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Found 40 results

  1. Hi All, For you QLDAF members not based in QLD here is a link, Age of Aquariums - Koi Food The new JPD range is considered the best koi food in the market in Asia / USA. On a side note we do have a large amount of American cichlid keepers / Large Africans that love the range of JPD also. Ben
  2. I am wanting to put a bottom/ glass cleaner in my 3ft tank to help with cleaning. My PH is usually between 7.8 - 8.0 for my africans. It appears that the only catfish that likes this PH is the cuckoo but I cant find anywhere what their cleaning purpose is. Do cuckoo's clean glass as well as bottom cleaners? I just lost my huge sailfin pleco who did a wonderful job cleaning the algae from the glass and looking for something to replace him. As my tank is only small I dont want something that gets as big as the Pleco etc and cuckoo's seem compatible with my setup but dont know if they will do what I want. Could someone please recommend a catfish that can tolerate high ph and clean as well. Thanks
  3. Morning Fellow Forum Members, I’ve been toying with the Idea of a 'High Tech' aquarium for a while now and I am almost at the stage to get started, the Budget will be very tight and the project stretched out over probably near a full 12 months. I’m after some more input from Forum members on what 'High Tech' goodies are out there that I should consider adding to my project. I have not 100% set on the Tech Goodies yet, I’m still in the design phase with the furniture and getting them to look nice and modern. I will be using a 5x2 platform, initially a 5x2x2, with the plan to later change to a 5x2x2.5 with a 3d background. I think I will give designing and building my own computer controlled LED lighting system from scratch as I can purchase any type of LED's imaginable these days, I have a background in electronics engineering, I work in IT, My father was a senior Electronics engineer for 30 years before retiring recently and he has a good grasp on programming, we build UAV's together and all sorts of goodies, so working with electronics is like second nature to me. As far as filtration is concerned I’ve decided I want to stay away from a sump (personal preference) I currently run 2 FX5's which are a little low tech, I’ve been considering the Fluval G6, it seems nice and techy and some cool features and I haven’t heard much Bad about then (yet :S) So hit me with some more ideas on what I could purchase and add to my project, or things that you may not have seen before that would be a great idea on a 'High Tech' fish tank. Oh it will be Fresh Water and probably house appisto's angels and larger tetra's All input appreciated Leroy
  4. AS the title sugests, im after a high gloss 'modern' looking Cabinet, Something verry clean, looks like its out of a scifi flick, that high gloss white, completeley flat, looks a little like perspex. . . Getting a new appartment and think im going to go with a white and Red Furniature theme and currently my Tanks cab and hood is a dark "walnut' stain and in a old fashion style. . . best photo i can give is this, so kind of a cabinet and hood made to fit in with this style. . Sorry if this makes no sence :S
  5. Is there anybody that can explain this for me and how this could occur in an aquarium? I recently introduced a new fish to an established aquarium (aclimitizing it to the new water just like I always do) with other healthy fish. Within 12hrs new fish dead. Water - everything 0 nitrate 10ppm. Callled where I got him from, LFS very helpful and understanding and asked about TDS levels. I add no salt or anything to my new water except prime. So there should be no heavy metals or high levels of minerals. But I searched on the net and read this Is this relevant? My guess is the fish just couldnt cope with the travel and new water adjustment.
  6. Are there any of these Guppies for sale in Brisbane or surrounding areas? Please help!!!!!
  7. I know we are coming into winter and this is not really an issue at the moment, but during the summer months the temp of my water can rise well into the 30's. I was putting frozen bottles of water in my tank to keep it as cool as possible (not sure if that was the right thing to do) but does anyone else have a better way of dealing with this problem??
  8. Is a high protein diet good or bad for fish. some dude down the road said he give his fish high protein diet. So let me know.
  9. I have a comunity tank, and i recently added some more gravel to it ( I got this gravel off a fellow member) and I boiled the gravel to kill of any disease,and rinsed the gravel numerous times before adding it to my tank. once i added it to my tank the next day I checked all my water and found that the Nitrite level was around 50ppm. so I did a 50% water change. I came back today and checked the water again and the Nitrite level is stil 50ppm. so I did a 30% water change this morning. I checked the water again just befre and compaired it to this mornings sample and its a little bit higher. what can I do to fix this problem. I dont want to stress out my fish especially my discus :s. thank you alyce
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  11. I'm the middle-man in the sale of my friends 6x2.5wx1.5h tank to another friend of mine, The tank has been marine for 4 years and has quite a bit of coraline algae and crust on the back and sides. But the friend buying it is going fresh as his saratoga has outgrown his 4ft. He isn't too worried if we cant get it all off. I said we are just going to have to hit it with some elbow grease and razor blades. He suggested using his karcher (high pressure water gun) My IMMEDIATE thought was that the high pressure would rip up the silicon seals, I have resealed my 3ft but I'm not game to reseal something this big. Has anyone ever used a high pressure gun on an aquarium??? Is it a bad idea???? If not, any tips on cleaning of coraline algae??? Cheers Jesse
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  13. I'm after some catfish(or other fish) for a Tanganyikan tank to clean up algae and others to clean up left over food. The tank is around the 800 liter mark and contains small tang Cichlids, the PH is kept pretty high and the water hard. Thanks Tumbo
  14. I just checked the water in my 6x2x2 after changing the water yesterday and found that my nitrates reading is like a crazy 160 ppm (which is the highest reading on the card). ammonia, nitrite checked out at 0 and ph around 7. temp is 27degs and filtration is via 2x 1800LPH otto external canisters i know easiest way to remove nitrate is to change the water but i just changed like 200L yesterday in that tank and toowoomba is on pretty tight water restrictions. Just wondering if anyone has had success with other methods or options available on the market.
  15. hey guys movin house and it is a high set with woden floorboards, i have a 5.2.2 i want to put in it, what are peoples susgestions? should i not bother with it, run along the floor beams or not sure? so has anyone had any experence with this and can help? thanks jamie
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