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Found 359 results

  1. Hi everyone i was just wondering if anyone could help me is there anything out there to make fry grow faster thanks
  2. As some of you know I'm trying to breed my laetacara dorsigera. I have absolutely no idea about providing appropriate live or dry foods for fry. Laetacara fry are tiny, and I don't know if there are any live foods small enough for when they become free swimming. So all and any advice would be very much appreciated.
  3. G'day guys, Well I finally have a fry tank up and running, with about 40 Laetacara dorsigera fry in it. These guys are very, very small, became free swimming today (Thursday). Ideally I would have liked to have left them with thier parents for at least a week at free swimming stage, but they are in a small community tank and the tetras usually manage pick off all the fry before they manage a week at free swimming stage. I have left about another 30 to 40 fry with the parents still, most of which I'll remove tomorrow. I would have liked to have waited untill sunday and removed the survivors then, but I have a nasty work schedule over the weekend and will barely be home. They are in a 18"x9"x9" fry tank, with a small spunge filter. I'm currently feeding Sera micron powdered food. I will be doing a small water change each day, replacing the water I take out with water from the parents tank. I had the spunge filter in the parents tank for a couple of days before I set the fry tank up, hoping to seed it. How often should I clean the spunge filter? Should I rinse it out in tank water and just squeeze as much gunk out of it as possible? Any other advice would be greatly appreciated. Pete
  4. alright one of my female guppies had 14 babies today around 12:00pm i got a few questions: 1 What to feed the fry? 2 What is the sale size? 3 Is a 2ft x 30 x 30 big enough for grow out? 4 Is there anyway to get a guppy to produce more fry
  5. Hi all I am wondering if anyone could tell me what i can feed my 30-40 bristelnose fry they are about 1-2cm long. cheers ben
  6. hay all i got hundereds of bn fry in a 4ft tank some a couple days old and some 5 weeks old all under 3 cm.(there in the same tank as there perents) my question is wat can i do to premote groth How often should i change the water thay alway have zuchinie in there to eat should i feed them anything else
  7. I finally got around to taking photos of my halfbeak fry. They must be almost a week old by now but still haven't grown any beaks. I feed them cyclopseeze dust. Both parents and fry are just in normal 7.2ph water, no brine. Proud mum who will most definitely eat the fry if I let them out of the fry net.
  8. HI all i have a cluch of bristlenose eggs thata are about 4-5 days old i was wondering if anyone has eny info on them and how to raise the fry/ any help will be greatly apriciated thanks
  9. hi guys, only new to breeding cuckoos first mouthfull was only 4 and they are all still kicking, second mouthfull was about 35 and the little buggers are eating each other and already lost at least 5, just wondering how other people overcome this problem??? cheers luke
  10. Hi all i was just wondering how big do my convict fry have to be to sell. they are about 1 cm now? cheers ben
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  12. Hi i was wondering if anyone could tell me what i should feed my bristlenos fry? any help would be much apriciated thanks
  13. What should I start Electric yellow fry on?
  14. got a venustus holding how long until i would strip her so i dont have to tumble them
  15. Hi all i have about 40 convict fry at the moment and they are all around 1 cm long and i was wondering if anyone knows what i can feed them and if i can feed them any vegies and what sorts will they eat? any hlp will be greatly apriciated THANKS
  16. hi all i was wondering if anyone could shed some light on how i can take care of bristlenose fry as i have never done breed them before? what do i feed them? ??? any help will be apriciated thanks
  17. G'day, I'm upgrading my brevis pair and fry to a 3'x20"x15" soon and want to put a small school of lepto's in with them but i'm worried the brevis fry will get eaten... everything i've read says lepto's are mid-water micro plankton feeders so i thought the brevis might be ok hiding in the shells/rocks on the bottom. But i also know that most africans will snack on fry given the chance Anyone kept lepto's with another species' fry? Thanks Damo
  18. I found this one cory fry in a mixed cory and L002 tank. Sorry, thats the best photo I got as he is only very little. Can anyone guess what sort it is? Your choices are: offspring from 3 sterbai offspring from 3 panda offspring from 3 pepper offspring from 2 trilinateus
  19. Hi Fishy folks One of my caudopunctatus pairs has produced fry which have ventured out tonight. Question is do i catch them and transfer to my fry tank now or do i let them take their chances in the tank. Tankmates are Cyprochromis Leptosoma, Xenotilapia spilopterus and some juvie gold alto comps. They are so tiny Thanks DAVE
  20. i have just stripped my female flameback as she had been holding for about 2 - 3 weeks ( seems a long time) and about 25 fry came out with no egg sacks so now what do i feed them
  21. hey guys, i need as many tips on breeding my com bn as possible I have a pair of bn com in a 2x1x1, the water is 25degrees, ph is 7.6 and i got 2 sponge filters in the tank It is not hooked up to a system! I do have a thin layer of cal carb in the tank (not sure if its wrong?) WHat my problem is i did not relize that they actually bred, i looked into the tank this morning and there is about 100 small bn fry dead and 4 alive. I have no idea y this is? What is the best thing to feed em? Is there anything that im doing wrong? Any extra help would be awesome Nick
  22. hope you can see this video of out latest additions these are “Aequidens Sapayensis” common name Sapayo we got them at the last auction and where told they are rare . they are similar to blue acara http://s299.photobucket.com/albums/mm30 ... 008010.flv
  23. Can anyone tell me how to tell the difference between guppy babies and swordtail babies ? I already have guppy babies born early this week (had them exactly the same before). But this 2nd batch that appeared today are darker and larger. I have a mix of bn, swords, but mostly guppies. Are they just from another guppy (same shape) and going to be coloured and not albino like the other batch (which looked like the mums)......or could they be swordtails. I have 4 preggy looking guppies and 2 preggy swordtails (that I was told were due over a week ago to drop). So just trying to learn what I have. So far neither has touched the babies, so as long as plenty of cover will swords not eat guppy fry (if the guppy mums aren't) ?
  24. Second batch of baby bristlenose all dead. Dammit. I was losing about 5 a day. Siphoning crap off the bottom every second day. Feeding zucchini, replaced daily. Pumpkin and broccoli too, as well as the sinking cichlid pellets (the round ones) from Smith's Aquarium meal and vegetable matter. Could these be the problem?? Kept most in a free floating fry tank that I made, others in main tank. All dead now. Dammit. I cant wait til the little boy gets the little girl going again, but hen again, I dont want to kill another batch of 50 plus fry. It's depressing! Or is this all part of the learning curve? Adam
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