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Found 57 results

  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  2. Hi all, I was feeding my Rachus this arvo & saw my largest one has 2 largish white spots/pimples on his head. They arn't the tubicles they get on there fins & gills when in season, or deffinatly dont seem like it... If anybody can help me identify this & help me treat it would be really appriciated. Thanks all. Craigo.
  3. Hey guys my flower horn is getting another lump on its head it cant be hole in the head cause its going the complete oppisite way so ill get a pic up so use can have a look but i need help ASAP please if its deadly
  4. hey a few days ago it had a small cut on his head but the tank had a bit of salt in it so i thought it would be ok. It is now a big cut that looks really bad. I have put him in a 15L hospital tank with 4tspoons of salt and 3 mls of melafix. Any other suggestions? i think this infection keeps happening in this tank, is there anyway to get rid of it permanently? The big fella did his business before he got infected though so got some eggs too, had to strip at day 4 though.
  5. what size do they need to be to breed? or what is a good size to breed? I bought a colonly of 7 a few days ago. they are 3m and 3 f and 1 unkowen. they are 4-6cm atm, I know I can't breed them strait away but just wandering what size I can. thanx for any help.
  6. Hey, My 25cm braziliensis has started swimming vertically with its head down. It tries to level out by rolling on its side n that but it's bum just seems to make it float back vertically.. like it has a air bubble trapped inside its bottom.. It looks fine aside from this new swimming nature and the rest of the fish in the tank have never looked better.. (Pleco, red zeb & cobalt blue zeb) Any Ideas about what it is or how it should b treated.. Is it a parasite or maybe a problem with its swim bladder... It hasn't eaten for a day now and Im not sure how long it can keep this up for.. Well it has no problem keeping its tail up.. lol. Cheers Brodez I've included some pics of the fish from a while ago before it started this nose diving..
  7. Hi everyone, Only got into fish at beginning of the year but gees has the bug hit hard ... tanks everywhere 2200 L system in garage full of africans breeding, and couldn't resist getting the tapajos for the inside tank so my question is this : 1st of all any help regarding keeping these healthy would be appreciated. What in your opinion is the best/easiest way to keep the water right indian almond leaves or driftwood that leaches tannin ? or both ? I currently have them with sandie bottom a few rocks 4 pieces of driftwood 2 of them have large anubias on them, water seems fairly clear they don't seem to be eating a lot I have only owned them for 2 weeks they are F1s , I have 13 of them at roughly 8 to 10 cm in a 5 ft tank. I got given thera A large fish formula with them as that is what previous owner was feeding them what else is recommended. Any news on the eartheater site coming back to qldaf ? Thank you Fabs
  8. hey guys, So im thinking of hooking 2 systems together so that i get better filtration and water quality (and even temps). untitled.JPG[/attachment:2w8oj2hw] make sense? So will a 1000lph canister filter (inlet in bucket, outlet in top tank) OR an 2000lph internal filter (sitting in bucket, pumping to top tank) handle the height diff better? I would think canister, just because they are made for some head height, and internals are just "internal". But yeah, the extra flow rate might help?? Cheers Alex
  9. a few pics of my tapas done on the iphone so dont do them justice
  10. why is my blue peacock/ red empress trying to kill my fisk, i have had it for like 3 months n the last week it has changed colour to a very very dark meltailic blue with red gills n bright red tail n fins, i know its a male, it has been in a 4 foot tank with about 12 different cichlids n there has been no prob, till 2day i brought anthour blue dolphin n a sunshine peacock, its now swimming after every fish, there is bits here n there gone out of just about every fish n the sunshine peacock is just about died, so i had to put it in a different tank to see if it will live, is it a sign it wants to mate, wat will it mate with, or wat should i do, plz let me know, dont want to lose all my fish
  11. I had a pro-aqua canister that I bought second hand and It has since bit the dust. I examined it and the top main headpiece had water inside it. I took it apart right down to where the power chord goes up into the hand pump and found that some asian hadn't plugged the dam thing as the rubber seal was hanging loose No matter but anywho, I need a new headpiece as I already have the canister. Is this possible? Model: Pro Aqua CF-1500
  12. i see alot of people asking what size bulk head they should use I myself was asking the same question im not sure if its on here somewhere but i found this calculator very usefull you will need to calculate what your flow rate will be in gallons to use it but thats easy using a online calculator any way there you go. http://reefcentral.com/calc/drain.php
  13. I took ownership of a 3ft Tank/Stand/Hood today (YAY FREEBIE) which was home to a large Tiger Oscar and two large Silver Dollars. Now I think the Oscar may have HITH, he has a couple of White sore looking things on his body and some white stuff protruding from between his scales on his snout. Figure I would try to rehab the fish and find homes for them as I dont want them. I did a full water change, scrubbed the tank and treated it with a Fungal water treatment and bought another heater for the tank. Might my diagnosis be correct? The water was pretty filthy and very cold as they didnt have a heater.
