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Found 76 results

  1. hey guys. This would be a question more for people that have an fx5 i guess but i was wondering where abouts i should put the purigen into my fx5 for the best outcome? i am getting some in the next couple of days and have been told it needs to be in the right area of the filter for best outcomes. Oh also can the fish overdose on this stuff if you use to much????? Thanks heaps guys
  2. If you have 10 minutes to spare, id recommend reading this. Really interesting after you hear so much hype about the FX5! REVIEW:Fluval FX5 vs Eheim Pro3 compared - MonsterFishKeepers.com
  3. thanks to the team at redlands pet centre for the great deal on the FX5. definatly worth the drive from coomera. highly recommended. thanks guys.
  4. the sites ive read say its really good! just want someone elses opinion self priming? whats this mean!!! and automatic water change function? what do they mean in english how does it do a automatic water change? do you hook up the hose or what? and last but not least! how loud is it! because im going to have a 6x2x2 in my bedroom and i really love my sleep! cheers in advance really appreciated!
  5. Hey guys, as stated... just wanna see how many people have fx5s and if they can vouch for them im currently thinking of buying 1 to accompany my jebao external canister (2000lph) so with the fx-5 there will be plenty of water movement over 5000lph neways dont flame the thread... and start talking about sumps..... or flame me just after some information... how long they last... how long you have had yours running for - best ideas for media for the fx-5 thanks again Matt.
  6. Hi all I am about to buy a fluval fx5 and was wondering what is the best Media to put in it and best order to put it in, It will be used on a 5x2x2.5 with Americans in it........ Thanks in advance for your advise Cheers dave
  7. Where's a good place to get the best price on these?
  8. Just wondering for the people who have a FX5 what media are you using and in what basket ?? Top. Middle. Bottom. Cheers JP
  9. Hello all, I have mainly been using this site for fish related material, but I figured its best to ask here for this filter related issue. Hopefully there is a simple resolution to my dilemma. You see about 3 years ago I purchased a Fluval FX5, in the last year I have been thinking that the flow has reduced substantially. It wasn't actually until yesterday when I installed a Resun 2000L/H internal that I realised just how bad the FX5 had indeed become. The Fluval hardly causes a stir in the tank (4ftx1.5x1.5) debris setlles directly to the bottom and it's a concern. I placed my hand infront of the output to see that it was a only just a gentle flow ... I would estimate well under 1000l/h. The Resun is hammering along and causing all sorts of currents (which I enjoy). Just saddened to think my FX5 has lost its mojo. Any FX5 experts or advice on where to go from here, or troubleshooting would be much appreciated. Cheers Grimace
  10. Just wanting to find out the better out of the two. They seem to be from a little research the best canister filters out there. Not really worried about price just more on how good this will filter my 8ft in conjunction with a 4ft sump and 2 internals. Got some really messy fish (Americans) so after something thats going to do the job well. Any input would be great, from your experience or what you have heard. Thanks Blake
  11. Bought an FX5 a month ago, and today I discovered (after working perfectly for I-don't-know-how-long) that it had stopped. Seems to had a lot of air in it - when I unplug and plug back in, it shoots out masses of air, whirrs away and then stops. The in/out seals seem to leak irregularly also. I have undone and re-tightened all seals and locks but no luck. Wondering if anyone has similar problems with these filters, I'm thinking I'll just go and get a replacement from RPC...
  12. Hey all, I'm after opinions on a filtration setup for a 6x2x2 tank with sand substrate housing geos and tetras. It's come down to either: 1x fluval fx5 + 1x eheim 2217 Or 2x eheim 2217's. I like the idea of having 4500 Lph flow rate but I really want a quiet setup plus I'm not sure if I completley trust fluval based on the mixed opinions I've read (never owned a fluval). Any opinions an advice would be great. Cheers, Calum
  13. i have 2 5x2x2 tanks 1 with african cichlids and other stuff loaches synodontis etc. and only with a 30 and 35cm peacock bass and am currently just running internal filters but figure its about time i forked out the cash for a good canister as its to late to put a sump in. firstly will the fluval be efficent enough to solo it(will still run oxygen) or will i have to introduce a internal filter aswell. secondly how often should i clean it out/replace carbon, etc. (i generally do waterchanges every week to fornight) any insight will be appreciated guys.
  14. I have a fluval fx5 and i want to slow down the return flow or to disperse the water a bit better so that its not shooting out of the return pipe as much, the reason being is for my plants and new fish, apparently they don't lots of current. I want to do this without compromising the performance of the filter of corse. I was thinking of getting rid on the return fluval supply and making up a pvc return out of bigger diameter pipe but will this do anything to the flow and will it affect the performance. What are some of your thoughts on what i should do Thanks
  15. Hi guys, I would like some advise for what media to put in my Fluval FX5? I will be using it in my mixed Malawi tank 4x2x2.5 Thanks Brian
  16. Does anyone know the best place to get fx5 consumable in bris , I'm not really concerned on price mainly on shelf availability.
  17. It just died don't know when I was just cleaning my 6ft and there's no water flow from the blowing part and no sucking has anyone had this before at the moment my fish are just sitting with no filter plz help
  18. i got good deal for fx5 and so i am just wondering should i get it or not ? your thought
  19. Has anybody come across a better price than $445 where would be the best place to look? any help would be great cheers luke
  20. Hi all looking for someone who sells the taps that screw down the lid on the FX5 as mine are starting to break and need replacing my LFS can get them but they are super expensive and to replace the whole lot im looking at around 160 which i may as well replace the filter but dont have the funds to do this any help would be appreciated
  21. Hey everyone. I was wondering if anyone has modified the pipes on their FX5 to a smaller size pipe? I have purchased a new tank and need to fit the inlet and outlet through a gap of about 25mm. I'm not very good at this D.I.Y. stuff lol. If no one has done this any ideas would be greatly appreciated and an explanation on how to would also be helpful. Cheers Dizzy
  22. Aye peeps My FX5 keeps collecting bubbles after about 10 days no matter what, i turn it on and off to get rid of the bubbles cause thats what the auto function does. But it just comes back, its not really really dirty, i only cleaned it about a month ago. It just always happens, really annoying............... :irked: Any ideas? :perplex: -Seph
  23. Hi people, My new (2 months) fx5 has decided not to pump any more..... How long can 30 cichids last in a 6ft? ie will they be okay till midday tomorrow after I visit Russ? and Has anyone had this happen any know a quick fix? It seems to be spinning but no suction nor output. Have had a quick look and there is nothing obvious Cheers!
  24. Hi everyone i was just wondering what everyone thought of these 2 canister filters? im tossing up between them both because they are both good filters. ive heard lots of good things about the Fluval FX5 but not much about the Aqua One 2450 W/UVC. the aqua one has got the ultra violet sterilizer which has got me leaning towards it, but the fluval ive heard is just the best of the best. Any advice would be a great help Thanks
  25. Just wondering if anyone else is having problems with there FX5 pump? Mine died about 2 months ago and I sent it to the online store I got it from cause of the 6 year warranty. Anyway turns out there have been quite a few faulty pumps and lots of warranty claims. After numerous emails and phone calls to said online store, I get the same result everytime. We are having a problem with the shipment. It will be here in 2 weeks. It will be here on Monday. That Monday has now passed over 2 weeks ago. Sent another email on Tuesday and have still heard nothing. I have had to buy a secondhand FX5 in the meantime. Don't like to play the name and shame game but this is now getting well beyond a joke. Has anyone else had a replacement pump or know of anyone? Cheers
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