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Found 359 results

  1. Further to my thread "Infusoria question": Considering that I have a fish pond that has multiplied it's initial stock 20 fold in less than 5 yrs without me aiding by way of feeding the fry of the initial stock and subsequent fry, my deduction is that the pond must have have a perfectly good stock of infusoria and protozoans without my needing to culture them to feed my cichlid tank fry.........I shall simply feed them my pond water (initially). Has anyone resorted to solely feeding (screened) pond water to cichlid fry and if so, how was their growth rate? kev
  2. These guys grow at the speed of light, I swear. Three days on from hatching, they've all gone brown and the yolks are receeding. Moving them out of the tumbler and into a fry saver in the next couple days.
  3. hey got some pics of my blue dolphins. have fry for sale from these guys aprox 40 atm with another 100 on the way in a month or so fry are at 5-6 cm cant post pic of fry as they are in a tub and i lost my cam at work dam plasterers plastered over it so is in a wall some were lol pm if interested thanks chris
  4. hi all i just have a question my gts have layed eggs and fry has hached in my community tank and i wish to take them out. What would be the best time to do so now or when they are free swinin, as they only hached on saterday (17-7-2010) info would be great thanks john
  5. I snapped a quick pic of my breeding pair of angels with their fry (they started free swimming today)
  6. i have a breeding colony of white calvus (1 male, 3 females) in my display tank with frontosa. i was wanting to know what to do when they breed in there shells. do i take the shell out and put it in a breeder box in the display tank or in a seperate tank with the female as well. any help will be greatly appreciated cheers timothy
  7. Here's some new pictures after rescaping the tank, I removed a ton of rock since I sold the leleupi I had They were chasing the fry so that's why I had a lot of rock but now that they're gone the tank is much more open and I think it looks better now Looks less cluttered and packed together, and I think the fish prefer the open swimming space Theres 9 O.Ventralis 11 Tropheus Bemba Orange and around 15 of their fry The tank is 200cm long, 48cm wide and 58cm high (lol odd size) I have been thinking of adding maybe a peaceful sand sifter but I'll see how I go I do have a new tank which I bought from Goat (aka Tom) It's 4' x 2.5 'x 2', No idea what to keep in it yet, Kendalli, Trigs, Occies, Paracyps... sticking with Tangs I do want a mixture that will breed in the same tank, be peaceful with each other and occupy different places within the tank, suggestions? Oh and rare
  8. hey guys my L's bred so i was going to try to put the fry in a fry saver but they dont want to come out. is there any tactics people use to get the little buggers out? thanks
  9. Just wondering when you are able to take the parents out of the tank with their fry? I have some convicts that have had some fry for now around 2 weeks and was just wanting to move the parents to another tank. so just wanted to make sure if i do it the fry will be ok. Cheers, Blake
  10. hey just wondering how long it takes u guys to grow out african fry i now dif spec grow at dif rates but just in general as my blue dol have been free swiming for 5 - 6weeks and are between 3-4 cm but my m-baliodigma have been free swiming for 3 weeks and are the same size just wondering wat is other peoples growth rates? and for wat species ?????????????
