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Found 359 results

  1. I need any advice on keeping my Peacock bass fry alive and growing Any advice is appreciated. I have had my first batch going for 3 weeks now, I have been feeding them newly hatched live baby brine shrimp and pureed blood worms. They were going fine until Tuesday just gone they have been dropping like flies. after they became free swimming I took the parents out and on Wednesday I noticed more dying so with there water I moved them into a smaller tank (2foot) with just a sponge filter. The fry look like they are going weak, struggling to swim and dying. I have been feeding them at least 4 to 5 times a day minimum parents bred in a 5x2x2 now they are in a 8x2.5x2 Thanks Luke
  2. Hi everyone I need help my fh fry are getting to the 3rd day of hatching and then dying they look as tho they are hatching but they never make it past the 3rd day WHY?? WHAT AM I DOING WRONG?? I have a youtube video of the fry if anyone can help Watch "Flowerhorn fry 3rd day of hatching" on YouTube
  3. My Mel. Chipokaes are multiplying like it's going out of style and I got more than I can handle! Already have a grow tank w/30+ and now.. 2 females currently clutching maybe 30+ each as well! Can't expect the LFS to take 'em all. My buddy says to put them up on KIJIJI or some other online sellers forum. Unfortunately, I'm not close to Australia. My thought is maybe survival of the fittest for any new fry in the larger tank. Is that cruel or is it just life?
  4. in a previous thread I setup a grow out drum for my bs dregs . http://www.qldaf.com/forums/aquarium-projects-diy-journals-11/growing-brine-shrimp-adults-attempt-1-a-96345/ now its producing a good number of shrimp so iv been feeding them regularly. video is not the best but is fun to watch them get smashed
  5. Hi i have a pair of red devils that have got fry that have just became free swimming today14/5/13 as im new to fish keeping i just need to know what to feed fry? an when to seperate them form parents or just let them be for awhile:help:. all are in 4ft at moment
  6. At what ages do you change what you can feed fry and to what? i have micro worms as a starter
  7. Hi I have been a fresh water fish guy for quite a wile but am just getting into cichlids. I made an introductory post the other day some of you may have read it. basically, I recently acquired a 180cm long by 85cm tall and 40cm deep tank I want to start a cichlid tank probably malawi. Got lots of time to think about it cause I cant stock it until the extensions on my house is finished which could be upto a year away. I got thinking about this today and I am a very impatient man and I want some cichlids some time soon and not a year from now. So it dawned on me that I will probably need a smaller tank for a sump for the big tank, so I could get that now raise some Malawi fry in it for a year then graduate them to the big tank. I don't know if I would want an all male tank yet or a tank with the potential to breed but in doing this project I could select what I want and give away the rest or perhaps if some one wants to do a deal I could keep what I need and the person who supplied the fry could have the year old fish back or something. At any rate I am dead keen on this project as it would give me a solid grounding in cichlid knowledge from the ground up and I would have something to do wile I wait a year for my house to be ready to populate the big tank. If anyone has some feed back on this idea I would be glad to here it, or if anyone knows of someone that can supply good quality, non hybrid fry close to Brisbane. Anyway leave your thoughts
  8. Happy friday people... this is a picture of something Marcus has been working on Would like some feed back on it if you have the time. Water is being pumped up thru the filters from the ibc for circulation. Seems to be working well for them thank you for your time. Sherell.
  9. Just wanted to share something I did yesterday which I thought was quite smart! I got annoyed at having numerous types fish food to cater for the different size fish I had. Ideally, I just wanted one type of food for all fish. The idea I had was to get medium/large size food which is great for my breeding fish, and then; - put that food into a blender to get a fine powder for the fry - Use a everyday salt grinder for finer granules for baby fish. Works a treat! I can now order one lot of food and just keep using that for all fish! This means I can buy in bulk (which is cheaper) and food does not go stale.
  10. I currently have 1 week old red devil fry (100's) They are in with their patents who appear to be doing a good job looking after them. When do I need to remove parents/fry?
