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Found 187 results

  1. Today while on a collecting trip, in just 6 feet of water this friendly blue ring of the many we see, wanted to shack on it. What we were shaking on I have no idea? I was impressed, a courteous ocy.
  2. Hey guys, just noticed today after a day at work my cycling marine tank wasn't looking right. I noticed clear "glassy" looking bubbles on my live rock and it was also turning brown. It looked like somewhat like an algae. Now an insight into the tank, it's an 80ltr nano reef just on 3 weeks old which started off as live sand and Red Sea synthetic salt water, I monitored it over 2 weeks until I struck a balance with salinity and all tests. Maintained p.h. Of 8.2. At this 2 week mark I added 6-7kilo of live rock and let the tank settle. 3 days ago after levels were somewhat settled I decided to add 3 chromis. Fish are healthy and have been fed and ate 2 blocks of myasis shrimp. This morning turned the light on and all seemed fine, it was just towards the end of the day that I noticed the bubbles and colouring. What would make my tank change like this in such a short time? Should I be concerned or just let it settle again? I am hesitant to retest the water at this stage and would prefer to leave the tests for the morning. I was thinking of just leaving it alone, and leaving the lights turned off for atleast a day or 2. I can get pics by tomorrow afternoon, the pictures really tell the story. What would I generally be looking at here? Algae bloom? Nitrifying cycle? Any number of other things? Any help/comments/questions are very welcome and most appreciated... Cheers, Matt
  3. These pics are from the south east Queensland aquarium society field trips, just a few on here from now on of the thousands of aandtscoiety pics we take when we are either on our low tide walks, free diving, spearing our dinner or just looking around on scuba. There a couple of pics of some species collected as to how their lives are going in the aquariums as well. The vis of late has been bad, the first pic is as good as it has been for months. There are some improvements though; the grey nurse sharks are like flies now. At one particular site in all the time i was going there from the late 70s till 5 years back, there were never any grey nurse there, now there are over twenty in that spot and the other boats report that they are every where! Our part of the ocean is well and truly having problems for the more delicate corals, the amount of dead sps is around 70 percent at several sites from lack of light and salinity variations. Though the sps are in a bad way around here there are a lot of the ones featured being fungia, in the hundreds and hundreds. In the tank two months later,it has grown from a ten cent piece size to now worth twenty cents. It's funny to watch it change its fleshes shape and sort of walk. To many thor amboinensis to count that we see regularly. At home over a month later.
  4. hey guys its aussie hear again and just been making a few stands for a mate of mine that does full marine setups, I popped in to drop off a stand and my jaw hit the floor, still trying to get over it
  5. This is about using fish/mollies to partly cycle an aquarium. There were some interesting opinions in a thread I was reading else where and it amazes me that near no one seems to remember that we as hobbyists are torturing marine life by placing them into a life that they did not exist in! Every single one of us has killed a few or more of their new pets; it’s part of the learning curb for all this. The hobby in a nutshell is we put these fish and inverts where do not belong and try for the best out comes knowing that this may not happen. I don’t mean just the mollies; I mean the rest of us that are condemning the very thing that we have done, but far worse! Mollies are a hardy species with what is being done with them, in fact possibly more resilient then most marine fish. The cycleling fish I am referring to are mollies were most likely tank bred by people,99.9 of what we buy is not, they come from the wild! The hobby is all about partial or complete torture to marine life, which is sadly how it is! A comment on animal cruelty was made. We as a society have bred wild dogs to suit our needs, cats, we cage birds, we breed animals for meat, cleared land for your homes which has tortured and still is and has killed so much life and is just a small part of day to day human life styles! Animal cruelty is a major part of all of our lives! If you are intending on cycling an aquarium and hope to achieve a high level of simple success, then the biological communities have to have a multitude of varied bacteria that will oxidise all forms of waste. This