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Found 233 results

  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  3. Just noticed a little purple snail slowly making the rounds on one of my bits of live rock, and I am quite curious as to what he might be. He is quite a cool looking little fella, with a purple shell and what I can see of his body appears to be purple too. Not going to make any rash descisions about getting rid of him, but if he is actually a pest then he will need to go. Can anyone help with an ID?
  4. I am looking at buying an Albino Pleco for $120. The size is 20-25cm. i was just wondering if this is a good price or am i getting ripped off? Im new into the Fishkeeping so im just not sure on prices.. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Nick.
  5. Hi all, I'm wanting to know where is the best place to get good quality fancy goldfish? All the places i go to now, they only have fantails, or ryukins that look more like fantails, and ranchus with minimal headgrowth, either that or many of them have swim bladder disease. I live in north brisbane, any ideas of where you guys get ur stock, and also aquarium supplies would be great. Thanks heaps.
  6. Hey all I setup 2 little outside tanks a few weeks back just gravel and duckweed with a few pieces of DW and some platties.. I knew there would be a stringy moss/algae grow on it.. I put it in a tank before and 5 minutes later I had HEAPS of L104's all over it munching away as well as cherry shrimp. Just wondering if anyone else does this? I would assume there would be heaps of tiny organisms and a good food source in it?
  7. We scored a really odd size tank 4ft long x 3.5ft high x 1ft wide.. Have set it up outside in a sheltered area where it will get light but not too much direct sun..to grow some plants in. Would gold fish be a good idea? Or would they just eat the plants? I have other fish I could put in, I just haven't had goldys in a year or so and have the itch but am unsure as to weather it would work? I'm assuming it could only be comets? As there will be no chiller involved. Any help would be appreciated! Cheers Mat
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  9. Hey guys, just thinking of buying a digital ph & temp unit like this one on ebay: Digital pH Monitor Meter Tester Thermometer Aquarium | eBay Are they any good or are they just a cheap Chinese (not being racist) unit? Any suggestions on which unit/brand to buy? thanks
  10. hey guys i know of river monsters, but can anyone sugest any good worth watching shows about our hobby? just got austar and want to record some shows that are worth watching thanks.
  11. Hey all. Just want to make sure my planned stock will workout . 25 pretty tetras 8 Peru altums 10 corydoras of some sort 5 apistogramma of some description 4 l270 In a 6 x 2 x 2.5 with fx5 and 4' sump . Thanks all
  12. 8ft fish tank - 20 bay barracks | eBay thought this might be useful to some one?
  13. i personally don't like these guys so i find this story funny. mate had 3 given to him, at the time i said ther not even worth getting up to answer the door when the guy comes over to drop them off. against my advice he did. he had a nice tank they went in with fronties, yellows and blue orchid pcocks. nice i though then the dollars went in a good episode of that 70's show turn into a bad ep of home and away to see some silver dollars swimming around just isn't cricket so i decided to take up another channel. his flat mate has a toga he is by himself but an awesome fish when feeding time.now the flatmate is just new to fish and my mate with the dollars wanted to get rid of them of course no one wanted them and he couldn't bring himself to flush them so he convinced the flatmate to put them in with the saratoga expecting them to be eaten if not killed. the toga has been around for awhile and has killed everything that gets put in his tank. the dollars went in they got nailed but kept following the toga around. as it was told to me this spooked the toga why does a fish i'm nailing follow me, i was almost in tears laughing when i got told this. so the dollars live on.......... does anyone have similar story??
  14. oo.com.au Mobile Oo.com.au Its cheap and people says its prettygood should I get it? Also has anyone bought from this site before? What's the shipping like etc. Cheers
  15. Hi Everyone, Can anyone tell me of any good fish places in the brissy/Ipswich area? Has anyoen been to Aquarama at Stafford?
  16. As seen here: Pet City Mt. Gravatt, Brisbane, QLD Super Specials Eheim PickUp Internal Filters 2006 Was $39.95 Now $34.95 Retail $29.95 CLUB 2008 Was $49.95 Now $44.95 Retail $34.95 CLUB 2010 Was $54.95 Now $49.95 Retail $39.95 CLUB 2012 Was $69.95 Now $64.95 Retail $49.95 CLUB Brightwell Magnesium-P 600g Was $34.95 Now $24.95 Retail $19.95 CLUB Seachem Matrix Carbon 250g Was $21.95 Now $16.95 Retail OR 2 for $20 CLUB MEMBERS I've already picked up some carbon for me! Now its your turn
  17. hey guys just stumbled on to this forum that is a good read it covers tyrannochromis nigs and macros and goes into depth on identerfying the two Tyrannochromis nigriventer or macrostoma - EastCoastCichlids
  18. ok, so I just bought a bristlenose, nothing to get excited about you say, well I am, because its one of the best I've seen. Spotted it straight away at Smiths this afternoon amongst quite a few good ones. Im no expert though, so what do you think?
  19. Hey guys, I am wanting some silver angels, just your plain run of the mill silver angel but in looking around in some of my LFS's there doesn't seem to be anything decent. They all seem to be a bit off, crooked bars/lines or missing bars, not quite the right shape and alot them have fins all over the place, pairs of fins different lengths or crinkled up and skewiff. And it seems especially tough as there aren't many around, all the new breeds are all the rage. koi, blushing, sapphire etc Anyway, enough of my whinging, just after some straight, good quality silver angels, either a pair or half a dozen juvies to grow out to get a pair. Can anyone reccommend a breeder or shop to find what I'm looking for? Fishchicks would be the obvious answer but last time i was in there, the closest thing there were the 'manacopuru' scalare, very nice and tempting but Jodi-lea informed me they grow a fair bit larger than your regular angels which isn't ideal for me. Also checked the breeders registry with no luck. Thanks in advance, Beau
  20. The 6x3x2 arrived in time. Four days after putting 'em in, they've laid..................seems they're happy just a couple of quick grabbed shots as I didn't want to disturb 'em
  21. I'm am thinking of doing a full mirrored background on my 6 x 18 x 2 foot tank and it will be stocked with my Jags, GT, Toga and hopefully a Juvi Jack. Do you think the fish might get too damaged by seeing themselves in the reflection and trying to attack their reflected image or not. If anyone has tried this please let me know. Cheers, Shanoz
  22. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  23. Hey Guys, Got home after work this arvy to find 2 fish (1x Braziliensis, 1x Blue Acara) on the carpet infront of the tank something must have spooked them, but i spose that is what you get when u dont have lids on ur tanks. So i was pretty peeved off and was pretty much in a less than happy mood for a bit. So anyway, about 10 minutes later, i was doing a water change on my little 2 foot apisto tank and i accidently bumped the small pot i have in there. The pot rolled a little bit into the light and guess what i saw........ About 25/30 tiny little Apisto Cacatoide eggs stuck to the pot. Well i went from a bad mood to an instant happy mood. So stoked, they are my very first to lay eggs while ive been into fish. So happy as ive had very little luck with trying to multiply, and its the ones i least expected. I dont expect anything from this but, its a great start and makes you feel pretty good. Anyone else had a similar experience??? ,Luke
  24. Hi guys i put these two together this morning now theres a fair bit of movement in the tank. Firstly he was showing off to her, then she was smashing him then now hes fighting back. is this breeding? or fighting? The male is missing a couple of scales. Male is the smaller one
  25. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
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