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Found 359 results

  1. As title says, will 2-3cm red zeb fry eat new zeb fry? Or will they not fit in their mouth? If I keep the bigger fry well fed?
  2. Always liked these guys....and Im sick of trying to find ways to get rid of the dud fry so...got me a helping hand and a fish I love...win win situation as they say...say howdy to hopefully my first monster fish...if all goes well
  3. my 5 foot is in refurbish...so these 2 were put in a 3 ft..several weeks ago..man...thats alot of fry... .........they are very good parents tho'...good to watch..the fry started free swim late last nite eating brine shrimp hatch this arvo..dunno wot I'm gunna do with this lot tho'...LOL.. ...yes I do know the specific name of them...but is there actually a "super green texas" as the song goes..."gotta keep em seperated" .............and all you guys+girls like pics anyway............dave...........dots are good......... Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us and is it past 4...it feels like it...
  4. Just thought I'd throw some pics up for anyone interested in the size of newly hatched betta fry. They started hatching an hour ago and the last few are just about hatched. I almost ripped the male straight out after spawning, as he ate the previous clutch of eggs. They must have not been fertile (or he was still full), as he left this lot alone and has been an attentive Dad this time around...
  5. Hey guys, I have my first grow out/4x2x2 on the go now with approximately 100 x 2-3cm fry. I am feeding them a mixture of veggie flake and high protein .5mm granules. Just wondering about under/over feeding them and what kind of WC i should be doing. Cheers Nicole
  6. I just got a breeding pair of jewel cichlids to put in a four footer I had spare and even only 15 mins in tank are doing the courting thing. My question is can fish ever have fry that are BETTER colours than the parents.I am not too concerned but I have seen some Jewels with more of and brighter spots than these 2. I guess they may improve with a good diet and more room(they had a small tank before) and even if they dont that is ok too just asking. Cheers KIM
  7. hey guys i just want some tips on growing bristlenose fry, i feed them algae discs with 32% protein, zucchini and they have driftwood, temperature is at 28 ish degrees and is well airated. my fry seem to grow really slowly compared to others. a mates fry have completely smahed passed mine and mine are abit older than his. i need help
  8. Problem:- Finding up to 5 dead or dying fry every day for the last week Ph:- 7.6 Ammonia:- 0 Nitrate:- 10-20ppm Nitrite:- 0 Gh:- 107ppm Kh:- 125.3ppm approximately First time testing kh :-\ Size of tank:- 70L Temperature °C:- 26°C Been running for:- 2 months (seeded from other tank) Nitrite cycle over before fry came along, no ammonia or Nitrite since. Filtration:-Canister/Sump/Internal Filter/Sponge:- large sponge Fish in tank:- Molly fry approx 2 weeks old Plants in Tank:- fake Feeding:- started with jar bbs and Hikari first bites powered food, now on powered and crushed flake *gave first feed of frozen cyclops this morning. What food and How often as above 2-3 daily Recent Medication Treatments:- nil Last water change:- yesterday 25% Water change every Day/Weekly/Monthly Every 3-4 days Used Stability according to instructions to help cycle tank. Use prime as water conditioner
  9. Over the past 24hrs I've lost just on 200 common Bn fry, most around 3cms. Tank was a 4ft Filters - 2 sponges & 1 hob Approx 30% Water changes every 2 days Temp always around 24/25 Ammonia was 0.25ppm Nitrite & nitrate easily the highest reading Obviously that's the cause - but what I'm trying to work out is what caused the spike. Tank had been setup for easy 3months, filters that were in it were originally from smaller cycled tanks. Also had but of driftwood & Anubis in there. Feeding was cucumber, tech dens fry powder & algae wafers. It's got me beat as to what could have caused such sudden deaths. Best bit is, all of the fry were pre-sold and due to be collected in next few days...
  10. Vid I forgot I posted on YouTube till this morning, about 5 years old lol. Pretty crap video but I thought I'd share anyway..
  11. I was wondering what people do when the have fry that maybe for some unknown reason cant sell and (i personally dont have the room for a grow out tank atm, well possibly if i move some fish around) has anyone sold them to a pet shop ? is it easy? do they rip you off ???