can come from natural salt water, not much is needed and the bacteria that is in and on dead coral as base rock helps as well to cycle an aquarium. I never use anything other natural means for a perfect cycle to maturity process. For each form of dead tissue or excretion, there is a slight variation of bacteria mutating to accommodate each and every one of these. When you add fish of a delicate nature into waters that has no fish, they are now swimming in waters that has none of the signature bacteria variation to convert their waste. If careful, this usually isn’t an issue if the first fish are relatively strong in adapting and can wait out slight traces of ammonia that will disrupt PH at slight levels but are still there for hours or days. You combine that with adverse affects upon PH from co2 manufactured by all algae when the colours that lighting emits are not there when they are switched off which when on, activates photosynthesis and there is more stress. There are so many variations of bacteria then onto protists for everything that has died on your live rock and that has been fed while cycling or what has been added like frozen marine life or similar. Every thing like algae’s excretions of amino acid and far more plus when it dies, then there is crabs waste, bacteriophages waste, worms waste, corals mucus and waste, the list is endless to the variations of oxidisers and consumers that needs to be in place or at least those genetic markers that are still there for a quick mutation to suit what ever! I for one, once ammonia is stable, always use fish of a robust nature to stabilise waters for the more delicate fish stocks coming later. I don’t put any in the aquarium; this is done remotely in the aquariums water. The hobbyist that was in question was doing something that some disagree with, yet we all live lives that are killing tons of marine life each year due to our numbers and our use of what is manufactured enacting upon climate change. I don’t mean fish stocks taken! This year we are seeing at least 60 percent of all sps in some areas not making it out off here and will become live rock, totally from climate change! That is the big picture near no one bothers with, now the small picture many want to have a say on. The mollies that were in question seem like a sound cycling option for saving other fishes lives. I would pass them on to other cycling hobbyists when water stability is good, that’s what we do for each other. Forums have many members and others on the forums will want the fish to use for their cycling or as pets.
  6. Hi I am decommissioning my 4ft reef tank as my wife is not able to look after it while I am working away so I have some great fish for sale. 1 x large purple tang 1 x large yellow tang 1 x large clown trigger 1 x large clown wrasse 1 x pair of maroone clowns 1 x small black and white oscilarius clown 2 x medium chromis 1 x large blue tang 1 x rabbit fish 1x Starfish a good selection of corals and about 30Kgs of live healthy rock. please call me on 0414 818 353 for more information. All stock is located at Waterford Qld 4133 ....
  7. Took a while here it is so far all advice wanted as this is my first marine tank
  8. Not many people know we have a large selection of native fish! We have a very good supplier who gives us some awesome stuff so if you are into your natives ask us and we may be able to help you out! This week we have a fair amount instock: Goyder river Inornata (Flat rock creek) Parkinsoni Tent Pole creek Silver Perch Purple Spotted Gudgeons Ruborstriata Wanamensis Goyder River Salmon red rainbows Neon Rainbows Bosmani Barramundi Pacific Blue eyes Skull Creek Muccullochi If you are in need of these beautiful rainbows come down for a look! Nielsen's Marine
  9. Oceanpure™ Synthetic Sea Salt is among the finest salt in the market today. Specially formulated with required levels of calcium, magnesium and strontium. Oceanpure™ Synthetic Sea Salt was develop to meet standard of requirements for the reef and captive marine animal environments. All ingredients used are pharmaceutical grade and are free of phosphate, nitrate and contaminant ingredients. Oceanpure™ Synthetic Sea Salt dissolves quickly to create a vibrant and crystal clear aquatic environment second to none. Nitrate & Phosphate Free Fast Dissolving Contains all essential trace elements Priced from $29.00 for the 6.4kg up to $70.00 for the 19.2kg which makes 567 litres Our famous $7.50 capped delivery is included with this so you can have multiple cartons delivered with a total freight charge of only $7.50 - Age of Aquariums - OceanPure Sea Salt 6.4kg - Age of Aquariums - OceanPure Sea Salt 19.2kg Usual 10% Discount applies which brings the 19.2kg size down to $63.00 Ben
