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Found 359 results

  1. Hey guys, I just bought some Saulosi fry, they're about 4cm - most are light grey with some very faint barring, with faint shades of yellow and/or blue. Arent they meant to be bright yellow?? Or are these guys in a male transformation stage and will colour up soon?? Thanks Matt.
  2. just wondering if i could feed tropheus fry baby brine shrimp, if so, for how long?
  3. Ive got a 4ft that is for betta fry. just wondering what you would suggest for plants? remember there is no substrate or gravel, just a couple of rocks. i was thinking some floating plant that has long shoots. any ideas or pics would be great.
  4. Just wondering if common b/n would eat/disturb krib or multi fry? One of my b/n keep going near the shell the mulit's have chosen. The male multi chases it but the b/n keeps going back there. Should I remove the b/n?
  5. hey guy i just moved my convicts from tank A to tank B That was last night. today i have just found convict fry in the tank.. what do i do.. i think i will put them in an egg tumbler is this the right thing??
  6. Hello all I have two pairs Julidochromis ornatus one pair have fry now and free swim already but wondering should I remove the other pair out? I know these guy are good parents and should be fine to leave the parents with the fry but don't know about the other pair that are not their (the fry) parents. Any help/advices are welcome Planning to feed them some grinded NLS and brime shrimp. Cheers
  7. Here are the pics People have asked for of fry coming in the next few weeks. Parents Juvies
  8. Evening all. First off thanks for everyones help with my last thread in reguards to their eggs. Turns out some hatched but I have lost all of them bar 6 now in a fry saver. This time I'm more prepared & have been watching the pair closly. Her tube is comming down & looks like she is ready to lay soon again. My question this time is, if the fry survive will she pick off the 'blue' ones? Will she see them as being deformed & eat them to increase the chances of the others? Also, what is best to feed the fry? Any other pointers would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Craigo.
  9. 3 x 2 x 1 H partitions are all 150mm fry holding bays 450mm long The one long bay at the back is where the heater media and small powerhead will go. Hook it up to a pipe with holes (spraybar) to shoot water back in very well made tanks every edge is smooth. water trickles through stainless steel mesh not fly screen All comments welcome Fish junkie
  10. Was out and about today and saw these tubs and thought they'd be good for seperating new fry for the first part of they're life, before they go into a grow out tank. So now i have a task of building a timber rack to hold them all. They are 15 litres each. Cost a whoping $2.99 each so I lashed out and bought 12. I'm just going to drill holes in them and get some fittings to flow them back to my sump so that they all run off the same water as my tanks =) If it all goes well i might find some bigger to go with them. =)
  11. I have around 20 convict fry in a tank with mum and dad. It now appears that's mum and dad are about to do the deed again as the are busily digging holes all over the tank and both are getting colorful again. The fry are about 8mm long. Should I remove the fry or are they ok with mum and dad? Adrian
  12. Hey guys. I have Maleri Gold Peacock fry and they are about a month old and i want the to grow quicker how often should i change there water and feed them or is there anything else?
  13. My Red Forest jewels just laid there first eggs just wondering when they hatch what should i feed them , also should i seperate them from the tank into a fry saver or something so they don't get eaten or will they be alright . Thanks in advance Fozzy
  14. i have a few trios and pairs of various atlolamprologus but when they breed i can never manage to raise the fry. i need to know- how much of what to feed them? how often to clean out the tank and how much? how to extract the fry from the main tank? substrate? filtarion? tank size? please help, if i dont raise a batch of fry soon then i will run out of money and have to stop keeping fish! even if you can answer 1 of these question, every bit helps thank you in advance!
  15. I have recently been trying to grow out a group of fry from about october, and they don't look like they are growing too fast. They are in a standard 4ft tank and are now about the 3cm mark, some smaller some bigger. Any ideas that would help increase the growth rate would be much appreciated. As in maybe a type of food to feed them? do they need a larger tank? Thank you in advance
  16. Hey guys, I never thought I would say this but I want to put Cichlids in my 3ft but How will they go in a 90x45x45cm tank with a few L's and Corydoras? The Corys are breeding and I was worried that the Elecs may eat the fry. Is a 90x45x45cm tank too big for electrics? Will they dig into substrate and how are they with plants?
  17. i have a few trios and pairs of various atlolamprologus but when they breed i can never manage to raise the fry. i need to know- how much of what to feed them? how often to clean out the tank and how much? how to extract the fry from the main tank? substrate? filtarion? tank size? please help, if i dont raise a batch of fry soon then i will run out of money and have to stop keeping fish! even if you can answer 1 of these question, every bit helps thank you in advance!
  18. Finally I got my L333 to breed. These were a whiter line I kept than the more traditional yellow ones. 16 fry for their first spawn and no I didnt even know they had bred until I saw fry up on the glass.
  19. I recently put around 15+ peppermint fry into my tank with 2 electric yellows (the fry are about 8mm-1cm) If i am not feeding the yellows often and they are hungry, will they eat the fry? i can only see 2 out of the 15+ i put into the tank.
  20. Hey, Just thought I would put a few pics of the fry I'm currently growing out. There are 119 of them! Most are silver and black, some are yellow then only a couple of the white ones below. Only have a few of these cool white ones! My biggest A.Inka 50 fry Thanks for looking PS - The angels will be up for sale soon, if anyone is interested just PM.
  21. I have a daddy faning hes fry, today is the 8th day he has been faning them as wrigglers. I read they take about 4-7 days before he lets them out off hes cave. Can the male hold them in there to long. This is the first time i have tried to breed them and i dont know if the b/n has breed as i just brought him. Thanks.
  22. I have around 30-40 convict fry free swimming but herded by mum and dad. I have a 2ft tank about to be setup for the fry. Whats the best way to get the fry to the other tank? Net? Vacuum? Adrian
  23. This is my first summer season breeding in Oz. To date, all my hatches have been successfully raised. My last two hatches of multispinosa had the parents removed after 1 week but over the following week, the fry gradually dwindled away on both occasions (they breed every 14 days). All paramaters are ok and older fry from the same parents are doing well. The temps in the fish room have risen to around 86F (30C) on a couple of occasions. Could this be the cause? Being so young they cannot withstand the raise twmps as opposed to their older siblings? cheers kev
  24. Emptied out my fry saver two days ago and found one left in it today. Would not have believed it if I had not seen it myself and my L066 spawn...now just to get the L002's and L202's out. L397 lives after two days in this much water in fry saver My latest spawn of L066's
  25. I've recently started keeping dwarf cichlids, in particular Blue Rams. They breed and I pulled my first batch of fry out about a week ago but have had trouble with feeding routines. Because they are so small, I have trouble cleaning out left over food without sucking out fry too. This leads to me having to find them and put them back in the tank one by one which takes about 30 mins 4 times a day! That's 2 hours per day just with fry feeding routines. Now they have layed eggs again! So I've come up with a plan and wanted to find out if anyone else feeds the way I plan too. The plan is to suck them out of thier tank into a "feeding container" so that the home tank stays clean and I dont have to worry about sucking out fry when cleaning. So I would put tank water in an ice cream container, suck them into it, feed them and then put them back into the home tank. At the end of each day I would refill the 15L that I've taken out during feedings so that takes care of water changes too. Has anyone else done this? Would love some advice, like: Does it stress the fry out moving them around so much? Any advice really would be appreciated. Cheers
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