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Found 31 results

  1. sorry about the daily posts, Briefly outlined, I have just been introduced into the world of marine environments, in the past fortnight bought a 6ftx45cmx42cmD. I have been told about the general lighting, berlin methods etc. but (as I have a spare 2ft Tank) would it be more beneficial to set up one. Brace your imaginations you ready? o.k. it is my belief that if I will set up the sump underneath the stand. I will get two relatively small holes drilled in the back, one for the output, in the top quarter of the tank, the other about half the depth. using the generic clear/blue tubing that is available from LFS I will connect these to the sump. The tubes will probably have fly screen siliconed to the ends in the tank. The initial sump will contain a deep sand bed at about a third the depth of the tank, a tiny, I guess you could call it, mini kids plastic terrarium? usually used for air breathing hermit crabs etc. this will house filter media with a tiny power filter (only 10 cm long) under the filter media so it circulates the water in the sump. a powerful power filter will be used to cycle the water back into the tank. in the sump I will fit in a tiny $70 protein skimmer and a large heater.There will be a shallow sand bed in the main tank, but chockers with live rock. I will include two fan? powerheads (do you know what I mean? ) to constantly keep water moving and probably a white light/actinic lighting set up. Is this an effective method? or is it better with a backpack filter or canister filter? Í already have most of the sand power filters and filter media, so will it be expensive to set up the sump? If worse comes to worse I can place a small power filter on the output pipe. would that be a better idea? Thankyou for reading, Ps, I don't care about it being aesthetically pleasing or not Thanks, BK
  2. Hey guys, My GF went and bought some plants from a pet shop, and she wanted them in so bad she didn't wash them down or check for snails, consequently the tank is now covered in small transparent snails. they aren't growing very big and seem to multiply every day. I have never had a snail issue like this before and im wondering how we can get rid of them. im thinking at the end of the day we will have to strip the tank completely as I have found them in the filter etc, just hoping to get around this. thanks in advance. Az
  3. Hi all, Hopefully someone can help. My wife has a red scat about 10cm long. It recently has had it's left pec fin and a small patch change silver. It hasn't stopped eating or swimming around tho. We've put it in some salt water( got some marine salt and made some up in a bucket) and it seemed to get better. And when a water change was done it went away for a while, but it comes back. We've decided to put some salt into the small tank and let him have brackish water for a week or so. Does anyone have any other ideas? I know they change colour when they get older , is this part of it? Cheers, Andrew
  4. Almost 2 weeks ago i bought 4 snakeskin gourami from a LFS. When i got home i noticed one of them was smaller than the other 3 & it seemed to have a slightly different body shape. Its hard to explain but it just looked a little thin & didnt look as "full" as the other 3. During the time i have had him he eats well & swims around normally with the other fish. As i havent uploaded a pic of him yet I will do my best to describe his appearance: Shape: as i mentioned earlier, he isnt as big as the other 3 & it doesnt look like a normal size/growth issue. He doesnt look in proportion. He looks like what can be described as the "runt" of a litter if that sort of thing exists in fish. Colour: The other 3 display normal colour & patterns for fish of their age/size, but this little guy looked "smoked". By that I mean that it looks as if he has a tint of black through him & his fins. The fins look almost "dirty" & seem to be a little broken up in the tail fin. Not sure if it's fin rot. As for the smoked appearance, it can be best described as i mentioned - a black hazy tint over the body. Not too much but still very noticeable when compared to the other 3. He also has what looks like some sort of ulceration approx 10mm behind his eye on the left side. It looks white & looks like a wound or a hole in the making. This has only appeared since yesterday. Im not sure if it is a wound from a fight, hitting up against on of the pieces of driftwood, or a parasite/disease. Behavior: Normal - swims normally & meal time. I have separated him into a hospital tank & will begin medication tomorrow, but im not sure what to begin medication for... I will do my best to get a good picture of him & upload. Does anyone have ideas of what i may be dealing with or how to treat? The other fish all look fine. thanks, Mal
  5. Hi everyone, Just starting to build a little system in the garage and was thinking of making a wet dry filter out of various large containers from bunnings. I was just wondering if these containers needed to be made of food safe plastic or if containers made from recycled plastic were ok to use. I was told that the plastic may leech out toxins which kill aquarium fish. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Will
  6. I have a 4ft tank with some Male Altos, some small Elec Yel and a colony of Leptos ... There are close to 30 fish in the tank (it is filtered very well) but they all seem to love the right hand side of the tank ... The 1.5ft on the right is constantly active while the 2.5ft on the left is DEAD, they hardly ever venture there ... I made a habit of feeding on the left hand side and when its time for food they all rush to the left, but as soon as thats over they move back to the right ... Does anyone else have that problem? How did u fix it? Its really starting to tick me off, i might as well go buy a 2ft tank for them ... Ill try and get a pic to show what im talking about ... Hamza
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