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Found 64 results

  1. Hey guys, I have 2 oscars in a 4ftx2ftx2ft tank, they have been in there since I bought them around 6 months ago. They have always seemed to get on apart from a little pushing here and there, a little lip locking, but never anything more than that. Recently I gave there tank a good clean out, and yes i moved some of there gravel around but I did try to leave the larger rocks and other features in the same spot. I came home yesterday afternoon to see the smaller of the 2 with a nice chunk taken out above her nose, She seems fine and is still eating but I have noticed that they are a little more aggressive than usual, and certainly more jumpy. So 2 questions, Is this war wound something i should be concerned about? and Should i think about separating the 2? It just seems funny that i have never had any major issues with these fish, even after cleaning there tank previously, but now all of a sudden they seem to have a problem with each other. any hep will be appreciated. Thanks, Tim
  2. hey all! I have 2 oscars in my tank and just wondering if there getting ready to breed? one of them is digging holes in the gravel even picking the gravel up in its mouth and taking it to the other side of the tank.:confused: is it just something they do or is it a sign that there going to breed ??? cheers mickyd
  3. hey guys ive tried researching everywhere on forums on google ect about info on oscars like what temp and what the ph should be but i only find american sites so im not sure if there ph is the same as here as obviously not the same water ect is there anyone that could give me some advice it would be much appreciated oh tank size is 4x15x18 and runs a 1200 l/ph canister 300 watt heater and 2 outlet pump
  4. hi i have recently bought 2 tiger oscars both about 20 cm long dont know their sex but 2 days ago they start it they are biting each others lips and are opposite to each other and than they are next to each other head next to tail and one of them start to shake the back fin than tyhey are fighting again one of them have demaged front fins a bit and a bit of skin demage what are they doing? will they get hurt??? how can i stopped it?? or are they breeding? they are in 2 footer just for now as when i bought them they came with 4 footer tank and stand and hood but i had to move them to 2 footer as the stand and hood were in bad condition and i sand it and paint it and want them nmove back to 4 footer on friday as i wikll be finished by than so guys please help what are my oscars doing??? cheers i am really worried i will lost them:(
  5. Eveing all, the other night I was fortunate enough to have fellow forum members invite me to see their fish & fish room. It was like my fish heaven, everything I have ever drooled over & wanted was in their house. I am very gratefull to them for sharing with me. But the fish that really took my eye was their beautifull wild caught oscar. considerably different than a captive raised fish, not only colour but the body shape & jaw shape. I am now considering purchasing one, that is if I could ever find one FS. Does anybody know how I could track a wild caught one down or who I should talk to? Or if you have one please share your pics as I would love to see them. Thanks, Craigo.
  6. OK so today i got to a mates to see how his 4 footer is going, i see a pair of convicts about 2-3 inch's at one end of the tank with their fry, at the other 2 Oscars about6-7 inch's they wander off to do their own thing next minute bam out a nowhere the convicts chasing the 3x the size of him around the tank. quite funny to watch and amazing what a fish will do to protect its young
  7. to everyone who said IT WILL NOT WORK - you were wrong to everyone who said GIVE IT A SHOT MATE YOU NEVER KNOW - thankyou alot btw this is only stage one of my tank and im adding gravel tomorrow i figured it was just more important to get my fish in a tank happy fishing
  8. how many oscars could i keep in a 6x2x2? 700L tank 180Gal(US) and im looking into 1 red and 1 albino tiger and i was wondering how you sex oscars? and what requirements they need for breeding? would a 6x2x2 be large enough? cheers ps. i havent bred anything before so i decided to start with oscars OR pink convicts (if i bred cons fry would be oscar food)
  9. What's the best food for oscars? A pellet type is what i used to feed my old ones years ago, cant recall brand though I picked up two oscars this morning, the larger one hasnt had too good of a start to life it seems, its carrying some scars, but still bewdiful to me *L*. The baby one, well its all good. But i want a good food to give them. What else do they enjoy to eat?
