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Found 359 results

  1. I have about 40, one day old Sterbai Cory fry. What do I do now? Problem is I'm going away tomorrow for a few days. I'm thinking of putting them into a frysaver I've made out of a 4 litre ice cream container that has a flyscreened window to allow water flow and an internal sponge filter that vents to the outside. The sponge was seeded with water used to clean other sponges and has been running for a week in the parents tank. I would also put a lump of Java Moss in here as well. The whole lot is floating in the parents' tank. My concern is that these guys, being so tiny, would swim through the flyscreen. Would this be the case? The window is cut in near the top of the container so maybe with the fry staying close to the bottom, this won't pose a problem. Also, What do you feed them at this tiny stage?
  2. Just a short video of some of my babies, Salvini fry are 3 days old, Split Gene Jack dempseys are maybe 10-11weeks, White Saum Fry are 5-6 weeks, and looks like my other 2 White Saums are doing the deed! Once I get my other 9 tanks/fish room setup, will be plenty of pics and video's :egrin
  3. I seem to be asking so many questions on here and making so many threads but everyone is so helpful and quick to respond. I have separated my corydora eggs from their parents tank and they begun hatching within minutes of me putting them into a fry container, I gave them some really fine powder as food (mix of pellets etc that have been blended in the magic bullet ) but just wondering if this is OK or should I go out and buy some stuff especially made just for baby fry? Also.... I've got them in a half filled 4 litre ice-cream container with an airstone, do I replace some of the water daily or every few days and do I keep adding metho.blue or is the one drop I put in today enough?....also lol do I lower the water right down or is half of a 4 litre container or? I sound like a total newbie but haven't tried hatching cory eggs like this before Thanks guys
  4. Does anyone know/recommend an auto feeder thats good for feeding fry????...do they exist or is it possible with standard auto feeders??? Would have to be set to feed at least 3-4 times a day and have a method that disperses hopefully a bit... any ideas???.... this is killing me...and probably the fry too....
  5. looking for some info on ebjd fry, have had a couple pairs of our possible split jds breed, first couple lots got eaten, , it happens when they aren't alone, we moved 1 pair into their own tank, waiting for them to breed again, but a second pair have fry in the 6ft with other jds and some sgt, we put in an egg crate divider to see if we can save this batch, my real question is, how long before any EBJD fry will be noticeable, (if there are any) our aim at the moment is to test breed the ones that pair up to see if they are splits, if not, i'll seperate and repair them up until i know either way, well unless i get peeved at them and just sell them all, , and keep rays and sarahs pair,
  6. hi all just wondering what everyone feeds there fh fry ???
  7. some of my red turks with fry.... took some pics today there around 2 weeks now
  8. Nice to meet you all, Big fan of your discussions but first time poster (please be gentle I've seen many comments made about keeping ghost shrimp/glass shrimp/grass shrimp with guppies and the risk that guppy fry may be eaten. The problem is that there are many different types of shrimp referred to as above, American species e.t.c. I have captured some glass shrimp (pretty sure that they're Paratya australiensis) in my creek and put them in a tank with my guppy fry to clean up sinking food/waste. These are the same species that are sold on livefish which claims that they are unlikely to harm even the smallest fish. My question is - for people who have bought glass shrimp from livefish or caught their own shrimp in the Brisbane region, do THEIR shrimp eat the fry of livebearers (guppies, platys e.t.c)? Thanks Andrew
  9. Hi guys , i have a problem with my fry - i put my 7 cm albino male in with my 6 cm long fin female ( in my grow out tank )- thinking that they were to young to breed - well to my supprise, 3 days ago out popped about 20 babies - checked water peramiters , all fine - temp fine - then yesterday (day 2)i noticed that there where less than on day 1 and this morning i could only find 3 fry - i have breed bristlenose with no problems before - so i am confused why they would die - any advice would be appreciated. Tank information _ tank 20l - 1 bambo log - 3 plastic weed - small white gravel (thin layer) - 1 small castle - filter ,aqua world 500 - 1 driftwood - no real plants
  10. hello all , finally got some discus fry! The parents has not eating anything, im on the 6th day of eggs laid im getting a bit worried . So how long do parent discus start eating again.
  11. i have been breeding bn fry but cant seem to raise the fry, i am looking for opinions as to what you do with yours. my tank is a 3x15 with a eheim 2215 and a trio of adults and thats all. (obviously heater, and also sponge filter). i wc 25% every few days, then after that didnt work i left the water change to 25% weekly, then i decided on 10% when it needed it and still fry die. i am considering the following. using a fry saver raising them there until they are big and either moving them to another tank or in the main tank. or moving them to another tank from the start. any suggestions would be great.
  12. hey guys, I'm going away for a week, leaving tomorrow. but my blue acaras laid about 5 days ago, so I have about 150 blue acara wrigglers that I can't look after. could someone else look after them for me for a week? if so ring me on 3851 1133 to arrange payment/trades and how we are going to do it. or pm your number and I'll call you. thanx, laurie
  13. well i was about to give up on these guys having fry,had the dark marbles in container,but nothing happened,so moved them to another tank and didnt worry about them,I was just about to do a gravel clean when I spotted the fry under some rocks.Isnt that the way it goes,just let them do there own thing ,think there are around 20 fry and they seemto be doing fine fingers crossed.
