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Found 359 results

  1. hey guys bought a pair of humpheads few weeks ago n found out they have laid on friday n fry are just starting to wriggle around when i had a look tonight, they are oin a 2x18x18 with there 2 parents and 2 longfin bristlenose about 6cm. just asking if they will be okay to leave there or should i remove the parents or bristlenose. and also what should i feed the little guys. thanks
  2. i have finally had a bit of success with my whiptail fry. I have one pair about 13cm long they have laid eggs a number of times but I have never had much success raising fry. On the last occasion I figured I would try something different. I grabbed a heap of weed from an o/s pond and put it a small tank with an air filter, then used water from the main tank to fill this, added the newly hatched fry and hoped for the best. well 3 weeks later and all is good, there is heaps of weed and bottom of the tank looks dirty but the whiptails appear to be doing great, they are swimming more than I have ever seen them in the past. I feed with BBS(frozen) and fingures crossed they will keep on keeping on. I have another batch of about 50 eggs that have just started to hatch so I will be doing the same with them. It's not the cleanest tank, but the water quality should be reasonable given the amount of weed...anyway we'll see how it goes, here are some pics.
  3. Hi everyone, my bristlenose fry keep dying. I have tried heaps of different things and just cant keep them alive any longer than about 2 months. Can anyone help me!! Thanks for ur time Cheers Scott
  4. all my bn fry are gathering up the top corners off my tank since they came out of the log and havnt moved from there and the food obviously sinks,will they find the food eventually cause i cant see any on the bottom?? shane.
  5. I call it a miracle because I didn't know I even had eggs! I had gotten lazy and let nitrates rise to 10 for 3 days before I did a water change. I turned the heater down to trigger spawning for a whole day, not knowing the deed had already been done. I did a 30% water change with gravel vac and fortunately didn't kill the one fry kicked out of the cave with fright. I couldn't find a frysaver to fit under the limited access of a bottom tier tank so I used a net saver and popped the whole cave, dad, fry and all into the net but the cave pulled the frame apart so I had to prop D caves up under it to hold it together. I made a custom frysaver to fit the fry but silicon needs time to cure. That was yesterday. Tonight I checked nitrates and they were still up on the 10 mark so I thought I would do a little water change with stored, warmed and airated water. I looked at the net saver and the frame is nearly torn adrift again. There is a L397 whizzing around the netsaver instead of sitting in the cave tending the fry and there seems quite a lot of poop in the net. Ok, drastic action. I rinsed the (touch wood) hopefully ready custom fry saver and got it ready. Took out the L397 and put it back into the tank. Took the cave out of the net saver and opened it to put any fry gently into a container and then to pour them into the new frysaver. Whoa there! There is a hairy male in the cave with the fry. The other L397 must have been a female in the cave with the male and the fry and getting ready to lay. I thought that one I took out of the netsaver looked a bit fat come to think of it. So dad got put into the tank as well, and the fry into a container. There were 16 of the cutest little things you've ever seen. Couldn't resist a few baby photos before I added the fry to the new frysaver. Dad has his cave back so he can woo the girl again. Hopefully all goes well but gee I seem to have done everything wrong so far.
  6. Im not sure what has happened here and was hoping someone could give me a bit of an idea... the situation wasn't ideal but it was the best option I had at the time. I'd rather know if I did something wrong so it doesnt happen again. I bought 10 peppermint fry Saturday afternoon from the North Brisbane area. When I got them they were in a plastic bag, some were 3cms, others were lucky to be 1.5cm. As I wasnt heading back to Kingaroy till today I emptied the bag into a bucket and put a bit more rain water into the bucket as well. The bucket has only ever been used for fish. I didnt have any air stones or anything in but I changed about 30% of the water this morning with rain water again. This afternoon when I went to leave I found that 8 had died and had bloated guts and what looked to be air bubbles in them. Ive got a photo... I did the same thing with a pair of Orange Spots (breeding size) and they are fine and have settled in really well. They were in different buckets. Any ideas???? Its just a little upsetting as I'd been wanting peppermints for ages and this goes and happens Cheers Amy
  7. There's a lot of different thoughs out there on whats the best to feed your fry? I'm wondering what everyone uses? and what gets the best results, colour growth ect!
  8. Now that they are bright and colourful from the spawn i thought id get a few pics Dad Mum Kids
  9. Hi All, Got a very confusing problem! Last night I placed about 60 b/n swimming eggs into a bubbler. This morning there was only 10, & an hour later, they where all gone. The bubbler is top & bottom mesh about 1/4 the size of the eggs, so there is no obvious way out. But it is now totally empty. Has anyone else had this problem & what do you do about it? I put the last lot in the fry saver tank insert, & an empress jumped the side & ate the lot. This is starting to be annoying . I would appreciate any advice, thanks. John
  10. Whilst doing a waterchange to I could notice tiny things darting about in my Brevis Kavala Tank. Upon further observation I could see quite clearly that they were Brevis fry :eureka: There are about 10+ of them, I filled up a small tank with the same water from parents tank and waited for the temp to reach the same before releasing them into there tank. They are now in their new home and swimming around. Will get some photos soon, thats if you can see them. Etienne
  11. my female gold comp has been inside the pot for well over a week and now appears to be little things swimming all over the tank and alot stuck swimming up the glass. i have only bread americans before and there fry was alot bigger and actually looked like tiny fish lol. just asking for people who have breed alto's before are there fry just really small or would this be some kinda of bacteria swimming around. thanks
  12. My German Blue Rams have spawned and the fry have just hatched today. I've only had them for about 4 weeks and this is the second time that they have spawned. The first lot all got fungus. Not sure how many there are as they have moved them into a hollow log. Here's hoping that they survive.
