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Found 64 results

  1. hey guys i have 2 pairs of breeding oscars wich have bred before i got them i have them in the same tanks they were in with the same substrate and feeding them similar foods just after some more info on the breeding behaviour whats good whats not i have researched an read loads of info but just after some info from people with previous experiences with oscars cheers matt
  2. I have a problem with my Oscars. I have 5 fish in the one tank 2 fish breed up one end every 2/3 weeks and a different 2 breed down the other end every 2/3 weeks. I get eggs laid but never had wrigglers from either pair and the eggs get fungus after 4 days as there not fertile. I thought I might be very unlucky and have 5 females but I have since learned that a lot of Oscars are Jaffa's Seedless Is this true or are the males still not old enought (I know they have to be two) but all fish are the same size and the girls are laying. Is it the boys or girls or both that are infertile ???? If thats the case Any input would help Junkie
  3. im wandering if 2 oscars around 12cms in a 4x2x1.8 would be bothered or bother a ghost knife being put in the tank... the ghost knife is about 12cms.....
  4. 2 oscars around 13-15cms in a 4x2x1.8... would long term a ghost knife about the same size be welcome/live in the same tank if introduced? just looking for opinions before i chuck him in thats all...
  5. here is a couple of vids from the last time i feed our 2 wildbreed oscars sum guppies, hope you like, they did.lol [yt:k78l4l8v] [/yt:k78l4l8v][yt:k78l4l8v] [/yt:k78l4l8v]
  6. I've tried breeding oscars a few time in the past, but never with any luck. It seems its not hard to find a pair, and have them lay, but getting fertile eggs seems impossible. I've also noticed that you never really seem to see or hear of anyone breeding oscars. I'm just curious to know other's experiences with breeding or attempting to breed oscars. Anything anyone has to add would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Hey guys, Don't know if anyone else has seen any available, but I saw some juvenile, wild cuaght oscars today. Very nice looking fish, and your can certainly see the difference between wild cuaght and multi-generation bred fish. Different shape to them, very nice finage, and much more attitude and agression about them. A little expensive at $80 each, but if I was into Oscars, they'd be on my wish list.
  8. Hi i have 4 oscars in a 6x2x2 tank they were laying eggs last week but over the last two days three of them are swimming with there backs out of the water and find it hard to swim underwater the other one is fine + I have another 6 foot tank on the system and all fish in there are fine ????????? any clues guys and girls Junkie
  9. I have never seen Oscars in tanks other than their own. And then generally the same size. From this I drew the assumption that to put a decent sized oscar in with smaller fish would equal, needing to buy more fish.... But the Fish and Chips shop at Kenmore has just this. Wish I had my camera. He even has small silver sharks in there. Amazed me - or is this not amazing at all?
  10. Hi Guys would i be right in thinking that if i want to keep my oscars in the best possible water i would be keeping them water With a ph of 6.6-6.8, temp of 26c and a hardness of 80ppm Cheers Ross
  11. :irked: .. now i know why the oscar's eggs wont hatch....THEY"RE BOTH FEMALES!!! matter of fact.... the supposed male is laying eggs as i'm typing... but on the bright side , now i know that i have a really good egg layers .. hhehehe. anybody willing to lend me a proper male oscar?... or trade with a slate full of oscar eggs?
  12. just wanna know how to breed oscars and how to sex oscars and yea wat i needto do to raise the fry and wat to do to get em to breed any help appreciated cheers steven
  13. Hi all, does anyone know a good method for sexing oscars ? I've a got a mate who has some (roughly 15cm long) and would like to know how to sex them. Are they as diffuclt to sex as, say, angelfish or discus ? Doug
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