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Found 86 results

  1. just bought a tank of a guy and was wondering how long to let it settle before i put anything in it. i have been told 1 day and also 1 week. so unsure
  2. I've had this new algae start growing in my planted freshwater tank, it hair like, redish/brown, and about 5cm long sometimes longer. Does anyone know what it is and how to control it, it seems to be slowly covering all of the plants, rocks and driftwood. This is a small part that i took a photo of.........DSC_0085_01.JPG[/attachment:2cj7h92t]
  3. To start I will just give a basic rundown on who I am . I have been keeping fish for 4 decades , I no longer keep fish as such ( I have one very old male Empire gudgeon ) I lost interest in keeping fish when I worked as a fishkeeper for a now defunct Importer of tropical fish and goldfish in their quarantine room That was many years ago ! I now mostly just grow plants . I am though looking at getting a few smaller fish that I can safely keep with my plants . Half a dozen Curviceps some Thomasi some Rainbows and or blue eyes and mayby some small livebearers ( wild strain guppies or the like ) - not in the same tank though I only have 2ft and 3ft tanks and 1 30x15x18 that I am restaining and refinishing the cabinet for a planted display tank . All my tanks have multi-tube T5 ho lighting and are very bright - something I have found some fish to be very averse to but require for my plants . I no longer run CO2 at present as although it speeds the growth of some plants it is not essential - I have previously run it but managed growing plants for 20+ years without it . I will most likely have a single 3ft tank with CO2 but the rest without Most of my tanks have been shutdown for a while ( due to health issues ) but I am setting them up again a couple at a time . Thanks for reading - Ian
  4. I have a small female Lepto who was holding when i bought her on Wednesday ... I have no idea how long she has been holding ... When do i strip her? I can see 2 big eyes in her mouth ... Hamza
  5. The light on my 3 foot tank has carked it. I thought it was just the starters but sadly it's the whole thing. Just wondering how long I can leave the tank with only natural light? It's been about a week now and I'd prefer to hold off till the Bay Fish trip next week to see if Russ has anything I can pick up.
  6. How long does a female hongi hold for? I'm assuming she has a mouth full of eggs or babies, as she is the only one in the tank with a decended jaw! Should I leave her alone or try and remove the eggs/fry?
  7. Can anyone comment on what they're like to keep? Are they territorial? Are they Omnivorous or strictly Herbivore? How big do they grow? Do they need caves as with most Mbuna? Etc etc . . . Got a male today and figured it would fit into my Mbuna display without too much drama. But there isn't a hell of a lot of info about Zebra Long Pelvics on the Net or anywhere. Thanks!
  8. Could some one please give me information on How long before eggs hatch?. Firstly for Red Jewels. Secondly for BN And or thirdly, is there a general rule of thumb for fish accross the board? Regards Marc
  9. Well I'm starting to get very frustrated with trying to breed my Long Pelvics. I bought 3 females and a male about a month ago to go with my male. Took the male from those I bought back to Q Aquariums and then let the rest settle in to see what happens. Anyways, early on there was heaps of activity with my original male showing more colour, and doing his shimmy dance to impress the chicks and all that. The last couple of weeks, however, has seen something of a split in the tank. One of the new fish has coloured right up to the point where I think she is a he (she even has the longer pectoral fins which I was told is a sign of being male). So this one and my original male have both claimed territory at opposite ends of the tank and have dug all the substrate out from under all my rocks so there are now caves everywhere. My original male seemed to "choose" his mate a week or two ago, and she can usually be seen hiding in amongst the caves at his end of the tank. He chases any other fish away from this end, and chases her around a bit, and does his little shimmy thing for her. But so far no action. The other one, which is showing colour, is also hanging in the caves, and hanging out with the third female, and doing the shimmy thing every now and again. So my question, I guess, is this:- have I got 2 males on my hands? I was assured that it was 1m and 3f when I bought them. The guy I bought them from is a very succesful breeder, respected on here, and knows a heap more than I do so I don't really have reason to mistrust his judgement/advice. It just seems weird to me that one of the "females" has coloured up so much and is doing the shimmy thing. Or is that normal? Also, there is no major aggression between my male and the colourful female. From what I've been told, if they were both male in a 160l tank they would be trying to kill each other. Any thoughts?
  10. Its been about 12 months since My Bns have bred but today I finly have a batch of eggs Its only a small lot , but what the hey its a start So Loosing my breeding girls was just a set back So all I can say is be pashent and you just never know Things will turn out in the end Roo
  11. hi, I wanted to know how long will it take for my malawi cichlids to start breeding. i have had them for about 3 months and have breeding colony's in there (electric blue, electric yellow and acei tanzania) the tank is clean and i change 10% of the water every week in my 212L tank. the PH is around 7.5 - 8.0. sometimes i see the male's dancing infront on the female's but nothing happens. I feed them fronzen brine shrimp once a week (feed them some today) the fish are healthy and show no signs of sickness. *PLEASE HELP* cheers,john
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