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Found 359 results

  1. ok so have posted this elsewhere with no feedback i stripped my 5cm maingano of her fry today and she was holding 4 fry at around 2-3mm they are strong little swimmers i currently have them in a tea strainer over an airstone in there own little tank and my questions are when can i put them in a 2ft tank to grow them out with a sponge filter for current as this is the first time i have had cichlids breed for me so any help would be muchly appreciated also i will be feeding them on baby brine shrimp and was wondering if ground down hikari cichlid gold pellets to a dust kind of form would also be suitable please help me with all the knowledge i need as i love this hobby (addiction) and want to expand thanks jon
  2. ok so i noticed one of my small maingano was holding today so i decided to strip her as she is only 5cm i had 4 free swimming fry pop out at around 2-3mm at current time have them in a tea strainer over an airstone to create current and feeding them on baby brine shrimp the questions are that i have is how long do i have to wait to put them in a tank with a sponge filter to grow them out and can i crush some hikari cichlid gold pellets into a powderish form and feed them that aswell? this is the first time i have had fish breed so any help would be greatly appreciated thanks jon
  3. I have a problem with my Oscars. I have 5 fish in the one tank 2 fish breed up one end every 2/3 weeks and a different 2 breed down the other end every 2/3 weeks. I get eggs laid but never had wrigglers from either pair and the eggs get fungus after 4 days as there not fertile. I thought I might be very unlucky and have 5 females but I have since learned that a lot of Oscars are Jaffa's Seedless Is this true or are the males still not old enought (I know they have to be two) but all fish are the same size and the girls are laying. Is it the boys or girls or both that are infertile ???? If thats the case Any input would help Junkie
  4. Ok, so my male terror has gotten a bit jiggy with my female blue acara. There is about 100 fry swimming at the moment they started swimming yesterday morning. How long before I can move them into another tank. They are in a community tank at the moment. Also do I have to move the male and the female or can I leave them in the community tank. I didnt plan for this to happen, but I think they will be a pretty cool looking fish. Is there a way to get them to stop breeding with out getting rid either of them? Thanks.
  5. Here is some pics of my first attempt at making a fry saver, I have a few ideas on how to tweak the design for the next one. I currently have about 5 million Rivulatus fry in it (ok maybe not that many, but you get the idea) 1.2 Litre Ice Cream container Drilled a hole in the centre to stick through the upstand For the upstand I just used some bits of spray bars from cannister filters. Also siliconed it in place. Next I cut some holes in 3 sides of the container I used a course filter pad from a cannister filter to cover the holes, I was going to use a fine fly screen mesh, but figured the filter sponge may offer some better biological filtration and give something for the fry to pick at (plus I didnt have any fly screen and Leanne would probably crack it if I cut some off the back door) Next I added an angle piece to the top of the upstand, and drilled a 4mm hole in the top to feed the airline into it, I didnt use an airstone, just shoved the airline down there. I was kinda trying to remember back to school days on whether this set up would work ie: pull new water through from underneath whilst pushing old water out through the sponge. (It did ) On the 4th side that i didnt cut the hole in, I have just used some suction caps to attach it to the side of the tank, My second attempt will need some thought on a better way to do this, as the other side sagged a little, so i had to prop it up with a clip and a piece of pipe (a tad dodgy) Let me know what you think, any feedback, critisism (within reason) will be appreciated. Adrian
  6. hey guys im just asking what the best way or a couple of ways to collect fry from mouth broaders ive tried a couple times and it just seems to fail each time any help will be much appreciated cheers
  7. Just wondering as my fry have become free swimming when I should remove them from the community tank to help preserve them due to predation by other tankmates
  8. hey guys just curious i have a 6x2x2 tank currently has about 40 electric yellow fry in there all about 1-3cm there is also about 12 jack dempsey fry of same size an about 10 convict fry once again of same size would this lot be ok together til they get bigger or should i seperate them now an also what paremeters should the water be any info would be much appreciated. cheers matt
  9. Hey all, My JAGs laid on Sunday night n the eggs hatched last night (Tuesday). How long should I leave the wrigglers with the parents b4 movie them into a fry tank? I'd preferably want to move them b4 they are free swimming. Any advice will b appreciated thanks Tim
  10. hey guys today my pair of geo's let the fry out for the first time to see the tank and i need to get them into my other tank quickly before they start to get eaten. what is the best way to collect them? simply with a net? or get the male in a net, then dip its mouth in the other tank? could he freak out and swallow them? im not too sure so any help is appreciated cheers
  11. Hey guys, I'm new to the whole aquarium thing and my mollies have jus had about 30 fry . I have them in a breeders box seperated from the mother but how long can i keep them in it for? There is 30 so its a bit tight for space but i dont have the hardware for another tank (i.e. another filter ect.) and i really want them to survive. I'm feeding them baby brine shrimp and ground tropical flakes, is this a good diet for fry? Cheers, Jess&Jed
  12. Hello all, Just wondering could I keep 10 day old apisto fry with just hatched blue rams wrigglers?? The apistos are in a 1ft with heater and double sponge filter. I have a fry saver but they can fit thru the holes.... Any help would be great!
