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Found 7 results

  1. Has anybody ever encounter this before. I lost a fish on the weekend possibly had syntoms of GBD. I have done some reading on this but it all seems so confusing. So just wondering if anyone could explain it simply for me or point me in the right direction for a site that explains it easy. Thankss JP
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  3. So I've seen lots of bubbling from my substrate and I figure I have some denitration going on in the deep layer as after water changes I smell a bit of sulfide, so I figure I've got some anaerobic bacteria down there. From what I've read this can only be a good thing but wondering what you guys think. Especially about the sulfide smell. Doesn't get too bad and settles a day or two after the water change. I currently do weekly 50% changes, don't really have time for anything more frequent. Substrate is byron white approx 6-7 cm deep. Thoughts?
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  6. It's so simple it can't be true so I really want to get another opinion on this system that I have dreamt up. I have been looking into solar systems but aren't really practical for heating cause obviously you don't loose much heat when the suns out. So on to LPG. Will this work? now the Instant hot water boiler is a low pressure unit and I don't know if I understand it properly but it runs on / below 12ltr p/min has inbuilt temp control (with LCD) to set at perfect levels and from what I gather an inbuilt turbine to run the display and ignition source. what I'm guessing is that If I run water through it constantly or on a set timer VIA a pump at least 720ltr p/h (as long as it can pump the height of the unit) it should measure and adjust according. the stats of the unit are as follows: * Stainless Steel Panel * Low Water Pressure Starting. Fire & Water Separate Regulation * Over Water Pressure Protection Device * Anti Dry-burning Protection device * Over heat Protection & Anti Frozen device * 20-Minute Timer Is Optional Exhaust Way - Open Flue Type & Force Exhaust Type Ignition Mode - Automatic electrical pulse ignition. Use Gas Type - Liquefied Petroleum Gas(LPG) Rated Gas Pressure(Pa) - LPG:2800Pa Energy efficiency - 84%-87% Suitable Water Pressure(Mpa) - 0.02~~0.8Mpa Heating Status - Heating time <=15 Seconds; Over Temperature <=2c; Stability Time:<=15 Seconds Connection Pipe Specs - Water Inlet: G1/2" Pipe; Water Outlet: G1/2" Pipe; Gas Inlet:G1/2" Pipe; Rated Heat Input Power(KW) - 24KW Rated Water Output(T=25c)L/Min - 12L Product Dimension(MM) - 620×340×180 Packing Carton Dimenision(MM) - 750×390×240 The only thing is the rated water output - (T=25c)L/Min - 12L which I gather is 12ltr p/h @ a max temp of 25c so will I have to lower the flow to achieve a higher temp? secondly cause the unit isn't designed for this type of application will the unit be constantly burning while the water is pumped through or will it only burn when the temp is down? And how bad is burning copper when it comes to adding minerals into the water? any way here is a link to the actual product Wholesale 12L GAS TANKLESS INSTANT HOT WATER HEATER LPG STAINLESS, GOOD QUALITY
  7. Heres a weird one. Last night whilst sitting and watching TV my GF and I noticed our male EB 'sampling' the gas from the CO2 Diffuser...... Thinking it may have been curiousity we kept watching and sure enough he swims up into the diffuser (of which he can barely fit into) and sucks the CO2, swims out and comes back later to do the same thing. He had depleted the diffuser of any gas by the time we go up this morning. Anyone seen this behaviour before?????
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