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Found 359 results

  1. Hey all, Today I walked into the fish room to see my blue ram pair with a cloud of fry around them, I then saw the mother picking them off one by one So I got the fry into thier own tank in about 3.5 seconds lol I put them in a tank with the same water and a sponge filter. They were all a bit shocked at first, sitting on the bottom but they are starting to liven up. Anyway these are by far the smallest fry I have ever tried to raise, I need some help with, well everything. I tried feeding frozen spirulina brine shrimp and crushed nls grow. They havent had a good go at it yet but I'm hoping they will. I'm just after any tips and advice on raising fry so small. Cheers
  2. hey guys just wondering about the pros/cons of waiting 3-4 weeks and milking babies or milking the eggs after a couple of days and tumbling what has a better succses rate etc? cheers
  3. I posted a few days ago about my new pair of N. ornatopinnis having a shell of fry. Sadly as of today she's totally abandoned the shell and no fry are left. She's quite fat with eggs again though and is still hanging closely with her male so I'm sure they'll spawn again, but I'm looking for some suggestions on how to help this not happen again. First of all, is this common with new pairs? This is their first spawn and I'm thinking maybe she's just still working herself out. Next, the other three are still in the tank. I believe this is either M/M/F or F/F/M. They're still growing so it's hard to tell at times. None of these other ones are using shells or paired up yet, but they're still a little pushy and keep swooping the main pair. There's no hardcore aggression though, no ripped fins or any damage done. I've taken this opportunity to rearrange the tank. It's a 2x18x18; I've moved the texas holey rock into the middle of the tank now to create two distinct areas, and split up the shells in the tank to opposite corners. - Should I not bother with this and just remove the three spares? I'm pretty sure I can work another pair out of these three so I'd like to hold onto them for a while. I can easily set them up in another 2x1 tank this weekend. Thanks in advance for the help guys. Still a big learning curve here!
  4. Is there such thing as fry friendly filters? Where would be the best place to find them? I need about 3 so that i can SUCCESSFULLY grow up my next batch of Green Terror babies. Thanks, Benno
  5. Couldn't get any pics (badly placed shell and VERY protective parents), but definitely spotted fry in my females shell. I've had these guys THREE weeks. I wasn't sure at first when I got them that I had a pair and picked up two more from shon a few week back. Now of course the pair I do have are losing their shit completely at the other three in the tank. few questions, 1. the fry are just very small and wiggly (eyes with tails)..at what point should I look at using baby brine to feed them, or should I just grind up the same food their parents are eating? 2. The tank is 2x18; should I look at removing the other three? I'm thinking (based on sizes) that there is one other pair and a spare small male. I have tanks that I can shift around and move the other three into, spare filters and all that. I'm hoping if i *do* move them I may end up with a 2nd pair and a 'spare'. 2.a. - the spare two that look like a pair REFUSE to use shells. No interest at all, would this be because they are not the largest/dominant pair in the tank? Not enough separate 'areas' in the tank? 3. No question, just a yay! fry! =) (At least SOME of my fish are breeding....)
  6. i have a smaller tank mainly for some of my trio of pepps and 1 larger male BN. he is faning some eggs which i would assume come from a female pepp as the are no female BN in the tank. has anyone ever heard of this happening before? i was told there is no way it would which is why i put my extra male in there until i got a few girls for him but now this has happened. just so we are clear, i have no intensions of keeping any of the fry as they will be turned into feeders for my africans.
  7. The kids just walked past the tank and noticed 50 or so baby fish in the tank in amounst the large sandstone rocks, upon closer inspection the 2 convicts have burrowed some caves under the rocks and have about 50 or so babies. I have about 30 other various cichlids in the tank, and have been watching the tank for the past 30 minutes or so and one of the convicts seems to be doing a good job at keeping the other fish at bay whist the other stays in the den. My question - how long can they keep the fish at bay before they get overrun or too tired to keep up the perimeter? I dont like my chances of getting the fry out into another small tank as if I start to move the rocks out the way all the fish will go mad and scatter. Should I just leave them and let nature take its course?
  8. I love the look of the ghost fish and was wondering if they will eat endlers or there fry or cherry shrimp and if htey are the same water paramounts? and also are they best in groups or individuals ??
  9. As stated in the title, today i arrived home to find my female johanni has spat her fry, but one dosent seem to have a tail! its moving about fine in the tank using its side fins... Is this a regular mutation? Any advice would be great! Thanks Hellen
  10. What are the issues running small Malawi fish in water set up for L numbers. Baz
  11. hi the babie are only 5 days old, im feeding them baby brine shrimp for past 2 days. but how many times a day should i feed them?? cheers manho
  12. I found a heap of shelldweller fry in my community tang tank and moved them all to a grow out tank. I have found this morning that I have a larger singular fry in there with them and I am not sure where it came from. He has a red colour to him that is throwing me off. Sorry the photo isnt the best but he is tiny and fast, would appreciate any ideas.
