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Found 233 results

  1. Hi, have been on this site couple times but forgot to intro myself. So hi I'm Mobuns, my nick name may be a little rude so I won't write it just in case... I am the proud mother of a Red Devil named Sushi and some Convicts unnamed as i have forgotten who's who lol, I have x2 4ft standard tanks that I am supposed to be cleaning right now...lol, I am easily distracted!! Will try upload some picks after cleaning. P.s I'm a little forum illiterate not sure what the hell I'm doing but I'll get there!
  2. Hi All. We have sold OTTO external canister filters since we started back in 2000. Sales slowed down on these units in 2011 and decided to discontinue the sale of these units. The Demand for a quality non chinese made unit has increased especially in the last 12 months so we have gone back to what i know is a quality product with a good track record for reliability and performance. Link - Age of Aquariums - OTTO PF300G Link - Age of Aquariums - OTTO PF450G Priced from $179.00 for the 1200lph model up to $199.00 for 1800lph model. These units really do pump the water when compared to a chinese made unit which generally speaking exaggerate the LPH. Usual Discounts apply. Ben
  3. As title says just wanting to know if that is a good deal? Thanks mike
  4. Tomorrow in really keen to get out and and go shopping through some Petshops that I haven't been to before I'm located in Kallangur so anything with in an hour from there I don't mind places I already know about: Atlas aquariums Smiths aquarium Let me know some other great shops that are worth looking at
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  6. Just curious to hear from others if they have a lucky tank or a tank of death...I seem to have both.... one tank is a tank of doom....death....and no love...I have lost more fish in this one tank than all the others combined...I have moved breeding colonies into this tank and they have lost the love(obviously aware of the tank they are in:behindsofa:)....and then on the flipside...I have a tank set up where all I get is love love love...rare fish breeding and big big spawns... I would show you my tank of death....but then you wouldn't buy it off me down the track I would show you my tank of love......but then you would get yours built just the same(a rectangular shape and made out of glass! ) Funny how it works...and I think its just looking into it too much but I'll take the tanks of love anyday...but the tank of death teaches you so much ...
  7. Have had a great few days! Ellioti have 20 odd wigglers. Got a package of 100 Cherrys from butch today. And I got 100odd FREE guppys off a awesome local!!!!!! Im in fishy heaven! Will post some pics and vids on this thread
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  9. hey just bought a 5 and a half ft tank and its bout 400lts, what would be the best filter to get for it that doesn't cost a few hundred, its going to be a African cichlid tank
  10. In April 2011,I caught the pyroferus mimic tang in these pics and a few months later I caught a nice sized lemon peel dwarf angelfish of many seen that year, the is the exact species this pyroferus mimics. They were in one of my quarantine tubs for a time when I had issues with figuring out the best way to make my NWMS work with the use of the algae we found. In that short time the tang had faded a little because the angelfish showed dominance, which changed due to the tang growing quite fast as I planned for then and later slowed its growth to near zero.They seem even better mates after surviving the cyclone power outage of nearly three days together. The two in 2011. Yesterday. They are best mates these days and get on great.
  11. Well it seems finally(maybe by accident or maybe someones finally caught on:eek:)we are getting proper top view ranchu in Australia...the genetics are completely different with these guys but there is now a little group of them lurking around and knowing a wholesaler has supplied a few shops with these is good news....now people just have to make sure they don't cross the 2(side view with top view) and lose the true Japanese ranchu genetics...or else its back to square one with these guys..I've managed to get my hands on 4 and will have my eyes (and wallet) open for future fish.... Will be nice to start talking about top view ranchu,these different fish and opportunities with these guys...creating your own bloodline! Heres some pics of the guys I manage to grab...most have a little flaw here or there except one nice little guy but the genetics are there and that's all you need to get to work..
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  13. Who doesnt love a good surprise? About 2.5 weeks into keeping my Apistogramma cf agassizii Netz Alenquer acquired from Jodi Lea at fishchick aquatics, and they have spawned! I have to say i had no idea or any expectation this would happen, also considering this is the sub dominant female. after crapping around trying to find out why my water was going up from 6.0 to about 7.0 after a week, they did this lol. Just tells you what a good course of brine and a hefty water change can do for South Americans!! Anyone else got sweet surprises like this before? (oh and BTW how long will it take for those to hatch?) Cheers Cody
  14. Hi All, Just got my 2 tattoos drawn up and i want to know if there is any "recommended" tattoo artists in the Bris/Coast area. as i live out bush we have no one! haha.
  15. saw this on ebay anyone know if its good for a cheapy ?? or has one 1200LPH Aqua Aquarium Fish Tank External Canister Water Filter Sponge | eBay
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  17. I'm getting a bit frustrated with the barbed/ribbed 25mm hose I am currently using as it continously breaks and needs to be fixed with 25mm joiners. I did get it from a plumbing shop and it wasn't cheap. The plumbing taps and elbows are very difficult to attach tho the damn thing as well. I like to have it done with taps and elbows so it can just hang off the tank and be moved from tank to tank and just be turned on/off from the attached tap. Any better ideas/suggestions for a good 12 metre hose that doesn't kink/curl up too much and work well with 25mm plumbing fittings?
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  19. Looking to import a fair few fish i.e. guppy's and such. Need someone who can source the fish in a timely manner and ship them. Being stuffed around alot by current person as they seem to have way to much on there plate already. i have money here someone please come take it for my fish lol . Thanks
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  21. Hi all, Just wondering what books people would suggest on tropheus/Tanganyikans. I have seen aqualog mentioned along with Ad konings tang cichs in their natural habitat. Just wondering if anyone has opinions on these 2 or suggestions for any others. On a side note if anyone has a copy they would be willi g to part with please let me know. Thanks Trav
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  23. Ok so I have a mate who builds tanks and he may be able to get me toughened glass at a realy great price now question is is it safe to use for tanks? this tank will be big 10x4x2.5 it will be built by a guy who has built many a big tank and no's what hes doing braced wel etc etc he even said he would want to put wide alloy corners on all 4 corners for extra protection, but said to do some research into toughened first I have read it can explode if hit hard:shock: sounds worrying lol what are your thoughts guys? mods can close thread that idea is over with! lol Thanks
  24. Just purchased two 3fters I need to fill and was wondering what everyone's take was on gravel/sand from places like landscaping joints and bunnings. Is it safe? Or do I need to be picky? Anywhere else people would recommend for substrate?
  25. I love reading about fish I am interested in, but don't have any on apistos. I would love to get a good one to start off with as I know there is a big difference in quality and accuracy between books. Any recommendations would be great Thanx
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