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Found 359 results

  1. Just curious how everyone does there fry tank setups??? Do you use a sponge filter as the main source of filtration, or hang 0n's as well?? Bare bottom or gravel? rocks, ornaments?? Dave
  2. Found this interesting link from cichlidforum.com showing the odds of obtaining a desired male / female ratio when purchasing anything from 2 to 7 fry. (eg it's 76% likely that you will get at least 1 male and 3 females from a group of 7 fry and so on). I know some species such as saulosi are easy to sex as fry but there are many where it's very, very difficult as fry. eg maingano, yellows, demasoni etc http://www.cichlid-forum.com/articles/b ... groups.php It would be good to hear people's experiences and whether they support or go against the probability stats outlined in the above article. Peter
  3. My kadango spat this evening showing at least 11 fish so far. She still is picking them up and spittting them out.... Not really sure wats that all about....? Now when should i start to feed them, wat food, how often.... So many many questions.....im just stoked i got sum fry after a long time i thought my gold fins would never breed. Any help would be awesome. Excited davo.
  4. Hey all, I have just found 3-5 fry from my Julidichromis Ornatus, but I don't know how to keep them alive. lol. I have had some fry before, 2 from the julies and 2 from some maingano, but every single one of them have been eaten or have died. I have removed the fry, as well as their parents from my main tank, and have put them in a small 40cm*20cm tank. Was this the right move? and, I have two filters, but I'm not sure which to use, I have a 500L/H internal or one of those sponge filters. Except everytime I hook the sponge filter up to the air pump, it doesn't look like it is sucking anything in. Is this normal? Any help would be really appreciated, as I would like to be able to start keeping some fry alive. Thanks alot, Spits
  5. hey guys.. Was thinking about throwing my Pepps and O/Spots in with my JD fry.. b/nose are around the 6-9cm mark and the JD fry are around 5-6mm (1/2cm) My question is: Will the b/nose eat the fry at night while the fry are sleeping on the bottom? Or being that the fry are free swimming, it shouldnt matter? any advice appreciated.. Jay
  6. hey all. have one lot of afra cobue fry and another lot of maingano fry. the afra's were "born" about a week and a half before the maingano's were "born". the afras are now about 1 - 1.5cm long and the maingano's would be .5-1cm long. both were in large breeder nets in a two ft tank, but have heard that keeping them in nets for too long stunts their growth. my dilemmas come now. i have moved the afras out of the breeder net into the tank, with the maingano still in net. these two batches of fry would be the only inhabitants of the tank. 1. will the afras eat the maingano? 2. will all the fry be able to find enough food? (at the moment the afras are hiding behind the filter whenever i come near) 3. should i provide rocks/coral for the fry to hide in or will this also prevent them from getting as much food as they need? any help would be great. Cheers, Trent
  7. hi guys i have a breeding colony of 7 pepps they have bred heaps of times and 3 weeks ago my male fanned 60 fry i put him in a fry saver for a week and put him back into the tank and raised the fry last week i only got 18 then 2 died and just yesterday another 2 died , if you guys can help with info on raising to get good 5cm fry that would be great even a weekly plan of what i should be doing on a daily basis would be great cheers
  8. Gidday everyone I managed to get my o spots to breed He kicked the fry out and I have had them in my bn grow out tank for a week but have been losing maybe 3 or 4 every day there was originally about 80 down to 60 is this mortality rate normal for o spots I didnt have this high mortality rate with my albinos or commons I am feeding them on nls wafers and cucumber any advice appreciated cheers Hilly
  9. Morning all... I have about 50-60 Albino BN fry about 1-2cm in a 3footer with the parents. Could I throw in 4 Metriaclima msobo (6cm) as I need the tank these guys are in. Would the msobo's eat the abn fry? Would the fry gang up on the msobo and harass them to death :wink: Cheers wolften
  10. i striped one of my electric blues 2 days ago ond FINALY found 5 or 6 tiny tadpole looking things with 5 or 6 eggs . i am tumbling them as usual and the eggs are disaperind and i need to know what i should be feeding the cuckoo fry any help so excited to get them this far
  11. I have about 12 corydoras fry (about 10 days old) that I'm currently feeding microworm. This is the first time I've bred corydoras and first time using microworm. Questions: how long should a microworm culture last? what is the best method of storing it? how can you tell if it's time to get rid of the culture?
  12. i just stripped a 10cm red top zebra..and i got 30+ plus fry.. i put the fry starigh into a 2ft tank as i havnt got any hangers at the moment. i crushed some sera flora and put it in the tank they ate it.... and yeah any advice form here would be awesome..... the quite large so i was guess i stripped the female on the 3rd week...... ok thanks guys!!!!
  13. Just thought I'd put up a few photos of just how greedy my Peacock Bass fry can be despite being fed pellets, bloodworm and brine shrimp several times a day. As you can see it doesn't mind electric blue fry of nearly the same size!!
