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Found 359 results

  1. Cuckoo fry what am I looking for? Have had a pair of cuckoos in with a colony of electric blue. Have been stripping at 4 days, this is the third mouthfull and have all looked normal until today, there seems to be two different size eggs and a few empty shells but can’t see anything swimming around . What exactly am I looking for, can I see them
  2. hey guys, though you might like to see this. got some breeding action in one of my tanks with 2 albino longfin males and 2 normal longfin females. The tank the logs a photo of a female and the dad's log (note the fry behind)
  3. hi, i have a little internal power filter in my fry tank that i started up and was wondering if that would suck the fry up or would it be ok cheers,john :wink:
  4. just wondering what sort of survival rate alto breeders are experiencing? i seem to be loosing a large amount of fry between 3-5 weeks , just after fry become free swimming. i first thought water quality but now think maybee food? i am using powdered nls pellets
  5. hi can anyone tell me roughly how long elec yellows and blues take to get to about 4cm or sellable size. also can i grow the fry up in the same tank as bn fry or will the elec yellows try and eat them. any help would be very appreciated great.
  6. I noticed last week that one of burundi had a small mouthful and decided today to strip her and see what shes got, this is the first time one of my fronts has held past 3 days. when i got her in the net she spat out 8 little fry with sacks almost gone so she definately has had them longer than i thought, Im pretty stoked ive been waiting like years for this. ill get some pics up soon.
  7. heres a little vid of my new firefin fry,,(excuse the sound, i have'nt worked that out yet)
  8. Hi All Just a quick question on what the best foods for Peppermint Bristlenose Fry would be? Cheers
  9. hi would someone be able to put a pic of there fry savers as i can not get the hang of it and how exactly to use them. i have bred heaps of common and albino bristlenose before but occasionally they kick the eggs out and they just fungus any help would be great thanks.
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