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Found 52 results

  1. Hey My name is Nathan and I have a 4ft marine tank with a breeding pair of ocellaris, they have only recently started breeding with 2 failed attempts at having any hatch. This it the 3rd batch of eggs and the female seems to have the eggs coming out of her "vent" but seem to be stuck as they have been hanging there for a couple of days, and has stretched her vent to approx 3-4mm in size. I was wondering is there anything I can do to help her like maybe try to gently baggage them out or cotton bud then gently to try and remove them? She was my very first fish from 4yeara ago and I really dont want to loose her!! Can anyone please help?!
  2. Hey guys, I'm after some of that Sturdy stiff egg crate/difuser the stuff that doesn't flex... Does anyone know where to get some of that from? Josh
  3. was just wondering on the best way to make an egg tumbler???
  4. Hi all I'm new to fish keeping and breeding and was wondering which is the best and safest way to remove the bn eggs from the clay logs.
  5. Hey guys, So i found a clutch of eggs in the middle of my tank, so not sure what happened there but either way... So i put them in an egg tumbler that i got off jgarner But despite people claiming the egg tumblers have a 100% survival rate, when i got up this morning alot of the eggs had white fungus on them. So my question is.. what more can i do to ensure survival?? I dont really wanna loose a whole clutch of peppermints. Cheers Alex
  6. Morning everyone. I obtained 10 beautifull JD's off Henk last weekend, apparently they should be splits. Anyways I noticed a female heavily guarding a rock structre for the last couple of days but her boyfriend doesnt seem super interested in her, so after some good advice from Dan (neyund2) I added some mangrove roots to add naturall barriers. Came down this morning and she has laid eggs all over the rock top, I'm just wondering if these eggs are good or not? as they arn't yellow like a bristlenose's but more kinda clearish, they aren't mouldy or white yet, but I'm wondering if they have been fertilised?? Also if I were to move the eggs(on rock) with the pair or just female to another tank to hatch and raise the fry would this upset the pair or female that she wouldnt care for the eggs/fry? Thanks guys, sorry again for the novel. This is my first attempt breeding Americans (well really any fish other than catfish) So any help is greatly appriciated.
  7. Hi everyone im new to haveing african fish,i bought some ocellated krib,but am wondering if they are live bearers or egg layers,as several ones i have are due.I think they are,they are very very pig and look as though there would be a fair few littlies in there,it would be bloat would it. Would i have to seperate the others and the female from the fry?any help would be appreciated thanks michelle
  8. I think my Kribensis is egg bound? Does anyone know how I can help her? I have heard a couple of stories about using tweezers to help release the eggs but I not sure if that is the right thing to do? If anyone could help me out I would really apprecaite it.
  9. i keep a couple differnt species of comps and calvus and need to find more breeding sites. i was wondering if i could take all the egg out of the shell ad clean it and use it for various species of comps and calvus. would the chicken egg shell perlute the water or anything like that or disolve over time?
  10. Hi all Did anyone know how to sex albino pindani becuase I think, I have 1 female but not sure as he/she still have 1 egg spot on the anal fin where as the male have 3 egg spots. Cheers!!!
  11. does anyone know where i can get plastic egg crate from around brisbane for reasonable price. aquriums r us have it for $40 a panel but that seems a bit exy to me
  12. I have just found one of my pair of bristlenose have bred and layed eggs. They have been there for approx 12hrs, what is a normal time-frame that it takes to hatch.
  13. ok so im new to breeding and have a few maingano and salousi fry and eggs in seperate sives over airstones at the moment but im looking at making a few egg tumblers i know that jgarner has some very very nice ones and i would love to get some but to be honest iam on a very tight budget and with not much money to spend im looking at building some make shift ones if anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated as i have looked on youtube and i dont really trust the ideas they use thanks jon
  14. Just bought a tumbler from jgarner447, great design, anyway, i am just wondering how many eggs I can put in here. I have 20 lombardoi eggs with tails in there at the moment and have just discovered that my blue zeb is holding too. Looks like about 20 or so eggs as well. Would these be right in the same tumbler as the first lot are only just starting to change into fish. Also how much water movement should there be in the tumbler? shold they be constantly tumbling or just moving every so often. Thanks.
  15. Where can I get an egg tumbler and how easy are they to use? i have BN and cichlids, are their any fish that you can't or shouldn't use these for?
  16. where can i get some egg crate in a black shade? any help, much appreciated :happy:
  17. hey guys, where can i find some plastic egg crate, need some asap cheers
  18. Hey guys, Just wondering if an African Butterfly Fish would be able to co-exist with my fully grown cardinals, and black neons? Ive heard they wont pester anything that hovers below the surface, however I remain skeptical. Any thoughts? Also, I was recently told about Egg Crates. I feel silly asking, but what are their purpose? I cant seem to find any information on them anywhere. Ive heard they can distribute light across aquariums, act as stands for rockery or be used as grids to stop jumping fish. Is this right? Thanks in advance. Chris
  19. this is the egg tumbler i got offa jason, nice little basic design, shit video but u can see wats happening, its got longfin eggs in it, and they were kicked out of cave so lots of shite on them,,,,, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJoCLSR_t0I but within a few bubbles the junkis coming offa them and they are coming along well i will get me better camera next time to get some updated vids, if ya wont some eggy tumblers, jgarner is the man thank u thank u very much
  20. Quick question of a egg tumbler. I have a mixture of larvae and eggs. I have set up an ice-cream container (in the tank of course), with a floating strainer holding the eggs etc, and have placed an air stone under it (the strainer). IS this suitable, and what sort of air movement is needed for best results. Cheers
  21. Hello all, after doing some searching in this forum i have found nothing on egg tumblers.... I have tried to create a few different styles and all have failed What does everyone else do? Does anyone have some designs? pics? ideas? anything would be great cheers Nick
  22. Hey all, Got bored a few weeks ago and headed to ebay as you do. Ended up buying an egg tumbler from america. got it yesterday and milked one of my holding girls today. at this stage seems to be working quite well. Anyone else bought one of these and used it? success rates? Trent
  23. Does anyone know where to find plastic egg crate (ie the stuff you see in office ceilings protecting the fluoro lighting?) in the Brisbane area ? I tried at Bunnings but they didn't have any. I'm trying to make some tank dividers so I can catch the fish easier if and when I have to transfer them to a breeding/rearing tank. Catching fish in a 6 footer is rather difficult/time consuming/frustrating, as I had to take out all of the rockwork from the tank yesterday to strip a female of eggs (which I think were unfertilised anyway, but that's another story!). If anyone can point me in the right direction for the egg crates (or could even give me a better idea for a temporary tank divider) it would be very much appreciated.... Doug
  24. Left my last lot of fry in with male a bit longer than normal and both of the females are due to sparn, but havn't yet, one is very large and the other is getting bigger. Is she egg bound or will she lay the eggs ? Is there anything i can do ? No other females are like this.
  25. Left my last lot of fry in with male a bit longer than normal and both of the females are due to sparn, but havn't yet, one is very large and the other is getting bigger. Is she egg bound or will she lay the eggs ? Is there anything i can do ? No other females are like this.
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