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Found 188 results

  1. hey guy, any1 one know where to get cheap Hikari food stick pplz let me know thx u.
  2. got a front about 2 weeks a go has not eaten alot from the get go is gettin thin i have tryed lots of foods just takes it n spits it out water and tank is clean ph is 7.8 any ideas
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  5. Aquasonic Fry Starter Food 1L Australian Made! Aquasonic, A Trusted Name In Australian Aquacultur FRY STARTER is excellent as a first food for newly hatched fry. Fry Starter stays in suspension longer than it's competitors, allowing more time for newly hatched fry to find food. Fry Starter contains a variety of sizes of micro pulverized food particles suitable for both egglayers and livebearers. Fry Starter has more ingredients, offering a larger selection of food types to satisy fussy eaters. Feed newly hatched fry at least 3 times daily. 3 or 4 drops may be sufficent dependent on aquarium size and fry numbers. Well that's what the product description is does any one use this stuff if so how does it rate ?? Regards Trevor Ps. Found this on eBay seller name is macs aquariums
  6. Hi All, Here is a list of Frozen fish food available in store, CAS Bloodworm 100gm $3.00 CAS Bloodworm 100gm 10pk $20.00 CAS Bloodworm 100gm 20pk $35.00 CAS Bloodworm 100gm 200pk $300.00 Intrafeed Brine Shrimp, Mysis, Daphnia, Cyclops and Krill 100gm pks $4.00 or 10pk $35.00 PosAqua Cichlid, Total Turtle, Beefheart, Discus, Community, Vegi, Marine, Marine Green 100gm pks $4.00 or 10pk $35.00 PosAqua Baby Brine Shrimp 100gm $6.00 or 10pk $50.00 Ben
  7. I was unsure on the best place to post this thread but here we go. Just curious to find out what live food people are feeding there fish? I want to set up a culture off some-sort. When i lived on a fish farm, say 8 years ago we caught daphnia by the KG's for our fish. However since moving into town and away from the farm im now pretty limited on space and have different fish. I now have a young Demasoni colony (19) and have been reluctant to feed them anything other then what i know doesn't contain much protein. So the store food and mushed up pea's have been the main diet. Anyone Know a good alternative food for these fellows? Just like to give my fish a variety and am curious what other people find works with other fish.
  8. Hi all, Just wanted to see where everyone gets there fish food from, for what fish, at what price and a discussion on quality. Personaly I like the idea of mixing the really good food with the cheap stuff to make it go further. Your thoughts? Josh.
  9. The Oscar I recently sold, hasn't eaten for over a week. Could this just be sulking as we all know Oscars do the best? Or can it be stress as well from the move. He was relocated a week ago and his being held (by himself) in a 3 foot tank. I told the new owner there are 3 factors 1 sulking, 2 stress and 3 the really small tank he's in. Temp is great, water is really clean, substrate is clean and the same as he had in the 6 footer. His old home has just been sumped tonight and will be filled in the next few days. Help please guys - I'm really worried about my old friend......LB passed away 1 day after he was relocated. I guess the move was just too much
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  11. hi people, I'm trying to get some food off ebay (commoning from the USA), will it get through customs? it iuff)s: Sera (various stuff) Hikari ciclid gold TetraVeggie algae wafers all this is on special so I contacted customs and they said they may take 10 days; the special ends tonight LOL. thanx anyone
  12. With the strong Aussie dollar ATM should the price of fish food be lower? I know this question applies to heaps of imports but this is a fish forum. Are the importers making more? Are the wholesalers making more? Are the retailers making more? Have some brands dropped in price? I know one leading brand has not come down in price. Maybe sponsors or lfs employees have some answers.
  13. I have been looking around for awhile, the best packaged foods around are Ocean nutrition and omega one. they both have really good ingredients not like others which first ingredient is wheat flour....... post your favourite food!
  14. Have bought NLS for years off Ebay, comes from USA and is 1/3 of the price with postage then what you can buy here. For the first time Quaratine has seized and destroyed. So be warned, they maybe cracking down or I have been lucky for a long time.
  15. hi does anybody know where you can get the food container that blood worms come in there is about 28 blocks in a packet thanks
  16. i just want to know what people think of using white crane food for africans? i have just purchased some a week ago and the colour of the fish has amazing after just one week!
  17. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  18. Does any one here make there own Cichlid food. Couple of recipes here Cichlid Food Recipes that look straight forward enough and by the looks of the quantity would keep the freezer full for a while. Been happy with a vege mix with garlic that I have picked up from Smiths (I think it is there own concoction) in the past and was thinking of making my own. Grant
  19. Hi, I have a Green Terror, he is about 25cm, and lives in a 3ft tank by himself, he is almost 4yrs old. Ive had him since he was a baby and is very fussy or spoit. He has stopped eating Hikari food sticks about 3weeks ago and I can only get him to eat slow moving gudgeons. I have tried Hikari Food sticks, Cichlid staple, Cichid Gold, Cichid Bio-gold+, shrimp pellets, blood worm and beef heart. None of them he is interested in... Was wondering if anyone has any ideas what else to try or what his problem is? He is still very active and has still got bright colours with a great personality. Thanks Angel in Disguise
  20. Hey everyone as the title says wat is a food source of live food for fronnies I was thinkin cherry shrimp but would like to here from other people they will only be,fed 2 times aweek on live cheers shaun
  21. hey all i was just thinking what food is on the market.. and what everyone thinks is the there pick of the food out there.. cheers
  22. Started feeding white crane the blue stuff to some snails 2 weeks ago and now they are as blue as a lucustris.... In my sig. Going to pump red into some and see if they go red. Pics yep i took pics will upload as soon as the kids finish on the laptop.
  23. Anyone on northside have some spare hikari food stick i can buy or borrow off them? Redlands have run out and LFS is last resort as it costs an arm and a leg....
  24. i've been reading up on foods for oscars, the can eat a wide variety of things, especially in the wild. the diet can consist of earthworms, insects and bugs. oscars have a high need for protein. well i was trying to catch a gecko from the kids room as the kids were freakin out. but in the process its tail fell off. well waste not want not as far as i m concerned, so i threw it in the oscar tank (the tail, not the gecko) while it was still twitching. needless to say BAM the biggest oscar made a quick meal of it. funnily enough as he swam past the tank, i swear he winked at me lol
  25. Where can i get live food near Kuraby area? Thanks Richie
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