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Found 233 results

  1. Hey I just came down Moorak St, Taringa and there was a corner spa on the footpath for council collection. It would make a good pond if anyone is looking for one. I would hurry though. https://www.google.com.au/maps/place/Moorak+St,+Taringa+QLD+4068/@-27.4905407,152.9791072,19z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x6b9150fa0f416fbf:0xd762fed16eab0b51?hl=en
  2. How do you determine if you are using a good fish food? Admin Note: The purpose of this is not to discuss specific brands in either a positive or negative light. Please keep brands or allusions to brands out of this thread.
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  4. .Hi all - I keep a lot of plecos in all my tanks at home (all types of common bristlenose, peppermints etc) and want some advice on which algae tablets are not crap. By this I mean, I don't want to spend an excessive amount on the "best/highest quality" spirulina tablets, but just as important, I don't want to purchase cheap eBay bags of complete crap quality ones that look like they are made from green plaster and pollute the tank. I'm looking for something middle ground - affordable and decent. I was thinking along the lines of Aqua One Vege Spirulina Wafer, but have no idea of how good/bad they are on the scale. Any advice on this product, or recommendations on a decent affordable brand of food for my plecos? Thanks! P.S. Before being told, I also give them cucumber/zucchini/etc for variety. EDIT: I just realised that what was going to be a general fish food question became a specific post to catfish and should be posted in that section. However I can't move/delete posts. My apologies.
  5. .Hey ppl, Just starting to get settled here back in Vic and just wondering if anyone knows of any good forums here like qldaf? I know theres lots but just after ppls experience about good ones. TIA Cheers Gavin
  6. Hi guys and gals I know this has probably been asked before, many times...Just after some information from you guys with experience with big sump pumps. I previously had the Waveline DC 10000 pump, and I thought it was pretty good, but since have come to the conclusions that they are very unreliable. I have gone through 2 pumps and 3 power packs, they just keep failing, this is in about a year. I need a replacement for the 5th time.....I have decided to ditch the waveline and get a better pump. I am looking at either the Tunze 1073.11, the Laguna Max Flow Power Jet 4280 or the Aquael PFN15000 plus. I hear guys rave about the Laguna pumps, but was more curious about the Aqueal. My main priority is low noise (or no noise), how noisy are they? Is the remote feature useful on the Aqueal? I did like the remote with the Waveline pump. Also anyone heard of any quality issues with any of the above pumps, I have some Tunze gear and it is pretty good quality...I am sure the rest of their range is the same. Also a side question, when measuring head height if my return pump goes 2.5m high then down 50cm so the pipe exit is <2m, for output flow rate do I take the head height of 2.5m or 2m? (not taking into account bends in pipes/hoses) Thanks guys, just after a pump that will do 10000+lph. p.s anyway thinking of getting a dc waveline pump, I highly recommend thinking twice....
  7. Just wanted to sare some pics of some great Oranda...these guys are from a farm in Thailand the owner(Mr Jack) specialises in these great Oranda.... Great looking fish if you ask me..
  8. Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a large sinking pellet? Would mainly be for clown knife, rays, loaches, and pims. I currently mix in with floating food massivore and carnivore but was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for something more economical as my greedy bass always grab the sinking food first before it gets the chance to get to the bottom and then they go for the floating. Have been looking around but it seems most of the larger pellets out there are floating.
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  10. i got a banch to put my new fish tank on but its 1 cm to short iv sat it so theres like half a cm hang over on each and i dont see that effecting it at all but would like to see what people think will this effect my tank sirport and crack over time or exsplode or will it be fine cheers
  11. I have acquired a couple of sumps, one will be used for marine, the other im hoping to use for freshwater. For the freshwater setup Iv come up with a very basic idea of how to utilise media in it. Just after some comments if it can be done better. My aim is to also make it easy to clean etc, Water will enter via pre filter sock, then hit K1 media, will run under baffle through sponge and out via pump. Planning on washing the sock up to once a day - easy task done in about 10 seconds to get rid of solids. The sponge is there to contain K1 and also act as redundancy media in case air pump fails and K1 stops tumbling. First sump Iv setup so just wanting to make sure Iv got the right idea. Any comments are welcome, whats good whats bad? Sock a good idea? K1 still best option? Thanks.