  14. Hi guys, I put this together quickly on another forum and thought I would share it here. ---------- I purchased my Geophagus sp. "Araguaia Orange Head" colony at around 3-4cm in length on February 4, 2009, and sold them on January 27, 2010, with the dominant males at around 5.5" TL. In chronological order, here's their growth (without figures). There's probably a substantial gap or two in there but this is all I've got. February 5, 2009: February 26, 2009: March 15, 2009: April 7, 2009: July 20, 2009: So a couple of months since the last update, red heads really starting now. September 12, 2009: Another couple of months, showing full colouration on some males now. October 22, 2009: November 18, 2009: Now spawning every fortnight - can't tell I purchased the DSLR here December 7, 2009: January 1-2, 2010: Just before they went, the last good photos I have of them. Pretty amazing what happens over 12 months with such a gorgeous species.
  15. Hey guys. How can you remedy hole in the head (mild case) in discus about 6-8cm diameter? Cheers, Eric.
  16. Hey Guys, Just curiouse to know what you feed your Geo's, have recently bought some, all is well and they are feeding happily on Brine shrimp, 0.8mm pellets and occasional bloodworms. Just thought i'd see what other proven feed i could give them. Pete
  17. Hi all ive got one male blue ram, 4-5cm aprox, looks good, good colours etc. lately he has had little pimples on his head which are gradually getting worse and looks very much like hole in the head disease. also a lump above his right eye ... nitrates are at 25mg/L (is what the colour chart says the colour is) at most. with weekly water changes .. moderately planted tank. i was dosing pmdd but have stopped as it has potasium nitrate in it .. and trying to keep the water as clean as possiable the weekly 40L water change on a 150L tank, lately ive up-ed the water change to twice a week i feed frozen blood worms, defrosted and he loves them, also sera discus granuals which he also enjoys and eats readily ive tried ground up flake food which gets ignored, and frozen beef heart which he eats but stuffs up the water clarity. also tried frozen brine shrimp but he shows no interest.. im wondering what else people feed their rams as im trying to very his diet but he seems rather fussy tank inhabitents include a small school of tetras (6 or 7), a pleco, a couple of guppies, and 4 young 4cm max pepperment bristlenose nitrites are 0 as is ammonia. im about to test nitrate again after having done a water change a couple hrs ago.. i really would like to provide a good healthy enviroment for the ram and dont want to loose him any help is much appreciated.... thanks Tony
  18. these are some geo tapajos i purches off glen about 3 weeks ago. they have settled in really well, i verry impressed with glens fish and highly recomend. :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:
  19. Here are some pics of my Tapas spawning last night, first time I've seen them go inverted. Male Female Cheers Larry
  20. hello everyone, this morning i spotted this on one of the loaches, is it hole in the head? or something else, and what can i do against it? thanks heaps
  21. Couple of quick shots of my dominant male. Been fairly busy lately so my tanks need a good clean, but I should hopefully have some quality DSLR shots up over the next few weeks instead of this quicky P&S rubbish with dirty glass
  22. hey all, I've got a electric yellow (roughly 4 years old) and he's always had sunken cheeks.. now his forehead (above his eyes) has also sunken in as well. Any idea what this is? All research only says sunken bellies, nothing about head or cheeks. All other fish are fine.. i'm doing regular water changes and the yellow is eating. Thanks
  23. hey i have 8 gold head comps in my tank they are only about 2 to 3cm dose anyone no when they start getting colour because they still look like dam fish
  24. Hey guys, i had a second spawn from my Gold Head comps :woohoo: Last time the comps were in a community with a couple gobies and a bulu point so i put food in and distracted the female to steal her shell with fry out of the tank to put in a fry tank... This time she didn't leave the shell, she knew what i was upto LOL and stayed in the shell, i put her in a floating cage with the shell so hopefully the fry will swim out and she will be in there with the shell and i'll take her and the shell out. I went out and got a heap of hermit crab shells for them to breed in, but they prefer the large mystery snail shells and escargot shells, little buggers. My first lot of fry are going well and are approx 4mm.
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