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Found 359 results

  1. I have quite a few females now berried up yay!! and in preparation for there imminent arrival I need to provide some protective cover for the shrimplets to hide in and be able to retreat to away from bigger hungrier shrimp. They are in an IBC so am looking for ideas of what people may have used..... ? Are they even canabalistic? Shrimp in question are Australian freshwater shrimp- yep your common feeder shrimp, Macrobracium Australiense
  2. Hi guys, It's been a while since I visited here but I figured since my discus have spawned and I've begun artificially raising them, I thought where better to get tips and info from than QLDAF. After reading a few guides, I found that the "Jack Wattley Method" is highly regarded by many, and after two failed spawns to practice the technique on I think I've got it. I wanted to document how they're going here so that anyone who has experience doing this can maybe point out anything I'm doing wrong or something that could be done better. So first up, I'm not entirely sure on the names of the discus I have but the parents are what I believe to be the Blue Corals; one behind what I believe is a Melon, and the one behind that (on the right and middle). If anyone knows what breed they are for sure please confirm or correct me They spawned on four small Anubias leaves from which I took three and left one in so they didn't stress too much. I placed these three leaves in a glass jug with water from the parent's tank, added two drops of Methylene Blue (from The Tech Den ), put in an air line and let them simmer for 5 days until they were almost ready to free-swim. During this I had a 10L tank with a small sponge filter bubbling that was cycled from the previous two failed spawns, which also has a large breeding trap with a fine net around it to prevent falling through the gaps. On the sixth day I placed the fry into the breeding trap and I watched them start to become free-swimmers; the time between the first free-swimmers and the last ones was significant with a full 24 hours before they were all at the same stage. As soon as the first ones were swimming though I pegged on two black pieces of plastic (cut from a document folder) using an egg yolk and fry food mixture which was described in several guides. The mixture is made of a hard boiled egg yolk (no whites at all), a raw egg yolk (also no whites), and a small mound of Spectrum Small Fry Starter which is then mashed up and frozen. Here's a clip of them at this stage: At this point they were mostly still attached to the calcified or unfertilized eggs closest to them which made it easier to move them between containers. I also was experimenting with different containers; this one was a small food container with two holes drilled in each side and a net tied around it, though it proved to be unsuitable as the fry were getting stuck between the net and the container which made me switch to the current breeding trap set up: And this is where I'm at so far. I do 100% water changes in the morning when I wake up and again at night before bed. I change the egg paste on the cards every 2-3 hours and occasionally force the cleaner tank water into the breeding trap to stop it getting stale. If anyone has any tips or comments on my way of doing this please let me know Also, after the first 2 weeks I'm not exactly sure how to go from there; I've read that after 5-6 days you can start supplementing the fry with powdered food and baby brine shrimp, but after the 2 week mark I was just hoping the powdered fry food would carry them through to bigger foods like dried blackworms and such.
  3. Hi All. This is one that I am completely stumped on, I have spoken to a mate and he has the same problem by the sounds of it but we both don't think it is normal. I have 3 pairs of bn and they have fry every months basically. I separate the father and the log into a fry tank when i find that the male is on eggs in his logs. What i am stumped with is how do i keep the fry alive, Basically Bn are the only things i cant seem to raise, Every batch there is tonnes of baby's and they all only last a few days after coming out of the logs. From every batch i am lucky to get 10% that would survive after the 2 cm mark and the rest seem to drop off before then. They are on a sumped rack so when i put the log into the new tank they are never exposed to no water or water changes, there are other fish in the rack that i raise from fry but it seems the only thing I can't get good success with is BN... They are fed and algae wafers, there water conditions are all great and I cant seem to work it out? I would like to know has anyone else had these problems? what is the best way to curve this? What am I doing wrong? Thanks all and sorry for the stupid questions.
  4. I have been playing with a new toy ( Micro-Nikkor 60mm lens ) The pics are at best ok and were taken with only the strip lights on the tank . The pics are of very small Rhadinocentrus ornatus fry . Not sure if anybody would be interested but here goes !
