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Found 198 results

  1. so i had to catch some fish out of my tank tonight as i had sold them. i had to remove pretty much everything from the tank to catch them, had everything out of the tank for about20 mins. upon picking up on of the long fake logswith fake fern attached some orange eggs popped out from the mould of the log, if these were bn eggs well thats a 1st for me . i put them in the tank, lasted about 5 seconds, lol. well here's hoping for round 2!!!!
  2. I haven't personally seen my male do it. They are in a display tank and the log they breed in has it's opening pointing up at about a 20-25 degree angle, this was done buy peacock excavation not me lol, but I reckon thats why when they breed no eggs are kicked or fall out... But still begs the question why do they kick em out? Is it just accidental or ? Just curious is all.... stuck my waterproof camera in the tank and got his shot of em, kinda cute huh
  3. hey guys this is a first for me my two pigeon blood discus decide to breed in my community tank. is it possible to save the fry from getting eaten when hey hatch ( if they hatch ) is there anything i should be doing??
  4. hey guys this is a first for me my two pigeon blood discus decide to breed in my community tank. is it possible to save the fry from getting eaten when hey hatch ( if they hatch ) is there anything i should be doing??
  5. my daughter is stoked her riffle shrimp is carrying eggs at last dont know much about these guys other than theyre an aussie native who grow to a lot bigger than the cherry and crystal shrimp when young ive seen them with a blue tinge or a red tinge. Hopefully for those enthusiatis looking for something a bit bigger than a fly spec these guys will be available for planted tanks and aussie native tanks anyone with information on the raising of these guys id love to hear your experiences tks peter and victoria
  6. Is there a difference in colour between fertilized and non fertilized eggs? Im new to this whole breeding thing
  7. If I put the b/n eggs in a tumbler will they hatch ???
  8. I have a festae pair in an American Community Tank. They have laid and the female is currently protecting the eggs. She has a small safe zone and is doing pretty well to supervise her unhatched fry without going crazy. The male is not doing that much, but maybe that is just because he is looking for food everytime I come to the tank. The eggs are on a piece of wood which I can easily remove. I have a spare 4ft on on a sumped breeding system. So what should I do? Should I leave them all in the community tank and syphon off the fry when they are free swimming OR Should I take out the eggs and the female and put them in the spare 4ft? if I go with option B, should I move the male as well?
  9. just wondering if i should remove the parents as it is there first time and worried they will eat the eggs any sugestions?
  10. just need some info on what to do now?? any info will be appriciated
  11. I bought two convicts a few weeks ago, and threw them in a tank together...got home from work today and they have eggs! I'm not sure when they would have laid them, as I wasn't home this weekend, but I'm so excited - this will be my first batch of fry if they make it. I'd post photos, except they've laid inside a tiny pot that I originally got with a plant inside it. I only noticed they'd laid because the male looks like it's been snacking and has an egg stuck on the side of his face. Hopefully I'll have photos of fry to come...if not then maybe next time out!
  12. hi everyone, I have been away for a couple of week, got home found one of the Ikola with a mouth full of eggs haha This is my first time with frontosa egg omg i am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy what to do what to do ??????????????????????????????? i went over pet city asked some question and i have milk them tonight ............... and got 49 eggs not sure how many days they have been, maybe some of you guys can tell by the eggs please let me know what you guys think, or what i should do hope you like the pic
  13. hey me again... my male laid couple of days ago and just went to check it out and the eggs were out of his log pretty much scattered throughout the tank.... so i netted them (as many as i could see) and put them in one of those fry saver square nets... is that alright to do???? the water flow where it is placed is pretty good.. help help!! cheers
  14. hi yesterday i saw my female bristlenose being in cave with my male today i looked in and i saw yellow eggs in there do snyone can hwlp me what can i do?? do i leave them in the tank when will they born?? what do i feed them with?? and all information will be appreciated thank you
  15. my gold sevs laid a day or two ago and now all the eggs are gone? they laid on an ornamental shark i have in the tank and now all the eggs are gone? could the little sev(5-10cm) have eaten it or the oscar? did they eat it themself? whats the go? any help would be appreciated! cheers
  16. hey everyone i picked up a male common b/n 3 days ago and i put him in a spare tank with a female and within a day i have a log full of eggs i was wondering how long do they take to hatch:) and do i pull them out as soon as they hatch or wat do i do with the fry:)
  17. I have a male and female albino b/n nose in a community 3ft tank with guppys mollies and a 6cm pep b/n. My albino male has been faning hes cave on and off for the past month, he never stays fanning like my common male does, and today i saw the pep go in to the cave so i thought id check out whats inside the cave. I found some eggs but they look pale white instead of the yellow/orange colour. Are the eggs dead? How long intell the female will lay the eggs again? Thanks.
  18. So my new Kribensis pair decided to hop on the good foot and do the bad thing, and laid a nice little clump of eggs in my driftwood tunnel. It was all good and dandy until the snails hooked in... so no more eggs Snails are a unwanted pest so I'm happy to get rid of them, any suggestions on stopping this happening again? Remove/protect the eggs? Snail removal techniques? Thanks Felix
  19. Thought I would grab a pic of my L168 on eggs as I never have much luck with them and they will probably be gone in the morning.
  20. Hey guys, I caught my female going into the cave on Saturday night and came out to do water changes on Sunday morning and noticed that she did lay and the male is fanning away , Just wanted to see if I am right to still do a WC? I just don't want to spook the male while refilling and have him kick the eggs.
  21. A week ago tomorrow I bought myself a couple of Jack Dempseys, one on the Monday and the other on the Tuesday but about 10 minutes ago they laid hundreds of eggs on a log in my tank (it was my pair of oscars' home but they kicked them out). I wasn't sure of the genders of my two JD's and I'm still not sure if they are both female or if one is female and the other is male. They were both running themselves along the eggs over the over with little white things both hanging out near their tails. I was told fish don't have penises but simply spray sperm over the eggs but I can't see anything floating in the water around the eggs. They are both very protective and take turns at guarding. I would assume two females wouldn't share eggs so my question is, are my JD's both female or not and have the eggs been fertilized and will they hatch? PLEASE HELP!
  22. Just wondering where to get the best value for money brine shrimp eggs, If not on the sunny coast then they will have to be sent, otherwise if you got some let me know also.. Thanks guys
  23. I have a breeding pair of discus. they are always laying eggs in my community tank but they never seem to last past day 2 wether the other tank members eat them I dont know. So I moved them to my breeding tank and witin the next day they laid another batch of eggs. the eggs were going awesome. the parents were fanning them and everything. and by day 2 I could see little black dots in them. then when i got from from uni the day they were meant to hatch they had eaten most of them. then the following morning the rest of them were eaten. any reason for this? does any1 know? i have set my breedin tank up with a dark background that goes around 3 sides of the tanl. its a 2ft tank by 1 ft by 1 ft. Could the male have eaten th eggs? thx alyce
  24. hey all, i bought a breeding pair a little over a week ago. After watching them dance for a few days i discovered they have laid eggs on the side of a leaf of a palm tree ornament! This is the first time i have ever bred any fish i was just wondering if anyone has experiance with blue acaras and had any tips to ensure the survival of the fry? Should the parents be seperated away from the fry after a certain amount of time? Any help appreciated :)
  25. hay guys the devils finally layed eggs last night look like about 600 eggs
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