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Found 155 results

  1. I was surprised today to find a 3-4cm frontosa in a tank today. About a month ago I sold about 20 baby fronties from this tank and was defiantly empty for last month. Today I turned the sump pump off to do a couple of things in the sump and then turned it back on and was later surprised to see the baby frontosa swimming in the tank. The only place it could have been was in a 13mm pipe which pumps water into the tank. It must have swam against the current and jammed itself in the 13mm pipe where the water gets pumped into the tank. When I turned the pump back on today it must have flushed it out of the pipe it was trapped in. It is in perfect health and has plenty of cherry shrimp to keep it company. Can't complain with a free fronty
  2. How cold do ppl let their fronnys get to?
  3. Looks like i have a mpimbwe holding at just 9-10cm.. i haven't had them start so young befor.. they have not been feed for 24 hrs so it not food.. thought i noticed two mouthfulls last week but didn't pay too much attention. there is 18 (8 to14cm) in an 8*2*2.5..... guess they are happy and horny..
  4. Hi guys. Just wondering if there's anyone who Keeps ikola frontosa? Or any other frontosas Been looking at getting into them I've ordered a 8x2x2 tank Just wanting for it to come ect. How big do they get? How long do they live ? Ect just info that I can't Really find on google and I'm sure there's People on here Who know a lot more. Cheers everyone.
  5. Hey Guy's awhile ago i brought a Nice display Frontosa the shop told me its was a F1 burundi. A few of my friends reckon its a burundi and other's reckon its Something different possibly a cross?? What do you think?? Cheers
  6. Ok I've got a 8fter with fronnies, I've just tested my bore water that I air rated over night and I've got a ph 8.6, gh 13 drops (235ppm) and kh 20 drops (360ppm) tested with API kit. I know very little about these fish but what I've read that's pretty close. Is there any thing else I should be testing before I use it? If I do use it I'd be storing it in a ibc with a pump running for a few days first to air rate it. Cheers
  7. Hi people I am letting my fronty hold full term in a separate tank from the colony. I caught a glimpse of a heap of eggs it released then picked them back up when I shone the torch on her. There would have been a good 30 big eggs it picked back up. Would she naturally swallow afew over the coming weeks as the eggs hatched and if so what is the average mouthfull of fully developed babies that a 15cm female would hold full term. Thanks in advance. Mark
  8. Ok so I have tried a couple times with no luck, just seeing if anyone would be able to pop over and have a look for me? Or if you give me your number or something I can send you some pics, don't have the net in here so can't upload any pics
  9. Hi Guys, Just wanting to see what everyones success rates are for raising from from full developed to 5cms. Do you loose many? I am getting lots of successful batches of fry now, and my new tumbling method im getting nearly 100% success rate from wrigglers to fully developed fry, however i seem to get them to about 2 - 2.5 cms then i loose one about every week or 2 and i have no idea why. Once they are fully developed i put them in a fry saver thats about 40cms long, 20cms high and 25cms wide. I feed twice a day with the NLS grow and do weekly 30% water changes. Any suggestions?
  10. Always wanted to try a Frontosa pond and have seen a bunch of guys on American and European Forums give it a go. Just wondering whether anyone on here has ever given it a go or put some thought into it. here's a couple links of guys who have tried it. My Frontosa Pond pond like this in your backyard with fronnies instead would be awesome Frontosa.com • View topic - Frontosa in pond
  11. some pics of my Burundi breeding colony which are just starting to pump out some fry. this is my Dominant Male Brutus who is a real stunner
  12. How many males/females do u need in a colony of frontosa? also how many could u put in a 4ft by 2ft by 2ft or what size tank is best for them.. any help would be great thanks
  13. Hi all I've got a colony of Burundi and mpimbwe fronies and was just wondering what others feed there's to condition them to breed any help or hints would be much appreciated.
  14. Just a few more pics of my frontosas. Kapampas Beta Kapampa
  15. Great blokes to deal with, got exactly what I asked, hastle free, smooth transactions Thanks!
  16. Who on here is really good at vent sexing frontosa? If you are and have some free time in the next month or 2 please let me know. I have 18 to be sexed ranging from 12cm to 25cm. I've tried and just a bit unsure and thinking of selling off an excess male or 2 but see what I have first. Cheers James
  17. Hi guys... Just after a bit of advice and or opinion on the best substrate and coral to use that also looks good in the tank for a colony of Burundi Frontosa. I am starting out from fresh with a 6ft *18*20 tank, sump filter. I wanna know if I can use sand that you get from Bunnings. As I said I'm just getting it up and running and want to do it right from the start I want something that looks good and also good for the fish. I know its not a hard topic but I am open to new ideas and I have never used any of the sands you get from Bunnings so if someone can take all the guess work out of it for me that would be great.... Thanks Guys...
  18. Well needing some info on frontosa's as my gf wants some. Just wanting to know How big they actually get? If they can be with any other fish, such as I have a few bristlenose in a tank which I will put the fronnys in to Grow out until I get a bigger tank? How big of a tank would be suitable for them once they get bigger for a colony? And what age they can start breeding? Any other info also would be great thanks Anthony
  19. how much would you pay for a colony of Kigoma Frontosa (2 males/6 females) and how do u keep a colony of these fish happy ? any special treatments req ?
  20. YaY..... finally got one of my Dimidiochromis compressiceps holding again and she is full as. you can see the eggs easy as tumbling in her mouth. I sectioned the tank off for her and am unsure if that is the best idea :/ Very similar to one of my kapampa frontosa holding a couple of weeks ago and did the same and sectioned her off. I do notice they seem to stress out a bit with the grate and some what swim up and down it. I really don't think either fish have or liked the grate but I don't want to take the grate away in case the other fish harass them. The eye biters are nut cases. Any ways.... any ideas on what you will do? let her swim free like my kapampa or strip her? What is the ideal stripping day on a eye biter? here is a crap pic of the Dimidiochromis compressiceps holding and a pic of my kapampa frontosa holding at present
  21. hey guys are the title states im just wondering what frontosa breeds are available and who breeds them??? cheers
  22. hey guys, I did my 10% wc last night in the kigoma's tank and today have noticed one of the females digging a huge hole in the sand making a big cave under the large rocks i have in the tank. she has been hanging around it a bit this afternoon and the male has also been showing a bit of attention going in and out of the cave every now and again. Im new to breeding fronnies and am just curious as to what are the usual signs of them wanting to, or about to breed? cheers and hopefully someone can inform me. steve.
  23. My New WC Kapampas. The male is approx 40cms and is a beast.
  24. What is the order in value of the different variants ? just wondering, burundi are the most common i believe so what order do the others come in to it . just interested ,bulldrag76 go the mighty DOGGIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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