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Found 188 results

  1. Does anyone feed there americans colour enhancing food? If so what types? Ive got festae and dovii..
  2. How do you determine if you are using a good fish food? Admin Note: The purpose of this is not to discuss specific brands in either a positive or negative light. Please keep brands or allusions to brands out of this thread.
  3. my severum r now free swimming what food do u give your fry eg Rotifers for about a week and then Baby Brine Shrimp or some think like that
  4. Hi. I am wondering if anyone is familiar with Boss Aquaria's Boss Booster shrimp food? I have only recently come across it and am curious on something. The packaging doesn't list the full ingredients, mentioning only Beta-G, colostrum and yeast. There is a very noticible garlicish flavor burst additionly. What has me particularly curious is the feeding directions. Rather than a typical, as much as is consumed in several minutes type instruction, the directions read: 1 spoon per 100L, 1-2 times a week. The spoon is included. These directions to me read more like dosing directions than feeding directions. Given the strong aroma of garlic and more, could there be toxicity exceeding stated levels? The actual spoon is microscopicly small leader me to wonder on overdosing smaller shrimp tanks.
  5. Any one heard of this fish food ?
  6. ...We now have available our new Shrimp Block and Shrimp food. We put Graham to task in developing a couple of new product for us. Firstly a Shrimp Block - we wanted a block that lasted (approx 3 months), that helped with water properties, containing Montmorillonite, helped with colour, had a food source as well as a carbon source and this is what he was able to come up with for us... Ornamental Shrimp Mineral Block - and it is just $19.95 less your discount. Here is the link for it ----> Ornamental Shrimp Mineral Block Cointains Montmorillonite The innovative block adds essential minerals required to maintain the healthy existence of ornamental freshwater shrimp. It does this by automatically dissolving based on the existing water hardness The Block will increase permanent hardness while not effecting carbonate hardness, it does however contain a liquid form of Carbon that is essentialfor all life incliding good bacteria. The liquid carbon also doubles as a very effective plant fertiliser and Ammonia Converter. Although it is recognised by the manufacturer that shrimp are normally kept in RO or Rain Water the inclined carbon acts on lime in town water to convert it into Calcium Carbonate check can then be consumed by the aquarium environment, making it possible to maintain good crustacean health The block also incorporates Astaxanthin impregnated food to encourage shrimp to consume the Montmorillonite in the Block. Shrimp often come into contact in the wild with more soluble form of this kind of clay. This process is designed to simulate this action. Included food is stabilised by the Liquid Carbon and the segment can be used as a weekend or weekly holiday feeder. Block Contains: Calcium Montmorillonite, Calcium Sulphate, C5H8O2 as Liquid Carbon, Magnesium Sulphate, Potassium Sulphate, Iron Sulphate Chelated, Magnesium Sulphate, Astaxanthin. Dose: One Block per 50l Water First Block will last approx 1 Week Once the water levels content are levelled after the first block additional blocks will last approx 2-3 weeks *************************************************************************************************** The next one is Shrimp food that also helped with colour - $16.50 Less your discount :- Ornamental Shrimp Colour Enhancing Pellet Food 35g Here is the link for it -----> Ornamental Shrimp Pellet Food 35g Manufactured from the highest quality fish meal and vegetable products. The Pellet is micronised and extruded to form the appropriate size and then cold coated in Astaxathin to replace natural colour enhancement missing from semi-artificial environments. The advanced technology used to manufacture this extruded pelletmakes it very stable and less likely to pollute the water. Feed only a few pellets for several shrimp at a time, ensure thre is no uneaten food after 5 minutes approx. Ingredients: Fish Meal, Squid Meal and refine oil, Shrimp Meal, Soyabean Meal, Lecithin, Cerials, Yeast, Vitamins and Minerals. Anayasis: Crude Protein 40% Crude Fat 6% Crude Ash 14% Moisture 8%
  7. .For sale as mentioned above as package - $40 for all. Brand new - unopened packages.