  11. :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: Very excited!!!! Recently moved 2 sumbus (suspected male/female) into a lepto juvie tank and and now i have wrigglers in the smallest hole in the barnacle cluster I will be trying my hardest to keep the fry healthy and leptos are being evicted :hi: I will keep you posted on my progress either way Tanks, Stace
  12. I usually only test the ammonia, nitrite and nitrate when I test my water however today for the first time I have dead fry! So I did the full test and my PH is over 8.8! All other levels are low, so I have 2 questions, how in the world did it get so high? and how do I lower it quickly before all my fish die? EDIT: I added driftwood in a couple of days ago, would that be my problem? If so should I remove it? The fry that are particularly dying are bristlenose however I have about 750 other fry (mostly cichlids in the system)
  13. I can see this hasn't been done for awhile, so I am interested in what we all do differently....... My general interest is in africans Malawi, but anyone with tips on other species feel free to add to this thread. Ok So from stripping/hatch onwards...... size of tank and duration until larger tank/tanks Foods, from day 1 till juv Water parameters ie PH, Temp, KH, GH Water changes lighting Filtration and water movement etc etc you get the idea Steve
  14. Hi Guys, i have a quick question....I am not a breader nor do I want to be, i have an all male malawi tank, well they were suposed to be all male. Keep a long story short i bought 4 albino pindani from LFS, thought there might have been a female in the lot and just wanted to see what happened. I noticed one fish not eating, and had a large mouth so I seperated the female about 2-3 weeks ago. 2 days ago she spat about 20 or so fry. I have had fish breed before but usualy just let nature run its course, don't want cross breeding or anything. I am still concerned about hybrids but i was told if the fry are true albino then they are not hybrid, is this true? And what is the best course of action to take if i did have true albino non-hybid fish, how do i look after them, should i remove the mother? Should i remove the fry? What is the best water parameters to prevent loss of fry? How and what should i feed?? And another related question, If i put the female back in the tank with the other males what is likely to happen? If she breeds again will she always choose the same male? Thanks for the help Dean
  15. Well the new things are, 6 Ventralis which I bought from Smiths aquarium TOP QUALITY and 1 baby Tropheus I found under a rock, its pretty damaged... the tail fin is pretty much gone
  16. Was thinking the other day about trying to improve fry growth and remembered ( the last time I kept fish before I closed my wholesale business back in 99 ) that I used to add weekend feeder blocks , so the fry could graze all day when I wasn't around to give them multiple small feeds . Other typical methods include , selected quality parents ( brooders ), regular water changes , water volume and surface area , regular feeding of quality diet , temp and high oxygen content . These are typical measures , so can anyone add to this ? Anyone come up with something different that works for them personally .I would like to hear of other individuals thoughts and methods other than above norms .
  17. I have found a few mystery fry in my tank they are swimming mid level and their is no way they cam from my bn or peps that are the only fish in the tank the only way the could have got in their was if there was some eggs on the plant i got from the auction even know i gave it a really good rinse.. scary what can get into your tank from plants i will leave them in their to see what they become my guess is rainbow's by the look of them.
  18. just had a batch of bristlnose hatch, and they are completely white .. as in albino. what im wondering is .. is this common for the newly hatched fry to be albino in apearence the previous fry ive had i didnt see until they were almost free swimming so im unsure. they are from common parents as far as i know, and previous ones were common in apearence. thanks for the help Tony
  19. I am new with Breeding. I have a couple Pikes. They laid eggs and now I have a group of Fry. When is the approriate time to separate Fry with their parents.Would the parents eat their own babies? Can I feed the Fry with ground fishfood (pellets Cihclid food) Many thanks.
  20. i found today that i have some gold comp fry inside a shell the pics aint to good as the camera wants to focus on a plant. ill get some mroe once that r a bit bigger.
  21. Hey, Well u may have seen my other pics of these a little while ago. Now they are are about 3 months old and starting to show colour. *Note these are not for sale yet, so dont bother asking me * Hope u like! Cheers Marty
  22. Look what I found in my L134 tank last night. Two fry had been kicked out of the log and while they still have egg sacs, they are still like lightning to catch. I already had angelfish fry in a frysaver so I popped the froggies in there and will leave the rest with dad in his log. Hopefully he won't kick any more out before their sacs are gone. The angelfish pair were sold since I don't think the L134 particularly liked sharing their tank with a breeding pair of angels. Been trying to get them to spawn for a while now and they just wouldn't do it. I fed them so much rich conditioning food that I lost one a few weeks ago with bloat. They were then put on a diet of Hikari algae wafers, Sera Flora flake and cucumber so I didn't lose any more. As normal I did water changes with rainwater which is all I use. There is undergravel filter as well as a power filter internally. I did a couple of different things. First I put a seasoned canister on the tank. I also added a reptile cave over the males ceramic round log cave. Its been showering rain everyday almost lately and the weater is now cooler and not hot. Breeding end of 4ft tank photo. No its not dirty glass, those are microworms for the angel fry. Angelfish fry freeswimming for a few days now. I feed them microworms and Sera Micropan which should also suit the baby leopard frogs when they start eating. Even the cherry shrimp in the tank are having a breeding frenzy.
  23. Hey, I have some apisto cacatoide fry that are about 2 months old and are about 1cm long. My question is at what age/size should I sell them at?? Cheers Marty
  24. Will clownloaches 6-8cm see small bn fry as dinner and gobble them up?
  25. i was just wondering if the storage containers (70l) at bunnings are safe to use for fry cos i ask at the front desk and they were not sure. cheers sonny
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