  10. Hi All. Here is the link - Age of Aquariums - Ecotech Marine Radion XR30w ( Gen2 ) No further discounts apply. Ben
  11. Welcome to OBIS! | OBIS Not a bad little toy, and getting better all the time.
  12. Hey guys i recently aquired a aqua reef 195 system was just curious whether i will need some extra gear besides a chiller to sustain a stable eco system? And will my system start out better if i use water from the ocean strate away as i live close to the water so wouldnt be hard to get a hold of it any info is apreciated cheers
  13. Found this strange website http://ookatayouji.amaminchu.com/ while reading up on the bloke that broke the story on the weird puffer fish spawning sites AKA the underwater crop circles Anyway its worth a random look, even if it is all in japanese lol If you dont know about the underwater cropcircles check these links http://www.spoon-tamago.com/2012/09/18/deep-sea-mystery-circle-love-story/ http://www.thisiscolossal.com/2012/09/mysterious-underwater-crop-circle-art-discovered-off-the-coast-of-japan/
  14. I am in the process of converting my Aqua One Aquastyle 500 tank into a nano marine. I am not planning on keeping SPS corals or anything that light needy, but I'd like to have the ability to keep a decent range of stuff. My problem is deciding what to do for lighting, I need to keep the lid on the tank so if I go LED it will need to be retrofitted into the space in the hood where the current lighting resides. I just can't decide if I should bother retrofitting LEDs from somewhere like Aquastyle Online or if the 22 watts worth of compact lighting will be enough for my needs....
  15. Hi All, Due to popular demand we now stock the Marine Pure Blocks & Plates. Here are the links, Age of Aquariums - Marine Pure 8 x 1" Plate & Age of Aquariums - Marine Pure 8 x 4" Block We have been stocking the Spheres now for several months and have been receiving very positive feedback from fish peeps. Link, Age of Aquariums - Marine Pure 1.5" Spheres 1 litre Usual 10% QLDAF discount applies on all items. Ben
  16. Marine Plants In The Aquarium: An online guide to the identification and care of marine plants and macroalgae in the aquarium. very nice resource indeed!
  17. Hi all now il say this now before I start haha. What I'm going to ask has more than likely been explained thousands of times on this forum but I'm wanting to go to the next level and set up a marine tank. Iv had Malawi cichlids for years and decided 6months ago to sell them and start a tang tank and so far it's going really good. I test for ph,kh and gh so iv got a good idea of how to test water perimeters but obviously there's more to testing in a marine tank. What I want to no is, is a marine tank much harder to keep than tangs as in what else do you test for apart from ph,kh and gh. Ways of setting the tanks up because the one thing I'm still vary unsure about is how sumps are set up and how thay work. Iv mentioned in a thread I started in the DIY section that I'm going to be making a 10ft tank soonish. Iv got a 4ft ATM so which tank would yous use for the tangs and the marine tank. I'd say the 10ft for the tangs as a 4ft should be big enough for marine shouldn't it. So I'm just after some advice on marine set ups and what to check the water for stuff like that and a good description on filter set up. cheers for any advice and thanks for your patience
  18. Im wondering setting up my 2ft cube tank as marine With this size tank, whats the cons of changing it to marine. Plan to just put a lion fish or some nemo/clown fish. Tank is an aquaone. I also dont have a chiller/skimmer yet if i decide to change now, so i need to assess cost if it is worthwhile to change.
  19. okay ..here's the low down ...after a few years keeping an assortment of freshwater Africans tangs and many tropicals is about six different tanks...I have decided that I would start a 2x18x18 marine tank as a learning curve to bigger things....after adding salt the tank became cloudy with yellow tinge..only been up for 48 hrs so no real cycle ...filter has active media from another saltwater tank. Also added some live rock today..with no change to tint in water....I have two ideas....first one is that sodium emitts yellow light when a standard white light is passed through it..or maybe their is a increased amount of iron in water from pipes or from council adding **** since the flood etc ...or is the colouring going to go away with time..any ideas would be helpful
  20. Hi everyone can you please explain how and what I need to start a marine tank is it more work than its worth? i want anemones mainly and a few corals and fish please explain in simple terms lol, I'm not the best with marine
  21. I am interested in purchasing a 2nd hand marine setup all ready to move on growing coral and adding fish. Needs to be minimum 4ft with full cabinet. Ideally sump/skimmer/chiller/lighting etc. Will consider live rock and stock also. If anyone knows of any systems under $2,000 that are available please contact me. Must be Gold Coast or Brisbane (ideally south).
