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Found 359 results

  1. A few days ago my goldfish spawned, the fry(50 or so) are currently in a 20L tank. I have been feeding them egg yolks, however I would like to know a couple of questions regarding them. The fry are about 3-4 days old, and range from about 3mm to 7mm (roughly) The 20L tank was a previous tank in use, housing only RCS, so the dead fry are scavenged by the RCS. What else can I feed them besides egg yolks(I have Brine Shrimp Eggs), however I think it may be a bit big)? How do I clean the tank without siphoning the fry? Thanks Here's a pic of it, a bit blurry cos my camera didn't focus on the fry http://i1112.photobucket.com/albums/k494/isshdee/DSC_0809_zps44e1b4d5.jpg
  2. I am wondering if anyone has kept cherry shrimp or similar in a tank with breeding bristlenose and whether or not the shrimp will eat the fry.
  3. Just pulled out the first batch of fry to be raised in my hangon fry box and I'm not sure if I've pulled them to early. I'd say they have just become swimmers however they aren't swimming much at the moment. I used an air line to syphon them out. I guess really only time will tell but I'm just curious as to what other members do. Cheers, Sam
  4. 5 wks when this was taken. :-). White CT fry. - YouTube
  5. Just to share some photos of my Monoculus fry..
  6. hey guys bought some chocolate shrimps a while ago and the seller....well you know who it is told me they produce all sorts. and they truly did!!! i ended up setting up a few more tanks and i am planning to separate into specific coloured tanks to see if their colours stay or go back to brown. so far all the reds have stayed but i only just started taking out the blues and blacks check it out! i took a video clip some Blues, some browns, some winish red cherries (not totally red i think? or are my eyes fooling me) and even a Black one!!! Redish wine looking shrimp? or just pure red? not sure. opinions VERY VERY WELCOMED
  7. I just found that my female Apisto Cacatuoides Super Reds have laid a second batch of eggs only 7 days after they last laid, the other fry still arn't free swimming but mums looking after both batches. This is a film of them yesterday Apistogramma Cacatuoides breeding - YouTube and this is the eggs I found today
  8. This may sound strange but my wife just looked in my sump and noticed quite a few fry swimming around, they can be either common BN or OS bn however as I have never breed O/S before I am not sure if they are O/S) I can not take a photo as you would not be able to see them anyway so I am hoping someone out there has a photo of a batch of young O/S bn floating around. I can best describe them as looking like commons but have a white strip in their tale, sorry but thats the best I can do. Can any one help.
  9. i just sore about 7 convict fry about 3-4mm long when i was cleaning my tank what do i do i want to move then into a small 2ft tank because i think they are slowly going down there was about 9 the first time i counted how do i move them safely?
  10. hey guys i have found 1 baby in my display tank (will try to get photos up but vid is on my profile will try to link it ) but i have no idea who it belongs to i do have a trio of crimson tides but the 2 females havent had a mouthfull and everyone has been eating :S got the little bugger in a fry saver in another tank so might see what he grows up to be anyone else had this happened to them ???
  11. Ok the other day i noticed a **** load of eggs on a flat rock,cool riv eggs. A day went buy and i noticed some eggs missing and the male riv were eating them so i took out rock and placed in another tank that has gravel in it. (Bad mistake i think) The next day the eggs had hatched and the fry were wiggiling on the gravel, as i look closer some or quite alot are caught in the gravel, my question - will they survive by swiming out of gravel? why did male start eating the eggs ? When to start feeding them and with what? Thhey are now 2 days hatched. Cheers for any information given. Luke
  12. Howdy folks, I got some bristle nose from an auction last year at some school in Brisbane, they have laid some eggs & had babies! I have move the fry into a fry saver & put an air stone into it. I was wondering what I should do for a food source for them, I have put a small piece of driftwood with java moss & a piece of blanched zucchini in for them. I don't have any brine shrimp eggs to hatch, what would be another good food for these little guys to hopefully get them big enough to either sell or to let loose into my tanks.. Cheers for any input. Regards, Jonce.
  13. It's currently 3 weeks into cycling (with some unloved fish) :-) The driftwood was boiled for 2 hours and then left in a tub of water in the sun for over a week. It's cable tied down to a brick, as it is still super buoyant. I added plants yesterday and gave it a dose of Flourish (Excel). I plan to post updates as the plants grow. This tank is roughly 3' x 2' x 2'. I plan to make it my fry tank for moving all my livebearer fry into from my community tank (around 60 fry per per month). Open to any suggestions...
  14. After seeing the "New fry culling machine" thread it got me thinking. Is it possible to get something that will eat fry (guppy, cherry and possibly bn) that fits into a 2ft tank? :confused: I've got a spare one and don't have any room for a bigger tank. I was hoping for 2-3 fish, but a single fish is fine. I was also considering something like a cray but didn't think it would be able to get the guppy fry. I'm hoping for something that looks nice and is easy to look after. I think it sounds like i'm asking for allot but i figure the more i detail the easier it might be for advice. Thanks
  15. Hey guys, Just felt like announcing that I received my first batch of Bn fry this week. Parents are from Doug so a bug thanks to him. Anyone got any pointers for rearing them? At the moment they're in a gold fish bowl sorta thing with a sponge filter which they all seem quiet happy to munch on. On Monday I'm getting a 50cm tank for them to grow in and in planning on having an intake from One of my canisters and a syphon hose coming out of my African tank. Whatever advice or experiences you have to offer will be appreciated
  16. I posted some pics of my braziliensis a few weeks back trying to get an idea of what sex they were. Now I'm sure I've got a pair....
  17. So, my pool is looking really green and will be for the rest of winter (obviously not chlorinating it anymore). I have just hatched fry that like green-water as a first food. Can i feed pool-water to my fry? Is there something i'm missing?
  18. Bristlenose Breeding Information Required! Hey this is the second time my common short fin bn have bred and i was hoping to keep majority of the fry alive this time to try and sell some to the local pet store. Last time they bred i ended up loosing over 90% of the fry and they were in a tank on there own so being eating was out of the question, dose anyone have any tips or pointers they can give me to help with the survival rate of my fry and also what to feed them and temperature etc.. Cheers
  19. All my guppys are giving birth and the fry all seem to be female ,this is happening with all my guppys even in different tanks i was wondering if the temp of the water would have anything to do with this as the temps have been hitting 30 during the day,
  20. Yep going to be busy over the next few months Split Gene Dempseys with eggs (wrigglers now)
  21. I'm in search of a sponge filter that I can put in a small fry tank, not too big and one that I can suction to the glass rather than sit on the bottom so as not to squash baby corys when I bump the filter or do water changes. Any suggestions where I may be able to get some or any dyi ideas? Thanks
  22. Hi guys/gals Got my first mouthful from my Eyellow colony. I'm planning to let the first few spot naturally, has anyone played with providing refuge for the fry? I'm thinking a stack of 10mm PVC so the fry can fit but not the adults, but as always thought if check here first
  23. Could u use a hang on filter with no media except maybe wool to stop them flowing back into the tank Just an idea Let me know ur thoughts
  25. what is the best food to feed my just out of the mouth African fry
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