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Found 9 results

  1. Hey fellow forum peeps We have just received our container from our tour of china and have a couple of NEW goodies to share (more coming in November) First of all we have taken the every day sponge filter a step further and introduced 2 NEW models Model # 1 HI-FLOW XY-380 The HI-FLOW filters are much the same as your old sponge filters except they are now made with a different grade of sponge. The new sponge increases the flow through rate and prevents clogging. The new HI-FLOW sponge filters are also MUCH MUCH easier to clean compared to the traditional sponge filters Here you can see a comparison on the materials used The New HI-FLOW models are available now for only $7.95ea ($7.20 after forum discount) or if you buy 10 they are only $6ea ($5.40ea after forum discount) xy-380 Sponge Filter Large Aeration HI FLOW Model # 2 HI-FLOW and SILENT XY-380 That's right we have engineered a HI-FLOW sponge filter with 0 NOISE... the unique design of this filter produces many micro bubbles to create it's current draw. The creation of these micro bubbles in return give a flow that is completely silence (no more blop blop sounds from the fish room) The use of micro bubbles also give a greater flow into the filter with the use of less air. What this means is 1 you have a greater oxygen exchange rate in the water and #2allows to to run more filters off the same air pump The NEW HI-FLOW SILENT models are also available now in our online store. They are $8.95ea ($8.05ea after forum discount) or if you buy 10 they are $7ea ($6.30 after forum discount) xy-380 Sponge Filter Large Aeration HI FLOW We also have a NEW HI-FLOW jumbo model available but more on that one later
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  3. Soooo.....I tried to increase my Cory population from the present 5 to 8, in my 6-footer that also has: 2 jags approx 22cm, 2 oscars 28cm Black belt 25cm 3 salvinis 15cm 2 convicts 3 loaches I have a pretty deep sand layer approx 12cm which gives awesome nitrate reducing, to the extent that I have an almost constant stream of bubbles and never register any nitrates on testing. My fish are about 7 mths in the tank and sorted off around 3-4 cm mark. The Cory's do an excellent job of digging around and releasing the gas hence why I wanted to increase the population. The Ams don't even notice the present fish but when I put the extras in they were eaten by day 2, (I suspect the Oscars but I can't prove it) yet still the original Corys are still happily digging in my sand. New fish were smaller than present Corys. Didn't think the Ams would be able to tell the new fish from the old, but there you go. Has anyone out there successfully introduced new fish into an established tank? Would like to know how Cheers Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  4. before i run off and buy more fish (looking at getting more marble peacocks and possibly some maleri peacocks) i just want to know the best way to introduce new fish to an established tank. i currently have 5 marble peacocks, 5 electric yellows, 5 bicolor peacocks, 2 bn. the reason for wanting to add more fish is to a. curb aggression...my dominant male is a marble peacock and its really just bullying all the fish to the point that its the only one staying out in the open and the others hide. b. attempt to promote breeding. (plan on adding female marble peacocks) anyway, what are the tips? should i even bother? i have read that the best things to do are introduce groups of fish and to redecorate...i can introduce a group of fish but i wont be able to do much in redecorating because i have 3 large texas holey rocks and i cant really move them around much.
  5. I really want to add a rtgg to my tank which currently has a 70cm pink gg and a toga plus plecos and loaches and balas. Any idea if the new rtgg will be picked on, if the pink will get territorial, what size rtgg would be good? Toga is 15cm. [MENTION=6245]crusty76[/MENTION]
  6. Hello everyone! It's with great excitement that I announce some changes and additions to our QLDAF team. First up I'd like to announce that gingerbeer has stepped up into the role of Admin to help me head up a great new team of Moderators. And it’s also with great excitement that I announce we have some new moderators stepping up and helping us out. I’d like to welcome steveandjules, Matmatmat, goldenswimmers and raycam01_au joining the existing team of liljohn_83 and Daydream. I am very excited to work with all these guys and am confident that this great team will ensure QLDAF remains one of, if not, the best forum around. If you have any questions, concerns, ideas or suggestions feel free to contact one of them, I’m sure they will be happy to help.
  7. Can anyone give my tips, pointers on how to introduce two large oscars to two smaller ones. Ive tried rearranging decirations, seperating then introducing. So far in hitting brick walls, esp with the only albino one. He is like a beacon!! Help :/
  8. Hey Guys, I've just acquired a female dovii (thanks Fishbee, she's settling in well) and i need to introduce her to my male once she comes out of quarantine in a few weeks. Now I know dovii are agro as, so this is what i was going to do 1. fill the bottom of the tank with broken pots, etc - small little hide aways that she can get into but he can't. 2. segegrate them with egg crate diffuser. 3. once they have gotten used to each other i was going to drill a few holes in the egg crate which she could get through and he could not, so that if he does hassle her she has areas where she will be safe. i think this should work but if anyone has previous experience with introducing mature dovii's i would love your help. Thanks Cav
  9. Hi All, I am going to make the big purchase this weekend and buy a new Eheim external canister for the tank. My tank is already established with a Fluval 4 Plus and about 25 cichlids. Could someone please advise is this a simple matter of connecting everything and flicking the switch??? Or is there a requirement to exchange bacteria???? Thanks in advance Stoppy
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