  13. Hey guys and gals, I have a 2ft kribensis tank with 1 pair and about 100 fry from their last batch. The fry are about 1cm long now. The parents get along fine with the fry but they are showing signs that they might spawn again soon. Should I remove the adults or the fry? Or just leave them be? I dont want them to eat their fry in defence of their new eggs thats all. Opinions appreciated Cheers
  14. Hi all, first post and hopefully many more to come. Over the last couple of days/weeks my cave of bn eggs has gone from 40 or so to 15, then from 15 to 11. Then when hatching was taking place I was at work and when I got home there was like 5 eggs left and one hatched swimming fry. So I was watching the last 5 eggs hatch, then I placed them in an open clear plastic isolation tank (for betta's) at the bottom of the tank. Next day I could only see three, and whilst looking for them one of the ones was eaten by the male! Swear to god, I couldn't believe my eyes considering what I have read online about breeding bn's. Now to this day I have one left, in the isolationg tank now hanging on the side of the tank with the slotted lid closed. Is this unusual? or common? Has this happened to anyone else? Will this continue? Thanks Anthony
  15. i have a colony of 10 tropheus red bemba and i think one is holding now. it has a bulging out chin and sits in its own spot and keeps all the others away. this is my first mouthfull of tropheus but have had hongi, do the same rules apply, just strip after 15 days. i heard that you should strip the first mouthful because they wont breed again? should i put in a separte tank? has it bred? what do i do
  16. Discus adopting Angelfish fry Hi intesting thing has happened in the fish room. I have 3ft tanks divided with glass that has been drilled for water to flow through as they are conected to a filter system. I have a pair if Angels that i would normally take their spawn away to hatch out that are next door to 2 Discus that are growing out to breed with. The Angels have spawned and hatched fry that have swam through the divider and have been adopted by the discus who are very happy to be looking after them. There is probably more angel fry with the discus than with the parents. The discus are picking fry up in their mouths and spitting them out with the rest of the fry school, Flicking thier fins to attract fry the and have changed colour to attract fry to them. Very interesting. Anybody had anything like this before. This has been going on for 3 days. Regards Angel
  17. Once again my p/bass layed a batch of eggs, but this time I was prepared & had a plan set out.Split some of the eggs into a tumbler & put in a 2 footer that I had prepared & left the bulk in the big tank with the parents, all was going well until about the fourth day when after even treating with meth blue appeared to loose the lot to bacteria.I tried to pick out the affected eggs in the tumbler but with big hands & little eggs all ended in tears.The main batch of eggs in the main tank all started to disappear & fungus set in there aswell.Hit the main tank with another dose of meth blue & was going to clean them out on the weekend. Came home sunday morn from being down the coast o/night to look in the bottom of the 2 footer to see something wriggling around, first there was one then another, at last count last night there were about 20 free swimming. fingers crossed
  18. Hey all, Just thought I might share some pics that I just took. Sorry for the bad quality, I really need to get a good camera Enjoy Comments welcome Thanks, Regards, Ryan
  19. My red devils just had a batch of fry and i was wondering what to do with them.. they are free swimming. should i leave them with parents or take them out???
  20. What do you do for really small fry? I have 2 net ones, but the angel fry can just go through the small holes. Can i use stockings to slip over the nets and make them small fry proof. Or do you have something else you use.
  21. Title error, should be Simochromis Diagramma Just caught out 5 Simochromis Diagramma fry, I've only had them for 4 weeks as well! I was expecting to find Tropheus fry but I'm not sure what happened with them I had 4 females holding and now they're not... I doubt the fish in the tank would eat them because they're all herbivores Anyone got ideas? Here's some pictures anyway
  22. heyy guys have recently built a breeding setup and just had 2 spawns of bristlenose and am currently only giving them zuchini and some spirulena pellets. so if you could point me in the direction on a successful food you have used before that would be great!!!
  23. After a recent w/c i found a Tropheus duboisi fry in there he's around 1.5cm never raised these b4 , have raised many malawi fry so would assume they would be the same apart from the food , so after some general info like Food - ( feeding spirulina power atm and brine shrimp ) Best water conditions- ( have ph, gh & kh around the same as my malawi tank ) Any other helpful info would be useful Terry
  24. hey all just a few queries on red devil young.. When do they start getting there colours.? Wat age can i tell male from female.? What age do they sexually mature.? Any thing else you think might be helpful too thanks guys cameron
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