  12. So, rearing some M. estherae fry in my planted tank, and I have noticed that at least one have quite faint white vertical stripes on it. There are quite a few stripes, I'd say >5, and they are uniform in width from the dorsal area to the belly. The stripes appear to start behind the gills, and finish at the base of the tail fin, but they're vertical. It's quite difficult to see them, but I've given the best description that I can. The striped fry has siblings that have no visible stripes, just the regular block yellow/orange. It's hard to get a picture because they're too quick. The parents were the yellow/orange female, whilst the male was yellow with a blue hued fin. Is this pattern where the 'zebra' part comes from? Will they fade? Another thing is that they seem to have very tall dorsal fins, disproportional to their body. Is this abnormal for fry, or will they grow into them like how kids grow into feet? lol Cheers
  13. My red forest jewel pair have bred and there is about 30 free swimming fry in the tank with the parents that's all that's in the tank My question is how long should the fry stay with the parents Cheers Adrian
  14. Woah! I got home from work and found a whole heap of fry in my 2ft tank!! Suprising cause there aren't any fish in it.... Not sure what they are, and have never bred fish before so no idea what to feed them??? Any ideas? Anyway, fish I've had in there recently have been danios, neons, a single gourami and juvenlie peppermints and juvenile boesami rainbowfish (I use the tank as a quarantine for new fish or grow out tank before putting fish in my display tank!) In any case, tips on what to feed them would be greatly appreciated! Also perhaps I should turn off the cannister filter or get some sponge to go around the inlet...
  15. im going away for a couple of days and want to feed them on a dry food out of an auto feeder for a couple of days,will spectum crushed be ok?? cheers marty
  16. Hi all, I have recently acquired 15 Tropheus moliro fry. I now have someone trying to sell me some adult tropheus moliro (6x). I don't have the tank space to have them in their own tank, so I was wondering if the adult and fry would be ok in a 5ft tank together???
  17. I have an excess of ranchu fry from great parents.. They are about 5mm ATM, so I'm guessing just big enough to move if your carefull. Any aspiring Goldie's breeders keen to try raising and selecting fry? I think there will be a mix of "Chu-da" and ranchu fry.. If you've got the space and time send me a Pm .. They are FREE
  18. hey all my calvus fry are now 1-1.5 cm long and have in the last week come off the bottom of the tank and are starting to swim around,i was wondering at what size will they start feeding on brine shrimp. they have been getting bbs(live) and now cyclops. what are your thoughts ?? cheers marty
  19. hi guys my convicts have laid there 3rd or fourth batch of fry and they all manage to get eaten or die and i was wondering what i could do with them i dont really want to take them out of my 4ft would a divider or something like that work, my tank contains one oscar 4 convicts 1 firemouth and 1 JD thanks
  20. This will be my Fry grow out rack i will be making for my Mollies, Swordtails, Guppies & BN Suckers. They will be Clear 60L tubs up top each with a Sponge filter in it. Blue line will be the air line, with a big Aerator to give correct amount of air. The white shelf, will be for if i get over run i will put another 6 tubs in there. Bottom shelve will be left over for Bags, Food, Nets Ect: Let me know what you all think?
  21. I just gave my orange head fry a big feed of fresh hatched BBS last night for the first time in a few weeks. the fry are just over a month old and were going strong. had a couple die early on but none since. So this morning I woke up to 5 dead bubs. Did a water change and fed crushed pellet. Got home from work this arvo to another 5 dead Now hours later there are another 2 dead. And when I think back, the last few deaths I had was when I had fed the BBS. Is it possible to get a bad batch? I know the shells are bad but I've been really careful with that. I'm pretty upset about whatever's going on. All I can say is I'm not feeding anymore of that and I hope they stop dying soon. I think I have about 40 left. I'm hoping I don't wake up to a heap more dead babies. Any thoughts?
  22. hey all is it ok to feed rotifers to calvus fry until i can get somelive bbs going cheers marty
  23. hey guys im just curious i got some fry in the egg tumbler the female spat them out at 7 days and they have been in here for 2 today. can you tell me how long it will be before i can chuck them in a different tank with some bristlenose? they have hatched there is distinct body shape just they still have egg sacks they are full of life non stop buzzing around and they are probably half a centimeter? they are africans btw Cheers
  24. What do you feed your youngins? I give mine , Aquasonic complete fry starter liquid Hikari first bites. Live baby brine shrimp. Bloodworm after they are big enough. Also I make a mix in the blender to a fine powder which is generally..hikari food sticks, hikari bio gold, NLS(whichever one I have at the time), hikari massivore also chuck in random pellets to make me happy:) this time I had hai feng and some type of pellet with Asian writing and a picture of a flowerhorn on it;) using the blender saves me having to crush pellets every day..
  25. Hey guys, I thought I would start a new one of these in the american cichlid section since there is already an African cichlid one. You are also welcome to list catfish or shrimp spawns if you want . So, whats you best batch of fry today, or this week?
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