  13. Hep people got this idea off youtube diy brine shrimp hatchery, but alterd it slightly All you need is: 2x suction cups airline hose top half of a 2L soft drink bottle with the cap a bit of silicone Firstly cut a hole in the middle of one suction cup a little smaller then the diameter of the airline hose your using, place the suction cup in the soft drink Cap forcing it to sit nice and air tight (silicone can be used) then feed airline hose through the cap flush with the suction cup get the top of the 2L bottle and attach the second suction cup to the outside of the bottle so that it can be placed inside of the tank and sucked to the glass.... its costs virtually nothing, its quick and easy Pics if you don't understand or want to have a look (sorry bout the bad quality but just in case you cant see it that's a clear suction cap in the lid )
  14. I've had a breeding pair of kribs for about 6 months in my 2 foot tank. Every month or so when their fry hatch the mother looks after them for about 2 - 3 days then seems to lose interest and i've witnessed her eat & swallow them on a couple occasions (not just putting them in her mouth to move/protect them as she does in the first couple days). Has anyone else encountered this? I may try moving the fry to a seperate tank next time.
  15. I have been having some problems raising BN fry. The Adults are breeding well but finding the fry survival rate very very low. I have 4 X 4 foot tanks with Peppermint, Common, OS and Long Fins and no other fish in the tank other than BN. Each tank has a Sandy Substrate, driftwood and some plants. Canister filter 1400lph or better with sponge filters. Internal filter 2500lph sponge Ph 6.4-7.4 Temp 24-27 Ammonia, Nitrate and Nitrite are at good levels. I have started doing water changes of 15-20% weekly. Feel that I may need to vac the tanks once a week? (seems to be a bit of drift wood broken down) I leave the Fry to grow in the same tanks as the Adults. I was feeding them daily on Zucchini or pellets. If you can point out where I am going wrong or put down your setup that is working for you would be appreciated. Should I have a substrate or would it be better a bare tank with driftwood for breeding? I had the 2 filters so there would be good current? Cheers
  16. While catching cherry shrimp out of the tank this morning I found a newly hatched rainbow fry. I move the rainbow spawning mops to the shrimp tank for hatching. This fry is almost microscopic. Whats the best food for him at this tiny size? I added a bit of 'green' infusora water, a dab of microworms and a pinch of crushed dry earthworm flake. Any better suggestions? Would he eat spirulina and agar agar like my royal whiptail fry?
  17. ive got (soon to be "had"), a batch on common BN fry, & ive noticed in the last week that im getting deaths with what seems to be exploded bellies... Ive noticed that most of them seem to have something that would resemble bloat? They are about 4wks old & prob 10mm at bigggest... what could it be & what to do?!?! ill try & get some pics up but it mite be hard....
  18. Hi I've got apisto aggie eggs, so i may be lucky enough to see fry - if the hydra don't get them first. I've been doing some research on the net, but as a lot of it is contradictory, would like some personal opinions and suggestions Namely - what is the best way to care for fry? Should I remove eggs, remove fry from mum soon after they hatch out, leave them for 10 days after they hatch? The only other inhabitants are 6 sterbai corydora and 3 tiny pepps. Also - what is best to feed fry? i read decapsulated brine shrimp eggs were good, but braddo has advised on my hydra thread, that these bring the hydra out, so to speak. Is there a liquid fry food that would be suitable? Also my adult aggies are proving a bit tricky to feed - tried sera flake, nls thera and azoo micro pellets. Don't seem keen on any of these. i was thinking some hikari cichlid sticks - can anyone suggest anything that works for them? Cheers
  19. Hi all i looked into my brevis tank thismorning and notice i have brevis babies should i take them out or just leave them? cheers ben
  20. Hi there just after information on bringing up dubosi maswa fry any info would be a great help thanks Gary.
  21. hi all i have some fry that is bout 1 week old atm, am expecting more fry of same species{pindani] in bout 1 - 2 weeks wat i want 2 know is once these guys are born can all the fry live in the same holding tank or do i have to protect the younger ones from the older ones???? cheers ant
  22. I was doing the usual weekly water change this morning and noticed an LF6 whiptail fry on the back wall near the canister intake. He lasted only a few seconds before the intake sucked him up. Now I have just spent 3 hours pains takingly taking apart the canister to retrieve the fry. I found a dozen of them and returned them to the main tank, but first I covered the intake with a sponge. Yup that is a teaspoon, not a dessertspoon. I found a green mess of water outside in a bucket with driftwood soaking in it. Full of little microscopic life which I am adding a cup at a time every few hours to the tank of whiptails. They are going to think Christmas has come early.
  23. Hi all I am currently setting up a bathtub to rear Bn fry in, i am also wondering if it is possible to rear african fry aswell? What will i need to do to ensure top quality fry, will it stunt growth or possibly make them lose colour? Cheers Et
  24. hi has any one got any help what to feed my albino and common fry i have been feeding zuchini micro waved .a freind suggsted poridge has any one else used this also egg yoke squeeded in blobs on bottom or any other ideas that wount kill my water quality cheers phil
  25. i have a fish holding eggs, what can i feed the fry once they are out??
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