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Found 359 results

  1. hay guys i have 2big pair of royal whiptail and a group of 10 LG6 breeding whiptail. i get eggs all the time and 100s of fry but i cant seem 2 keep many alive.. so any help on food,water,tank set up would be great i get the fry to about 2weeks old then bam huge die off. the 2 tanks the fish r in are 3ft tanks about 200L each.royals in 1 LG6 in the other. is there 2much water space 4the lil buggers ta find food? the tanks have 4 big sponge filters in each tank no stones some wood and plants. any help would be great guys also keen for some red whiptail if ya have any lol. thanks
  2. Hey Guys Just wondering when i should do my first water change while i have Rivulatis fry in my tank? i use tap water at tap temperature. its been a week and a half since ive done a change and the water looks pretty scungy. Cheers Luke
  3. I noticed when they came out of the log that they had dots on them that appeared to range from on their body to on their fins and I assumed this wasnt normal so I gave a small dose of multicure to the tank after giving it a water change, what should I do next? Steve.
  4. Ok i have raised 400+ fry in the same way so not sure what im doing wrong now there in a 4 foot tank i removed the eggs and moved them to a floating container till they hatched i left them in there for 2 weeks after and feed them on zuccini and only 1 died out of approx 120 i then released them to the main tank area and within a week there all dead about 3 weeks prior i lost 80 the same way but at that time i had 3 siamese alge suckers and 1 clown loach all were around 5 cm so in a chance they were eating them i removed them before releasing the second batch but still they died other tank mates are approx 100 cherry shrimp and 6 pears of pep adults and 1 pair of albino adults did a water test and ph is around 7 and ammonia at 0ppm and all else seems normal havent done anything different i recently remover 100 albino fry as i thought they were hogging the food from a 3rd batch but still they drop like flies is it posible the adults or the cherry shrimp are killing them ???
  5. anyone got an answer? 3x 4 litre icecream containers with newly hatched and 1 week old fry just vanished!!!!!! containers were on their usual benchtop and were fine the night before (all there) next morn one was empty ( 40 odd fry.. 1 week old eating brine shrimp) same the following day ...one empty 60 odd fry day three ...2 left out of 100 panda fry just hatched has anyone had a similar experience? or can some one offer a logical/plausable explanation? dont have cane toads in my room
  6. heaps of mono fry 2wks old now, so hopefully they survive so everyone can get new bloodline let me know if you are interested so i can contact u when ready be at lease 2-3months b4 really cheers kevin
  7. Ok so went to bunnings got myself a couple nice containers Some aquarium safe silicon And some fly screen So can people please give me there suggestions on how to do it? Do i cut a hole in the bottom and put the fly screen on hte bottom or do i do that to the sides of the box? And if the sides then how to do get the eggs to tumble also the fry will range from pindani's to a variety of BN. Cheers any suggestions would be great i did see something good on here not long ago but i cannot seem to find it now :S
  8. There was 11 of them at 3-4cm. One died, and after testing all the most obvious things, all with perfect results (Tamp, PH, Ammonium, Nitrite), I added salt, as I read they need a decent salt level. Plus the dying fish show heavy respiratory problems and sort of hover on the bottom gasping for their last few days. Another is dying now, as I type this he's laying sideways on the gravel hardly moving. Hardly any of them are eating now and they're all breathing fast. Maybe gill parasite? Are these ever visible? 260L 4 ft tank has a 3l/min airstone running, along with one hole from both filters spray bar above the surface - so that should be enough surface agitation I.E. oxygen. The water and filters (1200lph internal and 1500lph canister level with tank) have been running with fish and without problem for over a year. Ever since I got the Kigoma's I do daily 10L water changes. Does anyone have any Test, Diagnosis AND/OR treatment suggestions?