  14. Hi All, about a month ago, I had my first successful spawn of BN in my pond (cue loud cheering sound effects!). After they were free swimming, I transferred most of them (about 70 or so) to a rearing tub that is about 50-60 litres. I had a sponge filter running, along with an airstone, so there was plenty of water flow. I was also doing fairly regular water changes (ie 30% at least with added chlorine neutraliser). They were well fed on zucchini and algae disks and they were feeding and growing quite well for about two weeks. Suddenly, about a week or so ago, the fry started dying at a rate of at least 5 or 6 a day. Sometimes, I would literally see them die (not very pleasant!). They are still dying almost by the minute and I can't understand why, after weeks of doing so well. To make matters worse, they don't seem to be eating at all for some reason. They are about 1 cm on average here are the water parameters : pH : about 7.7 (I know they would prefer something a little more acidic, but they didn't seem to be affected by the pH before) Temp - around 25 degrees (no heater required in the garage, as it has been fairly warm anyway, as the inside tank has stayed above 27 degrees for the last few weeks) NH3 - 0.0 NO2 - 0.0 - 0.1 GH - 80 mg/ L KH - 20 mg/L When I started noticing them dying, I would change the water more frequently. Lately, daily water changes have been the order of the day. Hopefully someone can give me some advice as to what to do or be able to tell me what is going wrong...
  15. Just wondering what is the best food to feed electric yellow fry to make them get there bright colour? thanx
  16. Ok well I must be doing something right as I got a heap of convict fry in one of my 4 footers, have tried to move as many of the fry as possible into a 2 foot tank on their own, yes I've ready the forums and used google, got a sponge filter in there today as the small power head was blowing them in a whirlpool. Have ground yup soem fish food, and got a couple of algea waffers in there, anything else I need to know? And now for the question which I know will get me into trouble, !!! How fast do they grow,? Just which it was my jewels breeding instead of the convicts, but anything is better than nothiong I suppose, so the fact they are breeding, I assume is a sign, I got the water and tank conditions right? Regards Marc
  17. Gidday everyone I have had about 30 albino b/n fry 2 weeks old disappear from my tank set up in my garage its a mystery I have only got 2 apple snails in there with them do they eat fry?There is only an air driven sponge filter in there the only other thing i think it could be is maybe there could be a frog that got in there has anyone got any ideas cheers Hilly
  18. well i just cleaned out the second chamber of my sump today and i found a fry swimming around the guttergaurd and bio balls and the build up of muck to my best guess it is a julidochromis ornatus fry of about 1cm but the colony has not been in the system for prob over 3months so it has been in there for a long time and has survived it it has prob growin so slow as the water and food quality has prob not been ideal and the surface foot print not very big either the last time i cleaned out the first chamber i found a yellow and a couple of flamebacks and an afra so who know what i will find next clean as i only clean one chamber at a time so the sump is still running with heaps of bacteria so not to put to much load on the system so if you have any strange funny silly or just plain weird stories of things that you have found or seen while breeding/keeping fish why not add it to this and lets see what fry , fish and peoplehave seen and lived to tell about let the stories begin mark
  19. Hi Guys I have some Leleupi fry that are ready for sale, i am wondering how much they generally sell for? Thanks Shane
  20. Hey guys. Im up in Cairns. Im after some good quality Gold Saum Rivulatus fry. There are no good quality fry anywhere around the Cairns shops. Does anyone know of any good breeders around QLD that will ship ??
  21. hey peoples, just need a little help been trying to raise heaps of fry latley but not doing so good. in one tank we had about 200 braselenes(how ever you spell it) and then added some lombardi we have a sponge filter running it and now we have less then 50 fry all together. i seen some eating one another but how important is it to keep the same size fry together? and any other suggestions would help. in my other fry tank we had some lombardi, hongi and something else, probally about 50 fry all together and now 12 fry, what the hell is going on, i dont see the point in trying to breed them when they just disapear.(excuse the french) cheers kel
  22. Hey Guys, Stripped one of my wild caught "IKola Blue Lightning" frontosa females last Sunday at day 7 and got 40 wrigglers. Still all doing well today at day 11, so looks like I finally broke the drought Cheers, Doug
  23. hey guys have bred about 10 mouthfuls of yellows now and they seem to vary alot in colour when they are about 4 weeks old onwards my 1st batch were bright from day 1 and are magnificent now @4cm but my others who are around 1 cm have very little colour at all.. when do most peoples elec yellows colour up and do some of my dull ones have a hope of coming out bright? all are from the one colony with about 5 different bloodlines through out.
  24. Well as I was looking at my tank today (first time in a week, apart from a quick feed). I spotted about 15 little k2 fry swimming around, all stripy and yellow like litte tigers. Probably alot more in there as I have good rock structure. Was happy to notice that another 3 of the girls where holding aswell. Also a good 20 duboisi, but the k2's are rarier than cats piss, so really happy to have them breeding so young. Now my old man is claiming he breed them as I was in perth all week LOL. For those that dont know, this is a k2 adult, not mine, but nearly as good as mine.
  25. hi guys, will a breeding trio peppermint bristlenose be ok with acei fry cheers,john :wink:
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