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Found 3 results

  1. Just rebuilding after my marriage has ended and getting my kids sorted with custody issues and property issues. Had to move out of my property and now reside in an old queenslander owned by a family member. Small but it keeps a roof over our heads. Have had my tanks running for a few years now but they took a huge back step when all this was going on over the last 12 months or so. I was keeping a few frontosa and assorted catfish in my tanks. (although i lost a few fish over the last few months) Have a 6 footer on top and below 2 x 3 footers plus i also have a seperate 4 footer as well. Also have a 6 ft stand that was from a display tank i had that cracked so i dumped the tank and am in the process of sorting out to get another one made for it + trying to organise some more tanks from a forum contact (close to home). Thanks to Scott (hareysfish) for the help with the restocking of some fish. Well hopefully i can organise all the new tanks into some area in this small house and get going again properly.
  2. hi all just purchased some leveling feet the inserts are rated to 300 kg per leg but the feet that screw into the inserts are rated to 2000 kg per leg.my 8 ft tank and stand (6 legs) probably probably weighs 1800 kg all up does anybody that has done this before think its pushing the limits too much thanks shane r
  3. Does anyone know where I can get leveling feet from for my stands or an idea that might work besides leveling feet. I was thinking of buying a nut just bigger than the rhs measurement and welding this to the bottom then a bolt to fit in but not quite sure if this will work.
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