  14. i am not sure how many times this has been done in captivity but they did it again, i will put up some pics tomorrow night, i only told a few people when it happened the first time and only 1 fry survived, this time i have two at about 1.5cm super excited hopefully i can get full spawn out of them soon
  15. Hey guys, i got home a couple nights ago wondering... how do I keep this fry tank nice and clear, not that ugly colour thanks to food and poo. Yes i know, constant water changes... BUT if there were a way to keep the water constantly crystal clear without it would you do it? HELL YES!!! Atm im using macropore on my fh tank, and dam does it work wonders! But i wondered how could i get that into action without using a powerhead on a bottle in my fry tank without losing any fry? I didnt want to risk fry getting sucked up so i thought I would invent my own idea, it may have already been invented but i feel smart that i did this with no other inspiration except my own. Here goes! You will need: Air filter Air line Tubing Sponge filter (mine is large) Scissors Drill (knife as last resort) Macropore (in its media bag) 1. Start off with a 1.5L water bottle, well rinsed with hot water. 2.Cut the bottle with scissors as I have so basically the top half is just the cone and the bottom starts to become narrow at the top. 3. Use a drill (or sharp knife, just be careful dont stab yourself in the finger like I did lol) and make some holes approx 7mm - 1cm wide. 4. Test that you can squeeze the cone in and that it wont fall out unless pulled.
  16. Hi All My name is darren, and have just turned from keeping cichlids to starting to breed them. My fish are: Labidochromis Electric Yellow Melanochromis Johanni Metriaclima Lomdardoi Metriaclima Msobo Magunga Metriaclima Pulpican Nimbochromis Venustus Pseudotropheus Crabro Red Peacock Sciaenochromis Fryeri Eletric Blue Pseudotropheus Demosoni Tropheus Duboisi Maswa Cobalt Blue As i have said that i am only starting and have a few 5 foot tanks with these fish in them and i have seen the fry in the tanks. But have never got them out and have just left them in the big tanks I have just bought a heap of 3 foot tanks which holds 162L. im thinking of putting breeding colonies of each fish into each on the 3 foot tanks, this will make it easier for me to take the holding female out to put in another tank. As im new to this is this the best way for me to go as i am turning one of my spare rooms into a fish room. Please help with advice on anything re setup of fish room and breeding of the fish i have. The more i can learn from everyone in here the better it will be for my fish. Thanks to all in advance
  17. Hello everyone! im new to cichlid's and fairly new to fish. my girlfriend has experience in fish and is teaching me the basics. I have 2 Green Terror (Gold Saum) Rivulatus 1 male 1 female what i want to know is: 1. What is the best food for green terrors? 2. Getting them to breed is it hard? 3. Raising the fry is it hard? what do i do when the time comes? 4. My male keeps chasing the female and kind of attacking her is this normal? 5. What are the best Tankmates for them? and i thank you in advance for your help with my new GT's ! Will post pics in a day or 2 Sean
  18. just wondering how old my fh fry need to be to move them to a bigger tank? thanks in advance
  19. hi everyone ive just found about 30-40 bristlenose fry in my african tank:) so ive seperated them from everything else in the tank before they become dinner. ive never had any fry before so im just chasing some advice like what i should feed them and anything else i should know. cheers.
  20. I currently have my first ever batch of fry in a fry saver inside my big display tank. I would like to transfer them over to an already running african tank that will have all the fish removed. My fry were milked last friday and I would like to start letting them swim in a tank as soon as i can. Are they ok to move yet or will the slightly different water kill them?
  21. Its about three weeks since the tuxedo swordtail fry have been in the tank. They are about 1cm and most of the 30+ fry have got there black tuxedo. There's one that has a tuxedo on 3/4 of his body. I also have about 30 neon green platy fry also about 1cm going great in another tank. How big should they be befor I start feeding them frozen blood worms?
  22. Aquasonic Fry Starter Food 1L Australian Made! Aquasonic, A Trusted Name In Australian Aquacultur FRY STARTER is excellent as a first food for newly hatched fry. Fry Starter stays in suspension longer than it's competitors, allowing more time for newly hatched fry to find food. Fry Starter contains a variety of sizes of micro pulverized food particles suitable for both egglayers and livebearers. Fry Starter has more ingredients, offering a larger selection of food types to satisy fussy eaters. Feed newly hatched fry at least 3 times daily. 3 or 4 drops may be sufficent dependent on aquarium size and fry numbers. Well that's what the product description is does any one use this stuff if so how does it rate ?? Regards Trevor Ps. Found this on eBay seller name is macs aquariums
  23. Lookee what I just found in my tank, L066 King tiger pleco fry yay!!!!!!!!!
  24. My Caudopunctatus have just had their second batch of fry, the first batch was eaten by the other fish and i tried moving what was left into another small tank but they died (temperature change?). This lot i bought a aquaone fry saver and thought all would be good, but the little buggers must have swam through the mesh and been eaten by the other fish! Does anyone have any suggestions with fry savers that fry cant escape? Thanks for any help.
  25. Hey all, went to bed last night with about 40 peacock and electric yellow fry in a plastic fry saver, woke up this morning to find 7 left. no corpses, no half eaten ones all fry were the same size, no fry had escaped into the main tank. Tankmates in the section of the tank were just bristlenose and whiptail fry. Have another fry saver the exact same design full of bnose fry that are all accounted for. pics are of both the fry saver that the africans in, and the exact same full of bnose Any ideas?
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