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Found 70 results

  1. Can you feed turtles left over bait? For eg. Squid prawns pilchards??
  2. What is the best thing to feed my jack he's about 30cm at the moment and I've just got him on massivore pellets but want to start mixing it up a bit and not sure what the best thing to give him is?
  3. Hey Guys, Not sure if this topic has been discussed before ? If so please point me at the correct direction... If it hasn't been done let's discuss ... I have Tropheus. I am feeding them Sera Flora Vege Pellets, ocean nutrition flakes at the moment.. However in the process of changing over to Sera Flora flakes in the next 2 weeks... why ? I have heard a lot of good reviews about Sera Flora Flakes, hence I want my boys and girls to have the best .... Thanks folks...
  4. .I bought a peacock which was displaying a blue head & yellow body,looked nice & thought it would be a nice male.for my tank,after a few months it's Brown & has a mouthful of eggs,do shops feed them something which brings out colours even in females?makes it difficult for the average person to be fooled into buying fish they never intended to purchase.
  5. .Just wondering what everyone else feeds to flagtails? they don't seem like a very fussy eater (seem to eat/graze on everything and anything) but also don't seem to consume nearly as much as other fish of the same size.
  6. Just wondering what people feed there new fry as I have always feed mine crushed up Ocean Nutrition Community Flakes and then when old enough crushed up New Life Spectrum Pellets but I am going to start hatching Brine Shrimp. Does or has anyone fed them mushed up egg yolk as I've seen a few videos on you tube lately where people feed them mushed up egg yolk anyone else got any other tricks
  7. Last R&R i was observing my frontosa looking rather bored in the tank, so knowing they are a predator thought that a bit of live food may give them a bit of fun to a rather mundane tank life. Did a bit of google research and found their diet usually consists of fish from the cyprichromis genus and the hunt at dusk and dawn. Armed with knowledge is skipped off to my Lfs prepared to get some cyprichromis. They are not cheap. Actually very nice looking fish too. Has anyone considered buying a bulk amount to form a school to make fronny food? I had to settle with some live shrimp which created pandemonium in the tank for a few hours. Next time ill release them at night to stop my mbuna going spastic and let the fronnies dolphins and calvus hunt...
  8. Hi Guys my son breeding pair has breed and he has now got some babies, any suggestions what he should feed then. he has also taken then away from the parents. Cheers Tracey
  9. Hey guys, I've lurking around this site for a couple of months and figure its time to say 'Hi!'. Hope to see a few of you around Cheers Slim
  10. Having no luck in the Dry Goods, so thought I'd try my luck here Aquaponics Feed the fish, Fish feed the Plants, Plants Feed YOU | Plants & Pots | Gumtree Australia Brisbane North West - Everton Hills | 1053102857
  11. There is a theory that any fish tank plan can be broken into 3 areas that you need to research for optimal success. 1 ~ Chemistry. 2 ~ Nutrition. 3 ~ Compatibility. Now most seasoned fish keepers can tell you about the nitrate cycle. And most could advise you on which tank mates, heater, tank or filter would be compatible for an electric yellow. But, Could they tell you how long it takes your fish to digest a feed of brine shrimp? Or how long you should with hold food before shipping, so they dont.... go in the bag. Heck how much do you feed a pond goldfish in a brisbane winter? Thought it would make a good thread. Try to only post about foods you like. Theres certainly enough to choose from. More of a, what do you reccomend. Not a what you hate thread. Bonus question, what would you feed this?
  12. I have had some gouramies hatch about 2 days ago and just wondering if microworms are suitable food for them? What age should I start feeding them? They have an egg sack they feed on for a few days don't they? I have them in a 2 ft bare bottom tank with a sponge filter, I haven't turned the filter back since I turned it off for male to build his bubble nest. Any help would be appreciated.
  13. I am just new to the fish world. I have just started my tank up. with four bristle nose and wondering what is the best thing to feed them. Once the tank has cycled properly i am looking at starting with african cichlids, any information would be greatly apreciated
  14. I recently bought a couple and am feeding them on blackworm at the moment but am interested to hear what other people are feeding.
  15. Just wondering what people feed their murray cod? Pellets? Live? Freeze dried? Flakes? And what brands Cheers RJ
  16. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  17. I just starting feeding my Americans peas every day. Before I go on Fish include.:- 3x Peacock Bass 1x Oscar 2xChocloate Cichlids. 1xRed Dragon Flowerhorn 2xFiremouths. It started the other day when I realised I was out of food(kept forgetting to top up). So I was feed George(Baby GG). His peas and thought I would throw a few half in my American tank. They all smashed them. So I squashed one and put it in my Flowerhorn tank....BANG! GONE. Then my Firemouths Tank same thing. Now I do it everyday. Mmmmmm Foodsticks and Peas a balanced diet...Right?
  18. Been growing up some l number not a breed size yet but just wanting to make sure I'm giving them good food and make sure there healthy for when there start to breed. So any tips would be Appreciated
  19. Anyone got any tips on how to force feed a goldfish? My big beautiful 'Ekka' is upside down with, I suspect, bloat. She's an odd shaped fish. She looks like she has an unborn twin sitting on her head. Being a bit top heavy, she often finds herself resting on her back and after a day is back to normal. But this time it's a little different. She hasn't eaten for over a week. She's been salt bathed and has nibbled on green peas, but always ends up spitting them out. She hasn't pooped. Not even the salt baths encouraged that. She's got fight in her! Very perky. Takes herself for swims, but then she somersaults and is back upside down. I thought if she was upright she might find it easier to eat. So I tried to make her a wheelchair (like the Youtube video) - failed. So... Any tips on how to force feed a goldfish? I'm not giving up on my baby just yet.
  20. Ok as my oscars are pretty much HUGE now, i really dont want to feed daily.Thing is i cant skip even one day as they turn CRAZY! If i dont feed them, next time i go to they literally nearly smash the lids with their heads and/or take out my finger hand. They know the packet and follow me regaurdless of where i try and put food in, its like ive starved them for a year!!! Is the behaviour due to them attempting to breed? Or are these fish just pyschotic??! I REALLY want to fast them as least one day a week, but im seriously concerned about them smashing my lids. No way id attemp to gravel vac without feeding prior. So much for puppy like fish!!! Ideas
  21. Me and my Mrs are heading to Manar park for some moto riding over the christmas holidays for 4 days.. i have African Cichlids and was just wondering whats the best way to feed them while i'm away.. i dont really trust getting some 1 over to feed them so what other options is there?
  22. I have a gold spot l001 I think. Currently I feed him sinking pellets and fresh cucumber daily, but what else do you feed them? Like carrot and brocolli, do you cook it first or what? So what do you feed your L numbers daily?
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