  5. So, I have ssdiscus to thank for this latest excitement. After picking up my stunning new male discus Sat we have action :hug:Seems the arranged marriage is doing well! (Photos taken from a great distance, sorry for quality)
  6. I have had some gouramies hatch about 2 days ago and just wondering if microworms are suitable food for them? What age should I start feeding them? They have an egg sack they feed on for a few days don't they? I have them in a 2 ft bare bottom tank with a sponge filter, I haven't turned the filter back since I turned it off for male to build his bubble nest. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. Here are a few of my fry. Blue turqs. And pigeon blood x red melon.
  8. ok so today, I got a mouthful of Protomelas virgatus. About time too, she spat the last 4! got 28..... which is at least 1 more female. And thank crap for that, becuase I cant find any anywhere!
  9. So my sgjd breeders i recently brought got there first lot of wriggles in the pot ... (Well second lot they ate the first) Hoping to leave them with parents for 3weeks,, just wondering at what stage to start puting freshly hatched brine shrimp in there?? Cheers
  10. my severum r now free swimming what food do u give your fry eg Rotifers for about a week and then Baby Brine Shrimp or some think like that
  11. I was wondering if anyone has considered using these wafers for fry to graze on? I see definite pro's with it not breaking down for 24 hours, which is basically in line with my water change schedule. But I see a problem with possible overfeeding, as it's technically a constant supply. It takes longer for a fry to work at it, so you cant really go by the usual (as much as they can eat in (x) minutes) rules? Your thoughts?
  12. .Hi all. I was just wondering if anyone could help me with 2 questions about my bristlenose fry. How big do they need to be befor I start to sell them on. Secondly how long dose it take them go grow from hatchlings to that size. I relies it will depend on lots of things. I just want a rough time frame to work with. Thanks for your help.
  13. .ive got 2 nice pairs of angels that spawn regularly and as im working though the day, I cant feed the fry and im loosing them. has anyone got any ideas to help me out ??? cheers marty
  14. I found this incredible, one hour long documentary of Discus breeding in Asia, filmed in 1993. A must-watch for any aquarium enthusiast.
  15. Hi Guys my son breeding pair has breed and he has now got some babies, any suggestions what he should feed then. he has also taken then away from the parents. Cheers Tracey
  16. So i got a batch of 1cm electric yellows, today i notice one of the bigger one has black dorsal and anal fin, just like a mature male yellow would have but not as solid. Is it safe to say that it could be a male?
  17. Here are a couple of photos of my Andes fry. About 4 weeks old. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. im moving a few tanks around and was wondering if shrimp and african fry can live together for a week or two?
  19. Hey all. Just a couple of pics of m y Angel fry. Dad is a yellow real scale & mum is a Ghost(i think this is right??) Got about 120ish. Their little bellies were full of freshly hatched BBS when i took the photos. Cheers
  20. Ive got some Sajica fry dont know if anyone can tell or not. Sadly parents passed away just after fry were saved Will update pics as they grow
  21. One of my guppies gave birth about 5 weeks ago I managed to capture her in a bucket and she birthed to 50 odd fry. I have removed her and put the fry in a smaller fish tank but after a week they only seemed to grow by 2mm. I looked around on the net and looked at guppy fry at 1 week and most already have colour on their tail and are much larger. Are my guppy fry stunted in growth because the tank is too small for them to grow in? The tank is about 20 litres maybe larger. Thx AquaHolic010
  22. I've recently picked up a bunch of Peacock Bass which are roughly at the 5 cm mark. I've been feeding them bloodworm and some small cichlid pellets which I had sitting around although they won't eat the pellet. I did a little research into which pellet would suit them better but I still wouldn't mind some advice from some people who keep them. Cheers
  23. I came home the other night and some of my new bristlenose fry were sitting on the glass just above the water level I have seen 6 of them doing it in the last 3 days ..... I need some advice on how to stop them doing it before they all decide to die The oxygen level is high and I am using 2 sponge filters in a 2 foot tank
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