  10. Are these readily available here? (Australia, QLD) I seen a large one a few weeks back and am absolutely smitten Cant just yet (just had op) but as soon as i'm able bodied again, i want a couple. Just wanna see if theyre around or its a case of grab em when you see em
  11. Recently i changed from chiclids to oscars, (love them by the way so much fun to watch) they have started to lock lips and swim in a tight circle my question is are they establishing dominance or is this some kind of pre mateing ritual? cheers
  12. hi i have two 20cm albino oscars living together they have been living together for atleast 1 year that i know of now, laitly they have been starting to fight any help would be appricated with this on what to do thank you
  13. Hey all what else can go with Oscars or Red devils
  14. I have had a Red Oscar now for a bit over a year now His name is Felix. He (I think he is a he) has lived around heaps of other fish until just recently. Originally I had 2 clown loaches, 3 silver dollars, even a crayfish one time and a pleco. The pleco came after the cray died. A few months ago I had something mysterious go through the tank and I lost my loaches, dollars and pleco and a gold fish or 2. I bought feeders for Felix but he decided to play with his food rather than eat it lol I bought another pleco on advice (still not sure if it was good advice or not but I like plecos). Now just recently (like a bit over a week ago) I brought home a new baby tiger Oscar (who is blind and i felt pitty on the poor lil bugger). I had them separated in the tank for 1 night and since then Felix has been really good. I only saw him open his mouth nea the lil bugger (from now on the baby is known as LB - Little bugger). They have been very happy in my tank and I am very surprised the Felix has not eaten LB - and very happy too. I didn't buy his to feed Felix Just yesterday I picked up 2 juvenile Tiger Oscars and introduced them into the tank slowly with separation. Felix has taken immediate exception to the new comers. I took the divider out for a while and the new ones went for LB and Felix truly defended LB. He swam in between LB and the new comers and them really let them have it. I can see that even now Felix seems to have taken on a Mother like role toward LB. Is this normal? From what i have read and heard about Oscar's I would have thought LB would not have been safe at all and I would have moved LB to a tank by himself. Its absolutely extraordinary to observe
  15. hi all, just got a breeding pair of oscars for a steal. just wondering what the best food is to get them ready to breed.i have a cheap supply of live food (african and american fry) or would i be better off just feeding quality foods or mealworms and the like. cheers, mick
  16. Does anyone keep these fish together? Or will the Oscars just eat the bistlenose's?
  17. Hi all, So my female Oscar has dropped eggs again (her tube was right down this morning, and the bottom of the tank had all gravel removed) and i am sure the eggs have been fertilised by the male (the eggs are this yellowy colour). What should i do from here? He has been an habitual egg eater in the past, and i am sure he will eat these if i leave them on the bottom of the tank.....so how do i remove the eggs without damaging them? I will obviously use the same water they came from in their grow out tank, but should the eggs be tumbled, or left to sit and hatch? Any suggestions would be awesome....cheers, Dave. (p.s these are the Oscars for sale)
  18. hey peoples as im getting a bigger tank soon i want to know what goes well with oscars chris
  19. Guys, I probably should know the answer to this question but has anyone tried mixing Oscars with Angels? My Oscar is still pretty young and so are my Angels - about the same age. They both live in the same quality water - Meaning, I do the same to both tanks when I clean them and the same amounts of water treatment is used when I change the water. All my fish seem very happy.
  20. i got 3 baby Oscars around 8cm and 3 silver dollars around the same size in a 4foot by 15" by 18"tall and a pair of OS bn. can i put anything else in there??? prefer something colourful
  21. Hi all, I currently have a tank that only has a 30cm oscar in it and I would like to put a few other fish in with him. I am particularly looking at adding some algae eaters in there. I have a few bristlenose that range in size from 2cm up to 10cm. I was just wondering how well they would get along if I was to put one in ..... in other words not get eaten We tried to put a B/N in the other night, however he looked very interested in it, so we didn't want to risk leaving it in there. Any advise is appreciated Regards Ryan
  22. INFERTILE OSCARS, I went to buy a dog breed they wouldnt sell it if you were going to breed,,,,,,,,,,,, ITS ALMOST THE SAME,,,,,, WHATS THE BIG REASON WHY COMMERCIAL PLACES HAVE TO SEDATE BABY OSCARS TO MOVE THEM FROM ONE ROOM TO ANOTHER,,, MOST OSCARS IN PETS STORES ARE IMPORTED IF NOT ALL ANY AUSSIE BREEDERS? I have just swaped the male from my pair of infertile red tiger oscars with a new male an albino red tiger. Having the new male before removing the old male was lucky for me as I quicky fed my two oscers I sliped the glowing albino into the tank, All fins up in reponse luckily more curious then aggresiive the pair was to the new albino untill the already paired male, noticed the albinos interested in the female oscar continualy blocking the view as in to protect,,,, observing at all times i quicky relocated the male. since then the gravels getting thrown around she's defintly getting mouthed with sever scrathes from the male gripping her bottonm and top jaw, yet I cant see that she's really into him, meaning usauly my female will typically have a spot in mind where she would lay her eggs and be rubbing her botoom lip cleaning and preparing her spot in which she has chosen. so obviousy there is somethin wrong,,,, lol so im boosting up the temp on the heater yet the crap thing is its getting cold, so ive brung up the clothes dryer put it in the fish room. some good food for them a little time maybe she'll come around?
  23. i got 3 oscars about 10cms when the get to about 20cm plus can i put them in with my natives??? i got 2 barramundi one is 12cm and the othere 16 cm i got 2 spangle perch one 18cm and the othre about 10cm( i know these can be aggressive but 3 vs 2???) i got 2 large eeltails one 32cm and the other 28cm as soon as barra get to about 30cm i am selling and getting smaller ones would it work or stir clear tank is 6foot by 18: by 18"
  24. A couple of pics of our oscars. We put them in a new tank and they laid within the week but lost them all Hopefully the next lot will do better
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