  22. I'm just wondering if anyone knows where a good enough light for my marine tank (that will only have LPS corals) that I can purchase as after spending a fortune already on eqipment iv got I just don't want to go spending $800 + on a light. I no the lighting is important but surely there's lights out there that are cheaper than $500 that is quite sufficient. By all means I'm not wanting to do it on the bare minimum lighting if I have to get a $800 light well so be it just trying to save a little bit of coin where I can. Cheers
  23. Hi All, The Radion Pro's are now in stock. Specs - New Radion XR30w Pro includes New LED Clusters (with yellow, indigo and UV) and TIR Lens! Max Wattage of fixture: 170W Max Wattage of LED: 155W Radion`s superior quality and sleek design are a testament to EcoTech Marine`s commitment to be the best in aquarium technology. The Radion XR30w Pro is equipped with 42 energy-efficient LEDs in eight controllable colors, hyper red, yellow, green, blue, royal blue, indigo, UV and cool white. The Radion LED light is fully upgradeable -- specifically designed to be an evolving lighting solution. Radion is completely configurable via USB connectivity to set up advanced modes. Radion`s wide light spread means more coverage and consistent color. SPECIFICATIONS The XR30w Pro is ideal for reefers who want the highest PAR ratings, have a deep aquarium or want wide light spread with broad spectrum coverage. The Pro features the same upgrade modularity found in the Radion XR30w. Dimensions: Length: 11.8 inches (30 cm) Width: 7 inches (18 cm) Thickness: 1.5 inches (3.9 cm) 42 LED’s comprised of: White: 8 Cree XT-E Cool White (5w each) Red: 4 Osram Oslon SSL Hyper Red, 660nm (3w each) Yellow: 2 Osram Oslon SSL Yellow, 590nm (3w each) Green: 4 Cree XP-E Green, 520nm (3w each) Blue: 8 Cree XP-E Blue, 468nm (3w each) Royal Blue: 8 Cree XT-E Royal Blue, 442nm (5w each) Indigo: 4 SemiLEDs UV, 415nm (2.5w each) Ultraviolet: 4 SemiLEDs UV, 405nm (2.5w each) *All wavelengths are the peak emitted wavelength of the LED. FEATURES More than just light fixtures, the Radion lighting line is specifically designed to be an evolving lighting solution. Full-spectrum, fully adjustable, upgradeable, advanced lighting conditions, wireless connectivity and much more. 42 energy-efficient LEDs New water-resistant cooling fan Full spectrum output from ultraviolet (405nm) to hyper-red (660nm) Output optimized for PAR and appearance Create custom light modes or use pre-programmed modes Wide light spread with minimal color banding Six channels of control allow users to adjust each color group individually Fully upgradeable modular LED cluster, lens and driver assemblies Capacitive touch exterior controls Wireless synchronization with EcoTech lights through EcoSmart Live Compatible with EcoTech hanging and rail kits to suspend multiple Radions Compatible with the EcoTech Battery Backup EcoSMART Live Wouldn’t it be cool if the Radion communicated wirelessly with other Radion units. Well, it does – through EcoSMART Live. Lighting control is now in the cloud. Thanks to the controller’s web interface (compatible with Mac, Windows, iOS, Android and more), Radion owners can enjoy EcoSMART’s cutting-edge controls and user-friendly design on any device with an internet connection. Say goodbye to installing software and searching for updates. EcoSMART Live allows you to control your Radion right from your web browser. New features are implemented automatically, with no work for the user. TIR Lenses The Radion XR30w Pro features the new Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lens, which directs more of each LED cluster’s output directly into in your tank – without sacrificing spread or consuming additional power. Priced at $999.00 less your usual discount. Link - Age of Aquariums - Ecotech Marine Radion XR30w Pro Ben
  24. Hey guys, I am after some advice on buying a chiller; size, litre capacity, should I buy it new or second hand, where to get the best price and anything else I should know. I currently have a 4 foot setup (approx 250L). Thanks
  25. Is there any secrets to getting my nitrogen level down in a marine tank ? I Have done many water changes the last was 2 days ago 3/4 water change.It is Still sky high , I have live rock,crushed coral in a 3 ft tank sump system,feed is very minimal no waste, no decomposing fish this thing has me beat. Any advice is gonna be apreciated.
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