  12. When we ran the Double Discount Days for Hikari I mentioned that I was not sure if we would be able to do this again. Here is the good news, I just got off the phone and after relaying just how well everything went and more importantly just how well it was supported especially in particular with the members of QLDAF - happening again, is not just a possibility, it will now happen again - it may not be in the same format and it will not be something that you will see in the next couple of months, it is special and something to we look forward to bringing you again. I would like to thank the supplier in giving us an opportunity to offer the promo, the support and assistance in making it happen. I would also like to give a massive thanks to everyone that supported the promo making it our biggest yet and with out your support I do not think we would have been able to do it again. Thank you and look forward to doing this again when this opportunity arises again. Its times like this that makes me so proud to be apart of such a great community. :clap2:
  13. Hi all, I saw a Aquavis 130 in store for the first time today and I was intrigued. I already have a fluval edge - and I love the look they are spectacular tanks - but they are small, and the lighting is not always great for high growth plants. This looked great - and I was wondering if anyone has one yet or could offer some feedback on it? Specifically I'd like to know what its like in terms of oxygen/heat diffusion - it doesnt have the grill/mesh top like the fluval does so heat diffusion and getting oxygen in there might be an issue? The one in store was not set up - i'd also like to know about water level for it - how full it can be filled and what the evaporation is like.
  14. The Bad New:- Well it had to finish and the bad news is that it is over and just can not run a special for a while, otherwise it is not a special. Good News:- We have dropped the price - again!! - and it is going to be a everyday buy at under $100 with your discount. The only thing better than a special is when the price is a everyday low price. Thanks to those that did get it when it was on special and thanks to you this is the reason that we will continually have it at this price so thank you for the support.
  15. hi guys. i have my 2 year old male Lwanda, i wouldn't mind trying a little bit of breeding since my tank is an all male display. but my i think my male Lwanda is really good quality and i could probably start with him? whats your thoughts on his quality and should i try breed with this guy? sorry for the bad pics he doesn't like me getting my DSLR out, so phone it was.
  16. What would be a good flow rate for a 40cm cube (64L) shrimp tank? I will be using lily pipes. Does the size effect flow rate or do i just match them up to the filter hose size?
  17. hi guys we were over at aqauramma at stafford today and we seen these bloody awesome tanks with everthing in them some just for fresh water and some that are fresh and saltwater they have this big digital screen on them that operates many of the features the brand the brand is cleair aquatics now has anyone else seen these at all and what do you think of them are they any good or not they come in many sizes too
  18. Hi guys just wanting to know if there are any good places for goldfish up here? Just set up a 4ft with 2 lionheads on gold And one red and white I am looking for Ranchu or pearl scales but can't seem to find them Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk
  19. Can someone here suggest me some great books on the these fishes in the wild? I want to learn about their behavior, names, taxonomy, particular interests etc.
  20. Probably not said it the right way, not quite 100% sure what they are named, But after some quality air line suction caps, the things that hold your excess airline firmly against the glass ??? Where would someone buy these ?
  21. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  22. I am deciding to go with a DIY lighting setup in my new 2ft aquarium. I was going to have three clamp on desk lights with CFL lights in each. I have been to Bunnings but wasn't to impressed with the selection. I was wondering if anyone has found a good clamp on desk lamp that they could suggest? I have attached a image to help explain what what I am talking about (These Lamps in the image are from Wallmart).
  23. I recently collected some ultra rare rhads, colours like ive never seen before on any internet pics, and want to show em off but my 5mp phone camera just doesnt cut it . Looking to spend $100> any links for online shopping? Btw the rhads pectoral / anal fin is likecan african violet colour, more purple, with black edging, and the dorsal is light blue, with the electric blue strip down the back, slightly transperic pink cheeks
  24. I was recommended to feed the following to rainbows geophagious braziliensis. What other fish are easy breeders that won't grow to big that I can also feed to Rainbows. I'm currentlyfeeding them bloodworms, garden compost worms.
  25. I haven't bothered shipping fish for a couple of years now, I had a Virgin Freight account for many years and shipped fish reasonably regularly airport to airport on direct flights from Coolangatta to Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. Then Virgin Freight were taken over by Toll Express, who changed the consignment notes to delete the "live fish" option, leaving only the "AVI" option. This resulted in the price of shipping a box of fish to treble, as I was being charged the same rate as you would be charged to ship a cat or dog. And I was hearing lots of stories about shoddy service and high costs when shipping with AAE, particularly being given quotes and then being charged substantially more when you turned up with fish packed ready to go. So I stopped shipping. After being requested by a couple of members recently to ship some fish to Cairns and Melbourne, I dropped into Coolangatta airport looking for the AAE office to suss it out and found their name has recently changed to Qantas Freight. Apparently AAE was split up, some parts going to Qantas Freight and others to Star Track. To cut to the chase, the guys at the Qantas Freight office at Coolangatta airport could not have been more helpful, and I was pleasantly surprised at the shipping costs quoted, which I regarded as quite reasonable. And the quoted costs were pretty much spot on when I delivered the packed fish to Coolangatta airport this afternoon. So it looks like I am back into shipping airport to airport to places receiving direct flights from Coolangatta airport : Cairns, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, and even Darwin and Hobart. Cheers, Doug
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