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Found 76 results

  1. need some advise please my fx5 filter was working fine took it outside to clean it now no sign of life in it anyone else had this issue ,any help would be good thanks in advance
  2. hi all i got a fx5 today cleaned it all out as is second hand and just filled it and letting it sit over night before i put it under my cabinet but have noticed it is leaking out of the empty valve at the bottom it is not running at the moment just wondering if this is right or needs to be running to stop it leaking ??
  3. Hi all I have a FX5 hooked up to me 6x2x2 tank, it was suggested to my by my LFS to install both the inlet and outlet up one end of the tank with the outlet pointing towards the other end. I only have 10 4cm peppermint bristlenose and 3 8cm to 10cm marble bristle nose in the tank at the moment I am finding this is not working very well as there a lot of debris and fish **** on the floor the tank thats not getting collected How to you have yours setup? I was thinking adding 2 wave makes to come on a couple of hours a day push the crap to the inlet of the canister What are your thoughts?
  4. Iv only noticed it since I raised the outlet pipes so u can hear it going off then starts up again sometimes after 5 mins or more? it is 2nd hand is it on the way out? anyone have any ideas? thanks guys
  5. Has any one put longer hoses on a FX5? if you have did it effect the flow rate? my new 7x3x2 is 166cm from the floor to top of the tank cheers
  6. Hi all I have a 7x3x2 I will be setting it up soon and will be running a FX5, problem is the hight of the tank on the stand from the floor is 166cm so there is no way the hoses will reach any ideas what to do here guys? whats the best move here? and where to get hoses aswell cheers all!
  7. Hi all I am looking into a net canister filter at the moment and was after a little advice The two filters I am looking at are the Fluval FX5 or the Eheim 2080 Pro 3, I have read the review comparing the and stating the Eheim is a much better biological filter and has a larger capacity for media. I have also heard people complain about the reliability of the FX5 but at the end of the day the FX5 is cheaper, is the Eheim that much better than the Fx5? With most people saying the Eheim is a better biological filter, does this not depend on what media is being used or is the way the filter is designed make it better?
  8. Hey everyone i clean my fx5 today.. And when i hooked it back up it sounded like it was sucking in air.. so i checked everything over and its sealed properly.. but now it will run for a little over a minute then just turn off so i unplug it from the wall and plugged it back in and it runs for a minute then turns of again.. ?????? Can anyone help me please... Cheers Shaun..
  9. Hi everyone, just looking for some advice on course of action to get hopefully not kill my fish in while fixing my Fx5 filter. Tank set up: 650 liter tank (4*2*3ft) Inhabitants: 2 blue rams, 19 cardinal tetras, 2 LF bristlenose and 5 corys Planted with anubias, java fern, vale, Ph stable 7.8 Previous readings (on Monday 12/3) 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, 5ppm nitrate Current readings this morning .25ppm ammonia, 0 nitrite, 5ppm nitrate tank temp 28.5 - 29 Running Filtration Fluval fx5 and Aqua One CF1200. Currently no carbon/purigen in tank. Running 2 air-stones I have been watching my Fluval fx5 filter thinking it was not working…. But just kept assuming that it was having its ‘break’ when I looked at it… So last night I took another look and its definitely not working – there is no way its having a break every time I look at it (at different times of the day, and plus does not start the priming process if I turn it off at the wall and back on like it should). I do have an Aqua One CF1200 canister filter running on the same tank to provide some back up incase this exact situation happened, but there will be a large drop in good bacteria levels. So….. I dropped the water level down to about 400 litres as the CF1200 does not filter such a large volume of water, until we can figure out what has happened on our bigger filter and get it going. Tested for Ammonia this morning and .25 ppm came up, so added some Sera brand good bacteria stuff to try to prevent any major spike in ammonia while the Fx5 is out of action (only had one full small bottle which I emptied in one go, at around 250 litres. Have I done the right thing? What would be the best course of action to try prevent loosing any of my beautiful fish? Would the bacteria in the Fx5 be dead by now? Should I clean it with tank water or tap water this afternoon? It has been 3 days since the filter stopped working I think. Going to take a look at the impella this arvie, but not sure where I can get one of these at a moments notice if need be, from around Brisbane somewhere (I am from Ipswich but happy to travel if anyone has any suggestions)…. Has anyone had problems with the chip in their Fx5? Where do you get the chip from if it needs to be replaced? I purchased my Fx5 second hand so no warranty on this one. What would be the best course of action to try prevent loosing any of my beautiful fish?
  10. So I wanted faster draining when water changing without multiple hoses all over the place and I was hoping to use the FX5 to pump out. The cheapest that I could find a hose to fit was clear @ $6 a metre which kinks when rolled and is bulky. Then I remembered the grey water hose from the wash tub. Tried it, and it fits perfectly. It's here: http://www.bunnings.com.au/products_product_10m-water-hose-diverter_2365.aspx Emptied the tank double quick kev
  11. who has had problems with this filter ......???????
