levels) with 8-10 tanks. looking to plumb for central filtration but a little uncertain if I will drill at the top (i.e. front or back) or on the bottom for the plumbing.. in brief - hole in the bottom means that the plumbing passes under the tank - so no hoses at teh front or back.. but hole at the top of the front or back means if there are any leaks you'd only loose a bit of water at the expense of having the plumbiong stick out.. at the moment i am leaning toward the bottom towards the rear.. your thoughts and experienced welcomed..
  11. Hi folks, As per Subject line, I am trying to find somebody on the Sunny Coast who can drill my tank. I will be after four holes for bulkhead installation in the back panel of my 8x2x2. Obviously I am not interested in carting the tank somewhere, so I need a mobile service. Any suggestions? I am a bit scared of sourcing the diamond crusted hole saws and doing it myself. I'd rather see a pro do the job. If you know anyone with proven track record of successful drillings (i would just die if they broke the tank) I would appreciate hearing about it. Cheers,
  12. hey there anyone tried those.. ebay glass hole drill bits, which are about 15bux including delivery. cos i need to drill 4 x 25mm hole in my tank for a sump (6x2 ft tank) i have been warned not to use these cheapie bits..... any suggestions or experience would be great thanks guys
  13. hi all, i am looking for someone who can drill 3x2ft tanks for me preferably southside.please dont say aquriums r us, their price has gone up to $15 per hole which is more than i paid for the tanks. i dont expect it to be free but i think $90 for 6 holes is a bit rich. thanks, mick
  14. As stated looking for 3 holes to be drilled in my tank if possible. Will pay cash. Dave
  15. Hey guys, i got a tank that needs just a single hole drilled as it came already drilled but with only one hole so i'd like to drill another, the other end. So i don't see a point in getting a bit myself when they cost 25 odd bucks upwards. I need a 32mm bit for a 25mm bulkhead. I'm happy to pick it up and give the guy 5 or ten bucks for the service. Or if someone local could come out i'd pay for the fuel and the 5 or ten bucks for the service. Cheers, Rusty P.S. Its Rusty because the auto log on is screwing up and won't let lily log out. So i'm out labrador, GC. Thanks again
  16. hey guys just wondering if anyone around the chermside area drills holes for cash? would be the size to fit 25mm fittings and around 8 i think.. anyways pm a price if u can or know of someone.. thanks.
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