  9. hey everyone just wanted to now how long i should wait till i take the krib fry from the parents they have been free swiming for nilly a week and starting to eat flake food
  10. Just wondering what a good time and size would be to start selling my red devil fry I have 53 from there first batch they are about 1.5cm now (I know they are not ready yet) and 2nd batch was about 500 they are still just little dots swimming around. In ur opinions what is a good time to sell them??? Thanks alot
  11. I think they are now 6 weeks old, I have split off the majority of "norma or splits", got 20-30 of what I think are Electric Blue fry, see attached, let me know if you agree, these are smaller, turned slightly cream and are loosing they markings (no spots either) Cheers (Red circles) Ben
  12. suspects are RCS, M. praecox or P. Gertrudae kinda looks like a shrimplet but i just want to confirm. they're probably about 3-4mm long and very wriggler type movement..
  13. hey guys bred a few times before but had a high mortality rate wondering what i can do betta. all are in 4ft tank with elodia lots of wood and some rocks, 1000lph canister 300w heater. i use tank water every 2nd water change, i do 40l per week/fortnight depending on time availabe. i feed a combination of protein crumb, algae wafer crumb and whole wafers for bnose. also zucchini for bnose. any ideas on better food esp for fast growth and/or better colouration. thanks for help. in advance.
  14. jules just finished setting up our new fry tank, we bought this one a few weeks ago, didn't really know what to do with it, so we set it up next to jules computer and put our red forrest jewels and convict fry in it, they are a few weeks old and it was time to move them, here are a few pics,
  15. Its taking a while but these little ones are growing up, starting to show a bit of colour. and a girl i think... thanks for looking
  16. Hi all, for all of those who have successfully managed to breed the Electric blue gene I was wondering at what age can you pick the fry apart? For instance from the very start are they bright blue or do they get to a couple of cm before they get the all over electric blue colour? Thanks in advance.
  17. Hi quick question I have bristle nose in a tank iam trying to breed. They are in the tank with adult gupppys and mollies, Will the fry get eaten?
  18. Ok so at the moment they are in a plastic tub and the sides have been cut out with fly screen on it. Just wondering how big they have to be before i can move them into their own tank when the shock of moving them wont kill them/stress them out? They are blue pindani's and i have about 40 of them at the moment.
  19. OMG OMG soooo excited *LOL* I was cleaning my apple snails tank, anyway over it is my Pep tank, so i was just watching em and decided i wanted one of the bits of wood from in there to put in my apple tank, so i grab it and chuck it in. Anyway i go back to watching the Peps and what do i spot, bubba peps!! Lots and lots of bubba peps!! Finally!! The male i've had for 2yrs waiting for the 2.5cm peps i bought to grow up *L*....2yrs of growing out the 4 peps has finally come to results. ...my eldest son came running when i let out the *squeeeeeeeee* and just shook his head at me when he realised what i was excited about :D
  20. Ok so my pindani fry have just gotten rid of their egg sacks and all of a sudden 2 have died and another is on its way. HELP do you no whats happening and what can i do? Thanks in advance
  21. Hehehe - is guess with convicts it's inevitable...but...i'm still excited!!! My Albino Female has paired up with my normal Male, ignoring the bigger Albino Male *laughs* It will be interesting to see how many survive, so far the parents are doing a good job of keeping the babies safe by chasing off everyone else. It's sad...but i'm still excited!
  22. Hi everyone just wondering if anyone that has bred angels or knows about angels could tell me about any troubles associated with raising angel fry cause I have been told myself that they need to be fed alot at the start and their quite hard to raise any help would be appreciated thanks!
  23. Ok so i have a 2fter full of bn fry with the parents in there. I would say about a hundren fry but i really wouldnt have a clue, there is a fair bit of crap on the tank floor as you could imagine, how do you clean the tank without sucking up all of the fry? they will be changed into a 4fter soon i just need to make the stand for that tank 1st Cheers
  24. I just noticed my electric yellow had fry in its mouth, so i catched it and dipped it in and out of water to get the fry out, the fry are are 5mm long, Have i taken them out of the Yellows mouth too early?
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