  11. Heya, I recently consolidated all my smaller tanks into one large 6 x 2x 2 tank. It is a thing of Beauty and the fish are obviously happy since I now have about a dozen fry swimming around in all the hard to reach places. I love the whole breeding aspect of the Africans, which is why I got into them in the first place. However, at the rate my fish seem to want to breed, my stocking rates will be excessive to say the least. So my question is, apart from completely stripping all the rocks out of the tank to catch the little beauties, is there a way to remove fry from a tank? I was thinking of trying to knock together a fry trap of some type if its possible, but not sure how to get the fry in without everything else having a chop at it. Any advice would be welcome. Cheers
  12. I have a 6x2x2 divided in half. One side has a large flower horn, a red Texas, a coatzacoalus, Siamese algae eater and 2 clown loaches. They are all squashed up because my 2 red devils had babies. They are on the other side of the divider. I'm doing regular water changes and the side with the big fish is so clean. However, the other 3 ft has 2 adult red devils and 100's of fry and its filthy. There is algae growing on the glass. The substrate is dirty, in places disgusting. How can I clean the glass or gravel without being bitten or hurting the fry, they're only a week old.
  13. Hi All, I have about 1.5 month green terror fry. About 5 - 10 are dying each day. Some will flip rapidly around the tank (flip upside down, flash around the tank etc) and then sink head first and flap around for a bit. Some seem to lean aimlessly to one side before dying. I have started to notice their little gills seem wide open after they have died. I have treated with Tetra Parasite Guard twice. Ammonia, Nitrites etc are zero. Any thoughts? Thanks Tejay
  14. Hey guys just a general question ... How long do u guys think is right time to Remove discus fry to new tank , they have been On parents 3 days and seem to b feeding and Doing well
  15. this pic shows the parent fish I think the female top of pic was the mother ? I am new to the breeding of guppies but they had babies so we bought a new little tank to put the fry in. The first lot are now about 5 to 6 weeks old. Some of them have half of there bodies black but others just have a black spot at the base of there body where it meets the tail. I have looked on this site to try and find if anyone else has this sort of fish but haven't as yeat found anything. I saw some of the pictures titled gambusia but they have black dots on the tail fin not the body. I am trying to upload pictures (blurry ones but as yeat haven't succeeded ? Thanks Paul In this picture the baby on the right is one I'm talking about (sorry about pic quality)
  16. Hi Guys, Just wanting to see what everyones success rates are for raising from from full developed to 5cms. Do you loose many? I am getting lots of successful batches of fry now, and my new tumbling method im getting nearly 100% success rate from wrigglers to fully developed fry, however i seem to get them to about 2 - 2.5 cms then i loose one about every week or 2 and i have no idea why. Once they are fully developed i put them in a fry saver thats about 40cms long, 20cms high and 25cms wide. I feed twice a day with the NLS grow and do weekly 30% water changes. Any suggestions?
  17. Hi everyone, I have just found a batch of about 20 fry from my common bristlenose and i was wondering if there was anything i needed to do, like how often should i do water changes and things like that. Also i saw an albino fry, is this common for this to happen?
  18. I had put dad and eggs in separate tank, his third lot of eggs, previously had kicked out eggs. Probably my fault as was looking at him with a torch. Eggs hatched and all was okay. but had to put in some other pepps overnight while cleaning and changing gravel in big tank. fry still in there when others were taken out. a few days later couldnt see any fry at all. All gone. and no other fish to put blame on or any bodies in log. Guessing he has eaten them!!! Is this normal?
  19. Hi guys was cleaning my pep fry tank today and noticed this guy. It looks like it is half a different colour when all the rest are fine normal black and white dots.
  20. Good evening everyone Just wondering how long does it normaly take for fry to grow to about 4cm fish, and whats the best way to go about it. Cheers Dave
  21. If anyone is breeding catfish, they really need to buy some of the tech dens fry powder, it's the best stuff I've come across to raise fry, it spreads threw the hole tank, so all the little suckers are for sure to get a feed which results in a better success rate, it also gives you more confidence in raising fry The tech den does it again
  22. Hey guys, i know theres heaps of you one here who breed so i figure there have to be heaps of you with opinions on the best way to raise fry. So hit me with it, all the advice you have. ATM: i have a SGT pair that have bred and have fry, i move about half to a 2ft tank and left the other half in with the pair, mostly because i couldnt catch them and its an 8ft display tank so theres lots of room for them to run. How do i keep the maximum amount of fry alive in the 2ft tank? The mum does a pretty dam good job in the 8ft
  23. I'm starting to lose a few CALVUS fry they are just dying I'm feeding them powderised nls Thera a+ and they are in an egg tumbler but not tumbling what can I do to help ? They are tiny and I'm hesitant to move them ? Ideas?
  24. I saw awhile ago a post about how to make your own fry hatchery. I have searched and searched and cant find it again. Can anyone help me out and paste me the link?
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