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Found 7 results

  1. what would u pay for them thinking off getting some
  2. Hi i want to know what u need to do to add wild caught to a tank , rainbow runners youtube vid says add salt to bucket to stop fin rot & parasites, how long do they need to be kept there? my first attempt did not fair well fin rot with 24 hrs some even quicker than that, is it common for this to happen , wild fish to have parasites? ?
  3. Dropped in to a local pet store today for a stickybeak at their livestock (one of the benefits of working in different shopping centres every day of the week). Was the usual mix of goldfish & guppy tanks, & I found myself looking at the "feeder fish" tank (which I usually pay no attention to) - was shocked to find it contained a bunch of juvenile crimson-spotted rainbowfish, & one very agro adult male pacific blue eye chasing everything that came in range...being sold as "feeder fish"...for $2 each?!? All looked to be in very good condition...& considering the prices other lfs's charge for either species...
  4. Just been mucking around again, gotta have something fishy to do when too windy for actual fishing
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  6. Hi Guys, Im attempting to breed pacific blue eyes, has anyone done this? What sort of setup did you do it with? Thanks Chronic
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
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