  12. Thinking of getting a FX5 filter for a two tier breeding set up Questions 1) Has anyone got one set up like this (intake in the bottom and out in the top) If so is there any problems?? 2) Was reading that the FX5 turns itself off to get rid of any air – this would cause the water to back flow?? Yes?? So would make bottom tank full of dirt ect from filter??? Is there a way that some one has come over this?? Please let me know. Don’t want to buy the filter and then have troubles with it. Also cant have a sump. (don’t have room)
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  14. This is more of a question really, I have my 5x2x2 (Gary Maher) running 2x fx5's (because I can[sold a tank and had one spare, so why not use it!]) What media should I use in each? as in run one purely for mechanical and the other for bio? Currently running fx5-1 = substrate pro/ehime noodle(the small ones)/big hollow noodle fx5-2 = carbon/purigen/ammonia remover/phosphate pad (that green shiz)/aquaone noodle/aquaone matrix How should I setup the pipes? Currently: fx5-1 = standard inlet at one end and standard outlet at the other pointing slightly up to ripple surface and airate. fx5-2 = pvc pipe run to 5mm off the tank surface to suck up poop from the bottom (no substrate currently/ probably won’t add some either(like the reflective bottom ) And pvc Telstra spec 90degree bend on the outlet, gives the Oscars something to swim into Current inhabitants of the tank (won’t change much at all, maybe add a big pleco ) 1x 10" Red Oscar 1x 8" albino Tiger Oscar 1x 9" silver shark 2x 3-4" Silver Dollars (Also what other tank mates could I have that would look nice, and get on well with what I have?) Thanks in advance (will get photos some time )
  15. Had it about 6 months so gave it a full clean today, my problem is it's pulsating rather then pushing water round the hole unit is moving a little when it's doing it thing, what have I done wrong. It did it's 2mins gurgling thing, then off for 2min but now as above.. Any help would be great.. Cheers Steven
  16. hi i have a fx5 on my 6ft tank what is the best meida to put in it? And i have i fine filter pad in it is this a good idea?
  17. Hey all, Just recently bought off the forum an FX5 around 12 months old and finally connected it to my tank today. Once connected it started like normal than switched off to purge the air out of the system and then kicked back into gear again like normal. For some reason now though its still purging like it has air in there. So i was wondering what can i do???????? I have checked the hoses, and backed a bit of pressure off the screws but for some reason it's still doing this!!!! If anyone could help me that would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks, Shannon
  18. Hi Guys Over the past week my fluval fx5 has been making alot of "cavitation" noises. Ive pulled it apart twice inspecting for pinched seals or a hole in hoses but cant seem to find any. I have primed the canister excactly as they do it on the youtube video for the fx5, but still no go. It pumps crap loads of water still. Although it is slightly down on pressure and makes a cavitation noise every minute or two. Im pretty cluey when it comes to this sort of technical stuff but this thing has me stumped. So really im just wondering if anyone else has had this problem at all, and what they did to fix it? p.s. Intake is no-where near the surface or air bubbles. Cheers Luke
  19. ok guys. im getting my new tank this weekend and im very excited. it is a 6 by 470 by 470. im really excited =] =] but a quick question. would a fluval fx5 be to big for this tank? becuase this is the filter im looking at getting. this will be a display discus tank with some rams and other little fish which i know they have to have perfect water. and it will be planted but im not sure how fully planted it will be. thx aagroves
  20. Thought it would be a good idea to try mass some info, ideas and links about this filter. Many of us with larger tanks have 1 or more of them. They are a good clunky filter and with a few mods become even better! First up is a thread from MFK on tweaking them How to get the most out of a FX5!!!! And heres a good homebase for most of the more popular mods The Fluval Fx5 by Hagen now while some of these can be quite detailed theres some very simple mods that can change things up nicely. This is a 1inch elbow (1" CPVC fitting) So..... ideas on media, mounting etc are all encouraged here bonus points for describing the philips head screwdriver needed to remove the motor. It has to be thin enuf, long enuf..... actually harder to find than you'd think lol
  21. found one for sale $230 brand new ... $260 with foam carbon and pads ...... wish i had money atm this is the best deal ive seen. Does anyone uses these products that could give me a review?
  22. Hey all just cleaned out my FX5 and a locking nut snapped who sells them or does anyone know of someone with a broken one i could buy some of the parts off. The part is the plastic part that the screw holds on when you fasten it down i colour blind i thinks it either red or orange. cheers
  23. Im sure this has been covered a few times but what are peoples opinions on the ideal filtration media for an Fx5? At the moment i have: Bottom - Ceramic noodles Middle - Ceramic noodles and jap wool Top - Bioballs. This is the existing media from my aquis 1200. I know its not ideal but for now its all i have. Thinking of heading out tomorrow to pick up some Polishing pads, fine filter pads, as well as some carbon, and purigen. Yay... Nay... Thoughts???
  24. Just got my fx5 off another forum member. Claimed to be brand new and looks it so i dont doubt him. But its leaking where the pump joins the bucket (shown in pic) Someone please help me need to know what it is!!!
  25. hey guys, i awoke this morning to my fx5 not working properply, seems to be pulsing out the water, not a constant flow.... have cleaned it out just now when i got home from work, but it still seems to be doing it.. anyone have any ideas on what the problem is or how to fix it?
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