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Found 155 results

  1. Just wondering how old or what size Frontosa's should be thinking about breeding at ?? They are 6 bar if that makes any difference. Cheers JP.
  2. Hey guys i have split up some of my frontosa and i have noticed them acting strange. 1 male 1 female. They are hiding heaps not eating alot and also moving my gravel around into mounds. Any help would be great. Cheers.
  3. hey guys here is the link to the pic http://www.kensafricancichlid.com/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=963 wish i have some of those hope you like it thanks peter
  4. Hi all i have a prob with a female front every time she has laid eggs she looses boyancy. This is about the 5-6 time and each time has swallowed the eggs after that she goes back to normal.Never seen this in any of my fish but her all ph,kh,gh,temp is in good order any ideas would help thanks Tangy
  5. Would love a possitive id of my boy , been told 4 different things by 5 different people .
  6. This is my Frontosa Tank i have 4 of these big beautys 1M 3F so hopefully they will breed for me at somesatge. The full tank shot is still the same minus the different fish you see only has 4 Frontosa's and couple of catfish.
  7. hi, My mates frontosa started doing barrel rolls and went nuts and died suddenly within 2 minutes, the same happened to his electric blue 2 weeks ago. His nitrate is a touch high at 30 ppm, everything else is fine. can you HELP him please. Cheers Aaron.
  8. ive searchd but im lost you no the one that says witch part of the lake each spicies origenates . it,s in hear somewear :notsure:
  9. hey guys i have a 6x2x2 sumped setup that i want to put geos in and make a geo display tank just wonderin if i can put frontosas in there as well or will they fight cheers pete
  10. Hi All, Just a general question on Frontosa Types in Australia. Are the following species of Blue Zaire Frontosa available in Australia? Frontosa Blue Zaire Mikula Frontosa Blue Zaire Chumbu These fish are available in USA, however are very rare. I have never seen them here offered for sale. Any feed back will be appreciated. Thanks
  11. So here is my Burundi Colony of 8, 2m 6f Around 23-30cm. 6x2x2 tank with 3ft sump. Fed on NLS and Brine shrimp. Bunnings play sand and some nice big rocks I stole from a mates yard, shhhh. The tank now has a clay pot behind the big rock on the right for the Alpha male. Might try and get some individual shots of the big female and males. The camera made out to be very black and white, but some of the fish, especialy the Alpha are lined with blue. Full tank Sweet, my fish.
  12. i am going to do a 6 ft tank project next year and i am trying to choose a species to breed along with my white calvus. i am tossing up between tropheus and frontosa. which are easier to breed, more interesting in a tank and which do you make more money out of? i have 4 frontosa atm and they seen cool and don't fight with my calvus but i have never had tropheus. if you have an idea of frontosa or tropheus, can you sugest a species of the one that you think would be good.
  13. i just bought some f1 kigoma 7bars frontosa that are 7 months old and about 7-9cm and was wanting to know how to tell what gender they are so i could trade some to introduce different blood lines. cheers timothy
  14. Hey everyone, I hear fronnies take ages to grow up, so i was wondering if i put one in a african tank 3 ft x 15 " x 18" with 1 male eureka red (6- 7 cm) 2 blue dolphins (very shy and about 6 cm) 1 electric yellow about 4 cm and 5 peppermints ranging from 4 - 9 cm yer i no big gap but i got 4 diff bloodlines so its sweeeet. If you think it would be alrite for these fish to mix i would definately look at getting one, if not thats life. Also has anyone else kept these i think they are the burundi frontosa, i so let me no of any problems or issues with keeping these fish together, i have heard of interbreeding with fronnies and blue dolphins but that is about it... trent
  15. Can someone Please help me ID this frontosa?? I got two of them with a tank i bought, and unfortunantly im no frontosa expert My Newest addition. My jack having a yawn...kicking myself for having the flash on in this pic Had him since he was 40mm, so much character Pleco Hope you enjoy the few snaps.
  16. I just want to know what will they become if the 6 bars frontosa cross with the 7 bars? Have anyone try to cross breed them? Although I don't like hybri but very interesting to find out. Cheers!!!!!
  17. Hi everyone I have recently purchased two large male Fronnies and have them in a display tank by themselves at the moment, i was just after some ideas of suitable display quality tankmates. They live in a 6x2x2. Thanks in advanced Deeg
  18. Just transferred some frontosa to a 6 ft tank. I have a 3 ft light on it, but they are freaking out anytime its turned on. Just wondering what type of lights people use on tanks with these guys in them. Oh, bulb is white.
  19. Just wondering if frontosa's are agressive fish and would they get along with chocolate chilchids?
  20. My wife informs me that the next tank set up(in a month or so) will be frontosa's :whyme: after seeing a couple in a lfs, the price didnt worry her .should we/she purchase a pair or small colony and i know there is a few different types and grow fairly large, they will be going in a 6ft display tank, any info would be great. thanks shane.
  21. Have had for a while and never really known what species. Cheers Luke
  22. Hi All, Amongst my other Cichlids I have a Clown Loach and a Frontosa both around the 8cm mark. The Loach always appears to be harrassing the Frontosa latley and the Frontosa has slightly split fins from it. Has anyone else has this happen ? It might be time to go for the Loach Cheers Josh
  23. Hi just wondering how many people in Brisbane Area owns the beautiful Moba Frontosas... Interested in Pming people who has them to ask some questions.... Please reply to the topic and i will get back to you... Thanks alot...
  24. hey all i have 6 burrindi frontosa's at about 8-15cm, looking for a type of rock that would help there water conditions but also looks good for display. thanks
  25. Hi, Wondering what I can safely keep with Frontosa? I have made the decision to buy some. I have brought them a 6 foot tank and plan to keep the frontosa in it. Planning on keeping 3 or 4. I know there PH level has to be high, is there anything else that can survive these conditions? Thanks.
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