  8. Ok simple question.... wot the difference between aquamash african attack and cichlid bites. As they say they both food for cichlids. But....wait for it........they have different prices and have different ratios of ingredients. Now is it a taste thing maybe??? don't no if fish have taste bud, mine eat anything by the way. Or is there something that makes them look more sexy in the water. Or is one type for Americans and the other for africans. I have sent them this question and have no reply and have tried phoning, phone disconnected, but they selling on internet, Would i get my food if, no reply and phone disconnected, mmm don't no i ask myself. Ok ok maybe they don't want my biss, or was i asking a dum question,or or maybe they just playing games with me lol, teasing me along ya how some people do????? So can anyone help out there in the wild wild world of fish and feeding. And hay quiet happy to buy off the advertisers but have trouble with phone out in woop woop land building stuff for the ozzie economy or yer and the government coffers cheers from someone nearly bald from scatching his head lol
  9. Just wondering what everyone uses. I now have gudgeons (3 varieties), rainbows and glassfish. I'm currently feeding them blood worms which they love. The native pellets I have are too large even though they still pick at them. I will be trying maggots soon hopefully. attempting to collect them using the method described in the book by Leggett and Merrick.
  10. Hey just wondering how many people use mosquito larvae as a food source for there fish. I just went and checked some dw I had soaking and found a lot so I scooped them out and fed them to some fry and apistos and they smashed them.
  11. new to breeding catties just wondering about the best first feed for peps? have a nice batch that are now swimming around, still with a big egg sack. should i feed em wafers or whats the go. cheers mick
  12. Hey guys, I've got myself 2 Dovii, the male is 14-16cm, the female is 23-25cm. I'm trying to work out what to feed them as a staple? the tank is filled with feeders, which are multispinosus and nigrofasciata fry lol. I'm thinking maybe Grand Sumo or Hikari massivore? This is my first real venture into Bigger Americans and these guys are awesome. any help will be very much appreciated. Regards, Nathan
  13. i know about white crane and have read threads on the 4s and against it so any thing else thats out there its for cichlids mainly yellows and dragon bloods thanx
  14. We are now stocking the Fish Fuel Co frozen foods. Ingredients: 110 Grams net – 35 Cubes Contains: Premium quality New Zealand green lip mussels, trimmed hearts, prawns, fish, krill pacifica, blood worms, spinach, peas, banana, spirulina algae, garlic, wheat germ, dietary fibre and Astaxanthin (a natural colour enhancer). Fortified with leading animal nutrition company Wombaroo’s customised multi-vitamins and minerals formula including essential fatty acids omega 3, 6, & 9.
  15. I've recently picked up a bunch of Peacock Bass which are roughly at the 5 cm mark. I've been feeding them bloodworm and some small cichlid pellets which I had sitting around although they won't eat the pellet. I did a little research into which pellet would suit them better but I still wouldn't mind some advice from some people who keep them. Cheers
  16. Just wondering what everyone's favourite oscar food would be? How much and how often? My oscar gets fed daily with hikari cichlid gold but I'm finding he is a bit skinny compared to a lot of other oscars I have seen. There is never any left overs at meal times and is generally happy to play.
  17. I'm wondering what is your choice preference between the following food. HBH HIKARI. NEW ERA NLS H20 Stable wafers If you have other suggestions please feel free to suggest it. I'm more asking about food to feed BN etc so I'm pretty much asking for algae discs.
  18. Just wondering who uses what for things like Pbass, saratogas and big Americans? My fish love hikari but looking at what else is around and and in what sizes, maybe 2 to 10kg Sent from my who cares using Tapatalk
  19. Hello fish hobbyist, I bought a food grade container (200L) and it had olives in it but there's still oil in the container. I was just wondering what is the best way to get rid of the oil? THANK YOU Andyp
  20. Hey guys, Just after a good food for red zebs to help them colour up. Something healthy if possible as that is a priority above anything else. I'm currently using sera flora mix and I'm vigilant with my water quality. Also feel free to share what you feed your mbuna too. Cheers
  21. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  22. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  23. Hey all, I recently bought a 3kg tub of Aquamunch fish food and I've only opened it once or twice which was to transfer a smaller amount into a small container, which is what I use daily to feed my fish. However the other day I opened it and found this I'm guessing it's some kind of mould, but i've barely had it opened so its just weird. Has this happened to anyone else? Thanks Mary-Anne
  24. im sure this has been raised before... but im just curious as to what food/s give the best results
  25. The complete range of Ocean Nutrition Frozen Fish Food is now available online to purchase. We are able to ship this food to most metro areas around Australia for only $7.50. We are offering full cartons of 36 & 42 packets depending on the variety. You can also order a mixed carton of 36 packets as long as they are ordered in lots of six. Pricing starts at only $99.00 for a full carton of 42 packets of Nutris Frozen Bloodworm. Link - Age of Aquariums - Frozen Fish Food Ben
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