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Found 12 results

  1. Hey everyone, Haven't posted in a long time. Here's the scenario: I had to help a friend with an "aquarium emergency" a coupl'a weeks back. The 120 gallon tank(less than 2 years old) had a minor leak but he was leaving on a trip that afternoon & needed help with a total tear down & evacuation of the problem tank. Most fish brought to LFS for $$. I've been meaning to buy an aquarium for my basement but I have never resealed an aquarium before. I am an average DIYer and for the simple economics of it all I'm thinking of taking his aquarium & doing a reseal. Would this be a wise move? I'm in no rush to set it up so I'm thinkin' of giving it a go but the tank worries me! The fact that it's such a young tank and for it to just start leaking out of the blue I'm a little worried it's not a silicone issue but maybe a glass issue?! (if that makes sense) Meaning.. maybe the glass is not cut correctly or doesn't line up right.
  2. Hi everyone. I have talked about my little baby red oscar "seven" before on here...but in short..she was the runt ..she is growing in slow motion..but is eating and pooping and swimming around happily..however. When I go to LFS the oscars there are at the glass trying to get your attention..seven does not do this. She does not really act like the other oscars I see in LFS..there is no real acknowledgement of me either. Despite the fact that I sit there everyday looking at her and trying to get some sort of interaction going....SO..I was contemplating buying another small oscar..but one that is behaving like oscars do..I thought maybe that would help seven "learn" how to be like a normal oscar..I have had her now for 3 months and she/he is still only not even 2 inches..probably closer to 1.5. She is in a 75G with a 3 inch severum and a 4 inch chocolate cichlid...(which I purchased the same time as seven)..I have a 800L I will be setting up for them during uni break. I was planning to move her to a tank on her own as when I had them in smaller tank chocolate was giving her a bit of a hard time..but thought I would just see what would happen if I moved them all together to bigger tank...now that they are in bigger tank all fish are getting on great.. SO..should I get her a "friend" or Should I just leave her be??
  3. Hey all, Just like to say I went and brought my first friend. He/she is a red tiger Oscar and talk about a stunning fish. He/she is in a 3 foot tank with plenty of room and hiding places. When I get a chance I'll put pics up. Question though. How long do I wait to feed the little fella? Thanks [emoji106][emoji5]️ Sent from my iPod touch using Tapatalk
  4. I've cared for African cichlids for 20+ years now and have religiously followed what's been recommended to me by my LFS and what made sense to me. My friend has also kept African cichlids for about as long but without adding anything to his water. Nothing. Zip. Zilch. Nadda. We have both been blessed without having to deal with any major problems to speak of over the past decades. So what's better.. adding what you've been told is required or suggested "for the better"? or.. adding nothing and dealing with issues as they arise? NOTE.. here's what I add whenever making a water change: aquarium salt (for gill function) water conditioner (helps with the fish' slimy coat) stress zyme (adds millions of beneficial bacteria) african cichlid trace minerals (helps with overall health and coloration) Not that I would stop the above mentioned program as it has worked well for me to this point and I wouldn't change what my fish have been accustomed to but am I getting ripped? My buddy's tank looks just as good as mine?!?! any tip, suggestion, story, advice or comment is welcome. thanks!
  5. Getting a friend her first tank today, has to be small under 25litres. Anyone know some good/cheapish tanks online? Im about to surf pet shops and know they charge alot more. Never even bought a tank this small for myself haha!
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  7. Just to share some quality wild discus at my friend (cedric)'s place. FTS Group shot Let me get his permission before I post the individual pieces
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  9. well he,s hairy lonly and soo cute but i forgote wat he is and he,s a bugga to catch :parp:
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  11. my dead friend well the last few days i have had i tough been working heaps so looking in my tank i could see fish never counted but and today i have gone to do my weekly water change when i cant find the first fish i ever bought a clown loach he was a bigger clown lloach got me into the hobby i couldnt find him any where usually he lays on his side in one of my bn logs but not in there i look behind my tank dry as a crisp there he was devo.... my lids are on aswell but since i got the aquis 2200 canister the piping that goes either side is larger so more room i guess he must of taken the dive....
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