  13. Hey, My apisto cacatoides have laid eggs which have since hactched and I have also taken out of the tank. My rams had fry but they soon got eaten so I didnt want the same with these. They would now be about 5-7 dyas old and are free swimming but still only tiny. I have been feeding them aquasonic complete fry starter, how long should I feed them this? When should I start feeding them other foods like baby brine shrimp?? Many thanks
  14. Hello all, hope you had a great xmas!! Well my rams laid some eggs a little while back and now there are about 10 free swimming fry left. When I got home today from a few days away the parents were out with the fry, so I raced out to my lfs to get a fry saver to try same the rest but when I got home I couldnt find them?? Do they bring them out to feed then take them back to hide them or do they always follow the female? OR have they been eaten?? Thanks for your help Cheers Marty
  15. Hi all, My trio of peppermint bristlenose had a clutch of eggs the other day and i just went and looked in the tank and there were fry swiming around but they still have there yolk sacks and theres a bunch of about 5 eggs that have come out of the log (most are still in there), what would be my best options, leave them or get them out?? there in a 4ft tank on there own.. Cheers Toby
  16. i had a female with a mouthful that was getting harrassed so i put her in isolation in the tank. now she has let some go. my question is do i get the fry completely away from her or leave them all in together????
  17. hi, My house mate couldn't handle looking after his guppies fry so i took them in. Their now getting their colours so i was wandering what do i do with them now?. Is there any store that would take them? should i try getting rid of them online here?.. thing is i dont want them to be used as feeder fish.. because i put a huge amount of effort on raising them. thanks for any suggestions, annie
  18. Hey guys I have a couple dozen bristlenose that breed for me all the time. i have commons, albinos, longfins and peppermints. I have them breeding in 2 separate tanks but ive decided to set up one of my 2 foot tanks just for the fry to grow out in (no other fish). problem is... at the moment out of 100 fry that i get at a time, only about 40 actually make it to juvi size =(. (got some at about 3cm now). Water chemistry is pretty good i check it all the time. Im thinking maybe i should set the grow out tank up as a heavily planted tank with an undergravel filter? that way all the waste would get sucked straight out and not sink into the gravel? or is that a bad idea? what substrate would you recomend for bristlenose fry? should i try and keep the bigger fry away from the smaller fry? what plants are the best? there will be heaps of bogwood and driftwood in the tank and a sponge filter. temp will be at 27degrees. have i missed anything important? i really want more of my fry to live =(
  19. My "Big Mama" who I purchased on 19th Sept very heavily pregnant, had 20 littlies on the 20th Sept. I was overjoyed. But that feeling was definitely surpassed today when right before my eyes she popped out 52 littlies today. This girl I have been worried about the last week displaying some very strange behaviour. But I reckon I'd display the same strange behaviour if I was carrying 52 wrigglers :laugh:. She definitely showed up "Little Mama" who had 6 littlies 2 days ago. What a showoff!!! As I'm new to this fun hobby I'm happy to be a grandma. Sorry just couldn't help myself just had to share.
  20. my albino bn's have just bred for the first time.. im stoked....i can see them still in the log kicking around guessing @40-50 off as the parents are only @7cm.i love this hobby!!!!!! shane.
  21. Hey all, I have my first batch of Albino BN fry(bout 80 n 12-15mm). i noticed yesterday(sunday) that i have small worm like creatures in the bottom of tank. they look like Mosquito Larvae as it has rained alot in ippy over the last couple days. Will they Hurt/Kill my fry?? Is there a safe way to remove them beside scooping out with a net?? Should i leave a Mossie Coil smoking in the room to prevent this happening again?? As ive lost bout 15 fry in the last 2days. i did my regular water change on Saturday n then the Larvae appeared on Sunday. I tested the water 2day n everything is normal except the PH was a bit high so im slowing dropping it over the next couple of days. Not sure but i think the town water PH has spiked. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Tim
  22. I took 3 adult Corydorus julii out of a small tank today to give it a good spring clean, and found about 40 fry.
  23. hey all, Got my first spawn of firefin comp fry the other day, about 35 in total. Just wondering if the colouration of some were normal? all are the goldy brown colour but there is 4 that are white/black colour (see picture below, the white ones in the background) sorry for the quality, used a camera phone cheers, Michael
  24. hi, I had 7 peppered corydora fry, about 1-2 weeks old. There in a net and the rest of the tank has 2 month old guppy fry. A couple of days ago i decided to count the cory fry.. and there are only 4 left! there is no way the guppies could have gotten to them and there was no sign of the other fry except for a tiny bit that i suspect to be a little chunk of fry. Out of the 4 fry left 1 of them is huge! its twice to triple the size of the others in the head and body area but the same length as the others. Could this big fella be a cannibal? :boggle:
  25. I was just gravel cleaning my punk tank and I noticed that one pair has about 40 free swimming fry . The tank is the bottom tier of a 2 tier stand there are 18 punks in the tank and I would like to save the fry . I have other tanks but none are cycled what would be the best way to go ? Syphoning them off is difficult because it is so close to the ground - but not impossible . and Cycling a tank in 24 hours is impossible . was not prepared for this one
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