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Found 188 results

  1. K i wanna breed something as feeders for my mangrove jack whats the best/easiest fish to breed as food? Guppies or neons or what? Thanks in advance Cevin
  2. We have a pair of Monto rays about 12 months old and there have gone off there food , usually eat green king prawns and carnivore pellets , gave them a different brand prawn and they didn’t like them so got more off the ones they have always had and now wont eat them we put in some feeder shrimp yesterday and they chased them around as usual but spat them out , water is good , get regular water change and clean any ideas
  3. Picked up a young (6cm) flowerhorn the other day. Quite cute and I'm very pleased, but I'd like to do my best to get a great looking fish out of him. Suggestions for the best food available for him, or a combination? Currently just feeding Hikari Bio Gold.
  4. Hey everyone, as the title states just wondering peoples brand preferences on frozen foods and where they go for the best deals? Wondering because I normally go to the rocklea store but they are currently out of action due to the floods. Also I usually use hikari blister packs but I have been told you can get decent specials on the orca flat packed foods.
  5. Yes I bought about 10 small gold fish about 6 months ago. The result is: Oscar ate 2, I lost 1 along with some other fish - still a mystery and the rest (7 gold fish remain) in the same tank as my Oscar and he has befriended them Picture
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  7. hey guys, just wondering whats the best foods to bring out the colours in my eartheaters? IMO i reckon the hikari range is better than nls, the colours are more vibrant and the pattern is more intense. cheers
  8. Hey guy's i feed my fish spectrum medium and large sinking pellets. The only shop i know of that sells it is at Browns Plains. Does anyone know where i can get it closer to the northside of Brisbane? Cheers.
  9. Just wondering what people feed their rays ??
  10. I was just wondering what peoples opinions were about what to feed frontosa
  11. Hi, I,m using live brine shrimp for the first time. What's the best thing to feed them to keep them alive for longer once they hatch? Would they eat liquid fry food? I hatched a batch but they all seemed to die after two days. Cheers, Kevin
  12. I found this saved on an old computer.... posted it up many years ago on another forum that has since shut down... thought some here might be interested. I don’t a have a specific recipe each time but it all follows along the same path. Peas, spinach, raw prawns, marinara mix, white fish fillets, spirulina, vitamin C powder, garlic & gelatine to hold it all together. I tried adding a couple of carrots this time to half of the mix to see how it goes. I’m pretty rough with the measurements but it was something like this: 1 kg of marinara mix 250 grams of pre-prepared “finely chopped” spinach 500 grams of raw prawns (usually unpeeled but not this time – none available) 500 grams of white fish fillet 3 or 4 teaspoons of spirulina powder 2 teaspoons of vitamin C powder 1 teaspoon of pre-ground garlic Plenty of gelatine – maybe 7 teaspoons worth The following is all added to a large mixing bowl. I mixed this up in 2 halves because I didn’t have a mixing bowl big enough. Added the prawns – these were pre-peeled raw prawns – I usually used regular raw prawns, heads and all Add the fish fillets – try to cut off the sinew as best you can. I mix it up with a hand held electric blender into a paste I add the following in the amounts listed above Continue mixing Now for the gelatine – I boil up some water, put a few teaspoons of gelatine in a cereal bowl and add the hot water – I give it a good mix before I poor it into the mixing bowl. Then mix it all together with my hands. I add gelatine a few times while continuing to mix The mix is now a lot wetter because of the water added with the gelatine – you’ve got to work relatively quickly here due to the gelatine starting to set. This is what it looks like I then put the mix into individual snap lock backs – you could use bigger or smaller bags It works out to be about 3 tablespoons of the goop per bag It’s then flattened out Not too thick because it has to be snapped off frozen This is roughly half the mix ready to go into the freezer. So this is how I make my food. There’s plenty of ways to do it and I’m sure other members here add more ingredients. Occasionally I do too but this is what’s in most of my DIY food. I really do recommend blending up some food for your fish. It’s inexpensive and the fish seem to love it. My frontosa do particularly well when fed on this stuff. Let me know if you need more explanation of the steps along the way. Cheers Matt
  13. Im just wondering what are people's thoughts of nls do you rate it, or not If not what do you like Thanks
  14. I'm after big buckets of high quality flakes, algae wafers and 5-10mm pellets. Which are the best LFS around Brisbane or online sellers? Cheers, Jordan
  15. I know cherry shrimp eat algae in my tank but what do feed them once they have cleaned all the tank?lol algae waffers? Or what? What's the best that won't turn the water bad.
  16. Hey guys and girls, What is the best food for Rasbora Hengelis. What will enhance their true colour as much as possible, and best quality food for the guys. Thanks, Adam
  17. hey people, what brand would you recommend and why? cheers
  18. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  19. have a few fry (3cm) grow very very slow ...was just wondering wats the best thing to feed em..WILL NOT FEED BLOOD WORMS as iv heard alot of not so good stuff bout it ...atm they eating protein crumble and flake
  20. i am wanting to start making my own homemade fish food but i have no idea what to use. i am wanting to make food that i can feed to my calvus, comps and other tanganyikans. cheers timothy
  21. i want to get idea of what to put in the mix: 1kg prawns(peeled) 200grams of peas about 2 teaspoons of garlic some fish food(pellets, flake i don't know, need ideas) maybe some pilchids maybe some green veggies i know i need more to make it good for them. i have 2 large eeltails 30cm plus that eats heaps and are to expensive to feed them pellets 2 spangle one 18cm and the other about 8cm 2 barramundi 1 salmontail cattie 3 rendahls about 12cm plus
  22. What does everyone recommend as a good Colour enhancer fish food. Was thinking maybe the Aquaone stuff? This is for basic tropical fish such as Rainbow/Tetra's etc.
  23. Hi Guys Can any one give me tips on growing my Rainbow fish quicker to adult size please?? Thanks.
  24. Hi all, I was having a chat with a Sera Rep the other day about their "Holiday Food" and he explained that it's ALL food, unlike other products that are on the market containing all sorts of stuff from Plaster of Paris to heaven only knows what else. Now, being that Sera are fairly superior products across the board, I'm wondering if any members here used it? What are your thoughts on this product? What's the maximum period you believe it could be used for please? Cheers Di
  25. What is the best food to feed my chocolate chilchids? i already feed them blood worms and pellets but they dont seem to keen on the pellets. Cheers
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